LESSON 3. The 3 Biggest Myths about being an Organized Cook

Over the last few months, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to my students from the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School.

I always enjoy chatting on the phone or Skype with my students from all over the world. It’s fun but more importantly it gives me valuable insights into what people need help with.

One theme that kept coming up was getting to the end of the day and having that feeling of panic or dread…

‘Oh no! I’ve got to pull a meal together. What will I do?’

One of the best antidotes to this ‘affliction’ is to be a bit more organized. But I know there are some myths that hold people back from getting on top of it.

So let’s get into some myth busting!

LESSON 3. The 3 Biggest Myths about being an Organized Cook

Myth 1. If you’re organized there’s less flexibility and freedom.

This ties in with the misconception that being organized means you have to pre-cook loads of complete meals.

But there is another way!

If you focus on prepping ingredients instead there can be loads of room for flexibility and creativity. I find it actually sparks ideas.

And even better, cooking this way means you can ‘pull together’ healthy meals really quickly which means you’re much more likely to eat at home.

As André said:
“Since completing The Organized Cook I am eating more at home because now I need less time to cook.”

Myth 2. You have to spend hours in the kitchen sacrificing your precious weekend time.

People often tell me that a lack of time is their biggest obstacle on the path to organization.

But here’s the thing, you don’t need to dedicate huge chunks of time to make a difference.

The key is to develop a strategy to help you be more efficient with the time you’re already spending.

For example, I often pop on some veg to roast (1 hour but 2 minutes active time) or cook up a pot of quinoa or rice for Fergal (15 minutes) while I’m cooking for today.

If you’d like to explore more strategies for being efficient in the kitchen I’m going to be going much deeper in my new online program, The Organized Cook, which I hope you’ll join me for.

Myth 3. Pre-prepared food is not as healthy as fresh

Just because fresh food is healthy, doesn’t necessarily mean that food cooked in advance is not.

Whenever we cut or cook food we’re exposing it to oxidation and light or heat. So any light, oxygen or heat sensitive nutrients will be lost during food prep.

Whether we eat the food straight away or store it and eat in a few days time doesn’t make a significant difference. Most of the sensitive nutrients will have already been lost either way.

The way I look at it, if prepping ahead means I’m going to eat more veggies, this totally outweighs any slight loss in nutrition from prepping and storing.

Ready to be feel more Organized?

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Big love
Jules xx

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