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This long weekend has been really lovely.

With some friends visiting from Melbourne, it’s been a great chance to take it easy and spend some quality time hanging out in the kitchen with a glass of wine or two. I’ve loved passing the weekend making pasta from scratch and whipping up a decadent batch of ice cream.

But it got me thinking.

While spending a heap of time in the kitchen is fun, it really isn’t practical for everyday. And more importantly, lots of time and effort doesn’t result in food that is proportionally more delicious or satisfying.

To be honest, most of my favourite 10 minutes mid-week meals are just as lovely in their own way.

So I thought it was about time I pulled together a list of my top 50 favourite healthy 10 minute meals so they’re all together in the one spot. Enjoy!


1. fried eggs with spinach
2. tetsuya’s scrambled eggs


3. tomato, almond & pesto salad
4. big-ass avocado salad
5. washing up-free salad
6. quinoa tabbouleh
7. white bean & tomato soup
8. mixed sprout & avocado salad
9. broccoli & parmesan soup
10. tuna & white bean salad
11. shaved cabbage & yoghurt salad
12. carrot ribbon salad with pesto and cashews
13. frozen pea salad with bacon
14. cabbage & crispy noodle salad
15. japanese salads
16. warm chickpea salad with rosemary & garlic
17. butter bean & tuna salad

vegetarian dinners

18. smoky tomato & lentil soup
19. super simple broccoli with chickpeas & tahini
20. braised greens with butter + a poached egg
21. vegetable & white bean stew
22. zucchini ‘cabonara’
23. lentil ragu with zucchini ‘noodles’
24. broccoli & tofu stir fry
25. tomato scrambled tofu
26. couscous & broccolini salad
27. veggie kebabs with st patrick’s day mash
28. curried tofu scramble
29. chilli spiced tofu with hummus
30. butter chickpea curry
31. pasta with butter beans & red wine
32. macaroni with buttered peas
33. smoked tofu ‘cabonara’
34. simple soba noodle soup
35. pan fried tofu with spiced yoghurt
36. rice & lentils
37. egg fried rice

pescetarian dinners

38. mussels with chilli
39. super simple broccoli with tuna & white bean mash
40. couscous with tuna & cherry tomato sauce

carnivore dinners

41. butter beans with tomato & chorizo
42. ground beef with buttery zucchini
43. chicken ‘almost’ vindaloo
44. lamb & spinach curry
45. simple burgers with quick tomato sauce
46. warm lentils with brussels sprouts & proscuitto
47. beef & broccoli stir fry
48. pasta with sausages & crushed peas
49. lamb cutlets with crushed chickpeas and sugar snap peas
50. chorizo with chickpeas & tomato

And if you have any favourite 10 minute meals, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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