The Stonesoup App!

Have you ever found yourself in the supermarket thinking ‘WAAHHH! WHAT AM I DOING FOR DINNER?’

Then you need the ‘Stonesoup 6-Ingredient Dinners’ App!

It’s the perfect little resource to have right on your phone for the inevitable times when you need to decide what to cook for dinner. Fast…

It’s the ideal companion for simple meals when you’re out shopping, in the kitchen or just planning from your sofa…


  • 100+ Simple 6-Ingredient Dinner Recipes.
  • Easy-to-find fresh ingredients.
  • Organized by main ingredient eg. Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Lentils, Broccoli…
  • 30-Minute and 15-Minute Recipes because mid week needs to be really quick.
  • Variations to suit most dietary requirements including Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Family-Friendly, Low Carb…
  • Substitutions for when you’re missing an ingredient.
  • Step-by-step instructions so it’s really clear what you’re looking for at each step.
  • When your plans change, the detailed ‘Waste Avoidance Tips’ will save you from the guilt of throwing away ingredients.
  • No internet access required to view recipes once downloaded.
  • Prepare-ahead details to help you get organized.
  • Storage instructions so you’ll know which meals are freezable.
  • Short video tutorials.
  • US and metric measurements.
  • Most recipes serve 2 – can be easily doubled or halved as needed.
  • Save your favourite recipes to your own personal favourites page.
  • Quick and easy to search so you’ll find the perfect recipe fast.
  • PLUS! NEW Recipes added every month!

See How it Works…

Simple Recipes Like…

What People Are Saying about the App…

“I absolutely love this App! It is my base for planning my family’s weekly meals. Simple to use, I always know I will get quality, healthy meals that everyone likes.”
Melissa Kingham, Stonesoup App User

“Really great app. Easy to use, lots of variety, the meals are simple to make, and best of all… everything is delicious!”
Mary Koziol, Stonesoup App User

“I am prone to getting pretty overwhelmed when it comes to all the things we ‘should’ be eating and so reading though Jules’ new easy-to-use app was like stepping into a calm room. It’s actually so unbelievably comforting to be guided towards good food by just looking at this app without all the drama of hundreds of other recipe books.

Last year, a friend challenged me in December to eat ‘just Stonesoup recipes’ which I did and found that I saved money and unexpectedly lost a few kilos which I wasn’t complaining about. I feel like with this super-easy to navigate recipe app, I am pretty keen to do another of those challenges again.

If you are already an avid-Stonesoup fan and are questioning whether or not you need another of Jules’ products (and let’s face it; she’s pretty generous with her recipes on the website), I can assure you that you will be pleased that you went ahead and bought the newest collection of recipes.

The app format makes it super-simple to decide and shop for what you need for dinner that night whilst you’re standing in the supermarket (I did it!) The recipes are all nourishing and tasty and you can relax knowing that if you just cooked with the suggestions on offer in 6-Ingredient, Dinners, your life is just going to get that bit easier and calmer when it comes to making decisions about food”.
Ellen Canfield, Stonesoup App User

“It’s 6.30 pm, I’m hungry and tired, but I want to eat healthy, and I need to serve something up in the next 20 minutes or my husband is going to hoe into the Twisties and spoil his appetite. Again and again I turn to the simple ingredients of Stonesoup. I don’t have to muck about with too many ingredients. They’re usually ones already on hand, or if I don’t there’s suggested substitutes. Don’t let the small number of ingredients fool you – all the recipes are delicious – and healthy.”
BooBoo, Stonesoup App User

Available for iOS + Android