Meat and Poultry

Chinese Chinkiang Beef
Sweet Potato Hummus + Lamb Cutlets
bangers & beer
spanish meatballs with zucchini ‘noodles’
my simple kung pao
moroccan meatball tajine
easy chinese chicken
super yum bacon & cabbage
killer kale gratin
june’s chinese chicken
seductive duck ragu
sesame beef with spinach
bacon sang choi bau
dad’s butter chicken curry
succulent slow roast lamb
roast chicken with carrot top pesto
crunchy snow pea & garlic stir fry
beef, broccolini & basil
slow baked bangers
sesame stir fry
pirri pirri chicken
lamb shanks with prunes
green curry stiry fry
sausages with mushies, 2 ways
pesto chicken with zucchini
quick sausage and lentils
ground beef with kale
10-minute massaman curry
harissa steaks with yoghurt sauce
chicken with pine nut sauce
spiced beef with chickpeas
coconut chicken with greens
quick pork ragu
magic sausage supper
spiced beef with hummus
chicken and peppers
an ‘italian’ stir fry
flattened chicken with parsley sauce
salt crusted burgers with mashy peas
simple baked meatballs
stir fry of chicken & basil
pot roast lamb with feta & olives
lamb cutlets with sugarsnap peas & crushed chickpeas
BBQ lamb cutlets with warm rosemary butter beans
bbq lamb cutlets with cumin and smoked paprika salt
simple lamb shanks with chickpeas
basic five hour roast leg of lamb
chorizo with chickpeas & tomato
rosemary & marmalade glazed ham
beef & broccoli stir fry
crisp beef & balsamic salad with ricotta
poached veal with tuna sauce
minimaist BBQ steak
thai beef salad
the ultimate steak sandwich
buttery zucchini with ground beef
burgers with quick tomato sauce
picnic chicken sung choi jules
pot roasted duck legs
vindaloo curry paste
saag lamb (lamb & spinach curry)
amazing glazed ham
‘european’ chicken burgers with sage & white wine
salt crusted burgers
a simple sausage supper
lamb cutlets with crushed chickpeas and sugar snap peas

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Harry Stoll December 10, 2013 at 3:48 am

Hi , How are ya? Love your site! …and what you’re doing. I’m in quebec, canada eh. I was just looking for something to do with ground beef. I got a tip on cooking with Fennel, from you,too. First time I ever ate it…so I goggled it , and your site popped up. I feel lucky. Thanks. I live alone, I cook all the time.Can’t afford to eat out. I’m 60yrs old. Keep up the good work.


Nancy July 30, 2014 at 5:59 am

can I find a recipe on line rather than downloading a whole recipe book?


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