Joyful Cooking in 90 Days

Have you ever felt intimidated by all the cooking shows and cookbooks where everything has to be perfect?

What if it was possible for you to walk into the kitchen and pull together something delicious and fresh without any effort?

Where cooking isn’t something you’re intimidated by.

Where you feel confident so you actually WANT to cook.

Where you’re excited about nourishing yourself.

The good news is, I can definitely help to get you there.

You see, cooking is a skill.

And just like any skill, it’s possible for you to learn.

You just need someone to show you how to make it simple.

— Introducing —
Joyful Cooking in 90 Days

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Joyful Cooking is a 90 day coaching group which walks you through the secret process for cooking WITHOUT recipes. We build the 3 simple skills to become a confident, intuitive cook who feels excited about making healthy meals.


Here’s How It Works:

+ Weekly Group Coaching for 12 Weeks. Each week we meet over Zoom with a mix of teaching, fun interactive experiments and live coaching. These calls are recorded so you won’t miss a thing regardless of where you live in the world.

+ Private Online Community. Feel supported and inspired by like-minded people on the same journey. In a distraction-free (Facebook-free) private group using a simple platform called Circle.

+ 1:1 Private Mentoring via Online Chat. Get all the help you need over the whole 90 days via the 1:1 chat.

+ Build Your Confidence. I help end the overwhelm, intimidation and fear. Instead we follow the simple step-by-step process to become someone who feels confident and excited in the kitchen so you actually WANT to cook. Plus you’ll discover the secret to making food taste AMAZING every time.

+ Private Podcast. So you can access the weekly call recordings on the go.

+ Optional Challenges. To make it easy and fun to take action.

+ A Money-Back Guarantee. You either get the results you came for or I give you your money back. It’s safe for you to do this.


Your Coach

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I’m Jules Clancy a food scientist turned author and certified health coach. I’m also a huge food lover who has discovered a simple way to have a joyful relationship with cooking and food without sacrificing pleasure OR my waistline.

Join me in Joyful Cooking so I can help you learn new skills, build healthy habits and bring playfulness into your relationship with cooking. So taking care of yourself actually becomes fun. So doing the things you know you *should* be doing happens automatically with ease.


Why Joyful Cooking WILL work for You….

+ Cook WITHOUT Recipes. Instead of blindly following recipes, we build your repertoire of simple, flexible meals you know by heart. These Muscle Memory Meals help you become someone who can quickly pull together something fresh and satisfying in less time and effort than it takes to pick up takeout.

+ Simple Process. We follow a clear, simple DOABLE personalized process. So you aren’t wasting time and effort feeling overwhelmed or using strategies that aren’t effective. I’ll show you exactly what to do, step-by-step, so you’ll always feel in control of your progress.

+ New Skills. Along with cooking your muscle memory meals, you’ll learn the essential skills of seasoning, combining flavours and substitution which are the only tools you truly need to be an intuitive cook.

+ Confidence to Problem Solve. So even when things don’t turn out as expected, you’ll know exactly what to tweak so you still get compliments. Because honestly, we are all motivated by praise ;)

+ Experimental Mindset. Instead of seeing cooking as a chore we bring playfulness and fun into the kitchen so making dinner becomes one of our favourite times of the day.

+ Personalized Accountability and Support. It’s NOT a cooking course where you’re on your own. It’s a coaching group with inbuilt accountability and personalized guidance to suit your exact situation.

+ Investing in Yourself. We all get the best results when we are accountable to someone. Investing gives extra motivation to follow through and actually make the changes you know you want and need to make. When was the last time you did something for yourself that was super fun AND had a positive impact on your health?

+ Sustainable Long Term Results. We take 3 months to learn new skills, build healthy habits and change the way we think about cooking to become that confident, intuitive cook for good.

+ No Self-Discipline Necessary. We DON’T rely on willpower and self-discipline to force ourselves to change. Instead, we learn to be internally motivated learn the skills that will make a radical difference to how we feel about cooking.

+ We Cater for ALL Dietary Requirements. Because I’m teaching you to cook without recipes and how to substitute you’ll be free to choose the dietary approach and ingredients that work best for you.

+ Minimal Time Investment – one hour a week for learning and one hour a week for practicing your new skills is all you need to get results. You’re free to choose how to split up the practice time to suit your schedule. It could be 15 minutes 3-4 days a week. Or one hour on the weekend.

+ I am 100% certain I can help you so I’m happy to offer a money-back guarantee because I believe in you.


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If You’re Ready To:

+ Cook WITHOUT recipes.

+ Learn fun skills that will compound over a lifetime.

+ Become someone who WANTS to make healthy dinners.

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We start 6th June 2022
We work together for 90 days
The investment is $129/month paid monthly.


