The Willpower Fallacy

Minute Steaks with Smashed Olives & Goats Cheese

Recently my friend Katherine told me about a potential new job.

She was super excited about it.

Except it would be full time.

With 2 boys at school it was going to be tricky to manage.

So I asked her about meal planning.

She said in the past she gets inspired and organized.

And does it for a few weeks.

But then she loses momentum.

And it all falls apart.

So what’s Katherine doing wrong?

She’s relying on willpower.

As Kelly McGonigal Ph.D writes in her book, ‘The Willpower Instinct’, willpower is a limited resource.

This is why it can be so difficult to keep going.

Especially when we’re tired.

Because our willpower reserves are lowest at the end of the day.

What’s the alternative?


Habits automate daily decisions.

They avoid the need for willpower.

This way, eating well isn’t something you battle with every day.

It’s on autopilot so healthy choices become effortless.

Even enjoyable.

Which habits?

For me, the cornerstone habit is meal planning.

If you have your meal planning system in place.

Everything else is easy.

The deciding, the shopping, the cooking.

AND you make better choices.

Want to automate your meal planning habit?

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It’s a simple system.

The best alternative to the willpower mistake.

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Meal planing is a game changer .

When you do it the right way.

With love,
Jules x

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