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Magic Sausage & Cabbage Supper

Magic Sausage & Cabbage Supper-3

One of the most popular recipes with my Meal Planning Members is my ‘Magic’ Sausage Supper.

Basically you put vegetables and sausages in a pan and roast until everything is tender. It’s about as simple as cooking can possibly get but the results are deeply satisfying, not to mention delicious.

The original recipe uses root veg such as parsnip or butternut squash and they are great. But they don’t fit in with my Low Carb tendencies.

So I had given up on my Magic suppers until I had the ‘brain wave’ to try it with low carb veg.

Why didn’t I think of that sooner!


Magic Sausage & Cabbage Supper

Magic Sausage & Cabbage Supper

Cabbage is one of the most underrated vegetables. It’s Low Carb, super nutritious, generally available year round, keeps in the fridge for weeks and weeks, and if cooked properly it’s super delicious. I love it raw shaved into salads or ‘slaw.

But it’s even better when cooked down into a soft pile that’s sort of like a big bowl of fettuccine. Waistline-friendly comfort food at it’s best!

If you want to make this even easier, buy pre-shredded cabbage. And don’t skip the vinegar! It really freshens everything up and makes the cabbage flavours come alive (in a good way). Ditto the salt and oil.

enough for: 2
takes: 30 minutes

1 onion halved and finely sliced
1/2 med cabbage (500g / 1lb), finely sliced
4 thick sausages
1 tablespoon sherry or wine vinegar
mustard, mayo (or both!), to serve

1. Preheat your oven to 250C (480F). Halve and slice onion. Place in a roasting pan with the sausages. Drizzle with olive oil.

2. Roast for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, slice cabbage as finely as you can be bothered but don’t worry about cracking out the mandoline (the finer you slice the quicker it will cook).

3. Turn the sausages. Add cabbage, salt and another drizzle of oil. Roast for another 10-15 minutes or until cabbage is soft and sausages are well browned and cooked through.

4. Sprinkle over vinegar. Toss, taste and season with more salt as needed. Serve mustard / mayo on the side.

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vegetarian – skip the sausages and serve cabbage and onion with poached eggs, lashings of shaved parmesan or crumbled feta or a few handfuls of roast nuts (almonds or pinenuts would be my pick).

different meat – feel free to use chorizo, chicken thighs fillets or pork chops instead of the sausages.

different veg – replace cabbage with halved brussels sprouts, cauliflower florettes, broccoli florettes, diced eggplant, diced zucchini, capsicum (bell peppers) or chunks of sweet potato, butternut squash, parsnip or spuds. If using root veg expect the cooking time to be more like 30 minutes or longer.

herby – add some thyme or rosemary with the onion. Or toss in some flat leaf parsley once the cabbage is cooked.

extra cabbage hit! – serve with a side of simple sauerkraut.

Prepare Ahead

Absolutely! Cook as per the recipe but don’t add the mustard / mayo. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks or freeze for months. To serve warm in the oven or a frying pan and serve mustard / mayo.

Have fun in the kitchen!

With love,
Jules x

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  • Susan 18 October, 2017, 7:38 am

    This is a great low-carb idea! I especially like the vegetarian option in the variations, even though I’m not vegetarian – sometimes I just like the flavors and eating lighter. This recipe works for that on all counts.

    • jules 19 October, 2017, 1:35 pm

      Yay Susan
      The veggie option is a winner too :)

  • John Gibson 18 October, 2017, 8:34 am

    Great minds must think a like because I have been making sausage and cabbage for years. I don’t use the vinegar but I always serve it with mustard or mayo on the side as well. I am so glad to see this on the blog

    • jules 19 October, 2017, 1:36 pm

      Great minds indeed John!

      You know a splash of vinegar really lifts the flavours of the cabbage. You might want to try it some time.


  • Diana Lopes 19 October, 2017, 1:59 am

    This looks so delicious!! Thank you for sharing the recipe with us, I’m definitely going to try it =)

  • jessica 19 October, 2017, 3:00 pm

    Nice blog jules keep going .. thanks for sharing

    • jules 31 October, 2017, 4:44 am

      Thanks Jessica!

  • Riddhima Nair 21 October, 2017, 9:18 pm

    Amazing blog. Thanks for the recipe.

    • jules 31 October, 2017, 4:44 am

      You’re welcome :)

  • Jenn 24 October, 2017, 8:59 am

    I made a version of this the other night but braised the sausage, cabbage and onion slowly with some apple cider instead of roasting it, and then added apple cider vinegar at the end. Reminded me of a dish I’ve had in Germany.

  • Emily 24 November, 2017, 2:52 am

    This has become an instant staple in our household! So easy and good! And the leftovers work for lunch as well. We have access to locally made high quality sausages and we are looking forward to experimenting with all sorts of sausage/veggie combos.

    • jules 24 November, 2017, 10:35 am

      Oh yay Emily!
      So glad I have a cabbage convert! There are so many options with this :)

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