Guilt-Free December?

guilt-free december

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’ve over-indulged?

Where you’re so stuffed the recriminations start…

‘Why am I so stupid?’

‘When will I ever learn?’

I know that feeling only too well.

But these days while I occasionally over eat, it’s never to the point where I need to undo my belt or my head is aching from a hangover.

Because I’ve learned the secret to finding the balance between enjoying the party WITHOUT over-doing it.

This may surprise you but being able to celebrate without turning into an all-eating all-drinking machine is a skill.

And like any skill, it’s something you can learn.

Imagine looking forward to the opportunities to see friends and family without fear of getting out of control because you trust yourself.

I know it might be hard to believe but this magical place exists.

It is possible. And I can show you how.

the Guilt-Free December Workshop

The Guilt-Free December Workshop gives you a clear, simple, doable 4-step process to become someone who enjoys social situations without the fear of over-doing it.

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In the workshop you’ll discover:

  • The secret to enjoying yourself without guilt, shame or regret.
  • Doable 4-step process that gives you the freedom to have fun without fear of over-doing it.
  • A fun easy challenge to motivate you to start small.
  • 8 simple ways to be a gracious guest (or host) without over indulging.
  • How to hangover-proof your celebrations.
  • The easiest way to build self trust even if you have a history of breaking promises to yourself.


Bonus Cookbook

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You’ll also get a FREE PDF copy of my best-selling ‘Sunday Baking Sessions – The Art of Real Food Baking‘ eCookbook that normally sells for $29.


Your Coach

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I’m Jules Clancy a former food scientist and wine maker turned author and certified health coach. I’m also a huge food lover who has discovered a simple way to have a joyful relationship with food without sacrificing pleasure OR my waistline.

Join me in the Guilt-Free December Workshop so I can help you navigate this holiday ‘silly season’ with grace and ease so you enjoy yourself AND start the new year feeling good in your clothes.


Workshop Date

New York Time: Saturday 20th November 3-5pm
London Time: Saturday 20th November 8-10pm
Sydney Time: Sunday 21st November 7-9am

I’ll send the zoom link via email.

The session will be recorded.
You’ll have lifetime access the replay video and notes.


Ready to celebrate
differently this year?

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Lifetime Access $25


To pay in Australian dollars click here.



‘Happy Holiday’ Guarantee :)

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If you aren’t 100% happy for any reason, just email me [] within 60 days for a
friendly full refund with a smile :)



Just email: jules@thestonesoup.comguilt-free december

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