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stonesoup virtual cookery school

I’m super excited that I have two really big announcements today. So I won’t beat around the bush.

First, which you might have guessed from the image above, is that Stonesoup is expanding. Yes, the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School is up and running. We’re getting ready for our first 4 week class, Solve Your Dinner Dilemma which is starting Sunday 24th October. All the details about the course and how it will work are over on www.stonesoupvirtualcookeryschool.com. So please feel free to have a look around.

And if you know of anyone who might be interested in expanding their minimalist home cooking skills, I’d really appreciate it if you shared the link with them. Or had a think about buying them a gift voucher.

Registration for Solve Your Dinner Dilemma will commence on Wednesday 6th October. To be notified as soon as registration opens, please join the email notification newsletter by completing the form below.

5ingredients | 10minutes cover

Secondly, but by no means less importantly, I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches on my new eCookbook [5 ingredients | 10 minutes]. Ever since I released my FREE eCookbook earlier in the year I’ve had so many emails from people sharing how much they’ve enjoyed my 5 ingredients | 10 minutes recipes and how it has helped them overcome the issue of time pressure in the kitchen. But more importantly how the recipes have inspired them and helped them break free of their cooking rut.

This new eCookbook contains 131 totally NEW 5 ingredients | 10 minutes recipes over 335 pages. I’ve had heaps of fun pulling it together and making the most of modern technology with interactive contents and index as well as links to related articles on Stonesoup. It will be on sale exclusively through Stonesoup from Wednesday 6th October.

If you’d like to be notified once the book is available for sale, just pop your details in the form below.


To celebrate both launches, I’m having a few drinks in Sydney at the Shady Pines Saloon, Darlinghurst on Sunday 10th October from 4pm. Would love it if you could drop by and say Hello. Definitely the more the merrier so feel free to tell your friends (!)


  • Congrats Jules! I love this new direction you’re moving into. And count me among the readers who have been helped immensely by your minimalist recipes. Your site adds a ton of value to the world. Keep it going!

    Casual Kitchen

  • I just wanted to let you know that I am one of the many who have been helped out of a cooking rut by you. Thank you so very much for your effort in this blog. My husband thanks you too :-)
    I look forward to your new book!

  • thanks for the encouragement Dan.
    appreciate the support!

    thanks for getting in touch – so glad your husband is also getting benefits from stonesoup.

    thanks laura
    I’m really excited about the idea because there are so many people who wouldn’t normally be able to attend a lesson in the physical world because they travel for work, or have small children or live in an area that doesn’t have classes but anyone can learn online.

    I also think it’s more fun to be learning in your own kitchen with your own equipment. I’ve done classes in fancy demonstration kitchens where everything is pre-prepared in little bowls and at the end of the class we got to eat something delicious but I really wouldn’t have been able to replicate it at home.

    And of course the ability to be able to customise the lessons for different dietary preferences and allergies is really exciting as well.

  • Because of my peripatetic lifestyle I am always on the lookout for simple, easy and tasty meals with minimum preparation and cleaning up.

    This is one of them. Well done. Wish I had an Irish accent :-)

  • What´s this…. a new book!! The eCookbook has been a revolution for me in the last few months – not just making the recipes but improving my general awareness of ingredients etc I´ve never been much of a cook and with big fancy recipes just reading through everything I´ve already spent the energy I had to start with. So minimalist cooking has saved my life thanks to this blog! :) Minimal fuss with maximum result!

    You´re Butter Chickpeas is on the menu tonight. See if I can convert my Argentine inlaws to a bit of spice :)

    Looking forward to the new book – thanks.

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