stuck in a breakfast rut? 6 slightly unusual healthy breakfast ideas

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After mastering the art of poaching eggs last year, I’m ashamed to say I fell into a bit of a breakfast rut.

Discovering a super simple way to make hollandaise sauce when I was running my online class on cooking on a budget didn’t help things…Easy poached eggs and hollondaise.. definitely the breakfast of champions. But not every day.

When my Irishman and I were inspired to do a 10 day detox a few weeks ago, I realised that my little daily hollandaise habit would have to go.

So I made a promise to myself to have something different for breakfast from the day before. And to go ‘cold turkey’ on the hollondaise for a while.

It was lots of fun exploring new options.

I made my own yoghurt. First with regular milk and then a dairy-free yoghurt from coconut milk. I got back into making granola, but this time with a twist. And rekindled my love of soluble fibre in the form of oat bran and psyllium husks.

But the newest healthy breakfast horizon was the world of the ‘green smoothie’.

Now before you start thinking Jules must be losing it…hear me out…

I used to think the same thing whenever I saw the raw food crowd banging on about their ‘delicious’ green smoothies.

Then one morning during detox, I though why not give it a try? If it turned out hideously, I could always poach some eggs.

To cut a long story short… I really loved my green smoothie and have been having them a few days a week ever since.

If green smoothies are a bit to ‘out there’ for you, here are my current favourite healthy breakfast ideas – some more unusual than others.

If you have an unusual healthy breakfast in your repertoire, I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. Now that I’ve broken out of my breakfast rut, I’m all for exploring new ideas.

6 slightly unusual healthy breakfast ideas

1. green smoothies
If you’re keen to get more veggies in your diet, one of the easiest ways is to pack them into your breakfast. Once you try it, you’ll be surprised just how delicious kale or broccoli can be when whizzed up with a little yoghurt and protein powder.

If you’re nervous about going straight to a smoothie made entirely from greens, you could ease you’re self into it by throwing a couple of baby spinach leaves in with your banana and blueberry smoothie.

2. yoghurt with lentil granola & psyllium husks
Lentil granola? I’m still perfecting my recipe. Basically the idea is to simmer lentils until tender then drain and use them instead of rolled oats in your favourite granola recipe. If you’d be interested in the recipe when I do prefect it, let me know in the comments and I’ll get my skates on. Same goes for the coconut yoghurt.

3. poached eggs with yoghurt, spinach & spices
My hollandaise habit has been replaced by a Turkish-inspired yoghurt with my own blend of spices. Ground cumin, coriander, paprika or even plain old black pepper are all lovely. Serve on top of a bed of baby spinach.

4. breakfast lentils with grated carrot.
This one is my Irishman’s idea. Sometimes I cook up a big batch of lentils (just boil in water until tender, like pasta) and season them with a little sherry vinegar and soy sauce and pop them in the fridge. Then for breakfast he just heats up some lentils and stirs in grated carrot. And this from a man who has very defined rules about what constitutes legitimate ‘breakfast’ food. (And if you’re wondering, No, I haven’t been able to convince him to try a green smoothie).

5. breakfast quinoa
Similar deal to the lentils. Rinse the quinoa well and simmer until tender. Drain, season and keep in the fridge to eat from as required. We tend to go for savoury accompaniments like a fried egg and some chilli oil.

There’s no reason you couldn’t take it in a sweet direction with some yoghurt and berries. If you’re new to quinoa, you might enjoy reading 12 things you should know about quinoa.

6. red lentil ‘porridge’
I haven’t tried this yet, waiting for winter to peek its head around the corner. But the idea would be to cook red lentils in milk and water, similar to rolled oats for making porridge. All the comfort of porridge with the extra protein from the lentils.

green smoothie

green smoothie
serves 1

Feel free to play around with your smoothie ingredients. If the whole green thing freaks you out, you might like to ease yourself into it by including some fruit as well. Pears, apples, peaches, banana or even berries.

Kale or cavolo nero and broccoli are my fav green veg. I did try bok choy once and wasn’t a big fan.

2-3 large leaves of kale or 1/2 head broccoli, chopped
2-3 tablespoons natural yoghurt
1-2 tablespoons vanilla flavoured protein powder, optional
1 tablespoon psyllium husks or oat bran

1. Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Whizz until the veg are finely chopped.

2. Add 1/2 to 1 cup cold water & whizz again until smooth.

3. Taste and adjust if needed.

fruit smoothie – replace veg with fruit such as pear, peaches, apples, banana and/or berries.

vegan / dairy-free – replace yoghurt with coconut milk or coconut yoghurt and make sure your protein powder is dairy-free

no protein powder? – if protein powders aren’t your thing you could use an egg or egg white powder instead. You’ll need something to sweeten a little so consider using some fruit, vanilla extract, or stevia or a combination of all 3.

different veg – use a mix of different green veg. Broccoli and kale are my favourites but spinach or baby spinach is lovely. Sometimes I mix in a stick of celery. And I just had the brilliant idea to use frozen peas which would act a little like frozen berries adding sweetness and chilling everything down.


video version of the recipe


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lentil granola update!

Thanks for everyone who expressed their interest in my lentil granola. After a bit of trial and error the recipe is now available over here.

Jules x

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