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Happy Tastebuds Guarantee

You become a Joyful Cook
OR I give your money back.
(with a smile)


Note: I am definitely raising my prices for the next group so NOW is the best time to coach with me
from an investment perspective.



“I had not engaged in any real cooking for over 30 years. I was a little skeptical at first but you have made me a convert. I now am well on my way to truly becoming a Joyful Cook, which is little short of miraculous. And to think I almost didn’t enroll. Had I not taken the course, I would have deprived myself of one of the very best educational experiences I have ever been fortunate enough to participate in. Thank you again,Jules”

Bill – Joyful Cook


“I hesitated before booking this course, not entirely convinced that it would enable me to achieve my dream of being able to consistently prepare a variety of delicious meals without recourse to recipes or stressing over meal planning and the associated (dreaded) grocery shop.

How wrong was I!

Jules’ has so many skills to share and does so with pure excitement as she genuinely wants you to succeed.

Hand on heart, this course has changed my life. In just a few short weeks cooking has genuinely become an absolute joy for me, every single day.”

Nicola – Joyful Cook


“I’m so pleased with myself! I avoided what was once a common fall-back on junk-type food when I was tired or didn’t feel like eating what had been planned. And, on top of that, I created a satisfying meal with ingredients I had available. This is pretty amazing!
I’m really grateful for what I’m learning in this course—thank you, Jules!”

– Joyful Cooking Member


“I have really been enjoying experimenting with the flavor bombs and seasoning because that is usually my weakest skill. Thanks to Jules and the lessons, I am very proud that I have not ordered any takeaway for the past 2 weeks and have made an effort to play and experiment with what I have on hand. Hooray!”

– Joyful Cooking Member


“I am loving the coaching! I am disappointed I have a function this week and will miss the live lesson, I will definitely watch the replay. I have been really enjoying the use of the website resources and recipes and love the podcasts.”

– Joyful Cooking Member


“I have enjoyed the Joyful Cooking classes, as it has gotten me out of my comfort zone for trying new things. I am still a HUGE work in progress, as I’ve been using recipes my whole life and it’s hard to trust my taste buds and go with what I think will taste great and NOT use a recipe. But Jules is very patient and she is a great teacher and doesn’t make you feel like you are doing it wrong. She also knows that everyone has to go at their own pace. The meal ideas are so easy and she uses ingredients that aren’t hard to find. She also has meal ideas (recipes) you can use on her website. I really think this class is worth enrolling in. I haven’t been able to catch the calls live as work and life get in the way, but I love to watch the replays and make meals from her classes.”

Jessica -Joyful Cook


“Before I would have bought some prepared food when I was feeling to scared to cook. Resulting in rotten veggies in my fridge.

But now I do it differently: I accept that I am too scared to cook what I have planned. And then I ask myself: What is in my fridge that needs to be used? How can I use it?

Totally game-and-brain-changer!!!! And the magic ingredient that made that possible was: CONFIDENCE, trusting that I will find/ already know the solution. (The clue was not finding the “right” recipe but changing my thinking patterns.) Thank you Jules !!!

P.S. No rotten veggies in my crisper for two weeks in a row now!”

– Joyful Cooking Member


“Yesterday it really clicked that I AM really becoming a joyful cook. At suppertime I cobbled together what was the best meal I’ve eaten in ages!
I based it around the need to use up leftovers in the fridge, plus a bit of inspiration from memory from the Resource on Flavour Profiles and Cuisines around the world, and I basically winged it! Tasted it, tweaked the seasoning (tiny bit of sugar because the tomatoes and lemons made it a bit too acidic).
It was yum! Thanks Jules, I’m loving this! ?”

Carina – Joyful Cooking Member


“Thank you Jules for not only transforming my life, but my husband’s too! By osmosis! I’d never expected that, but he’s copied my example, and we’re loving every moment.”

Carina – Joyful Cooking Member


“Joyful Cooking is the best online course I have ever done (and I’ve done many). Jules is extremely interactive and gets answers to your questions quickly. The weekly call with some practical classes are really fun. I wasn’t sure about joining as I was on a bit of a budget but compared to other courses it is certainly value for money. The course really enthuses you to try new things and get cooking. You will never throw leftovers away again. My advise give Joyful Cooking ago it will be money well spent, its fun and informative and who doesn’t want to be a “Joyful Cook.”

Rachel – Joyful Cook


“I’m not becoming a joyful cook-somewhere, somehow I turned into one. Perhaps it was the joyously naughty peek at a recipe when I wanted to do it from memory? Perhaps it was creating my first successful meal from ingredients I had in the fridge with no real plan. I don’t know and I guess it doesn’t really matter. What I do know is it was Jules’s teaching and the support of this group.
So here is my belief plan for today. I am a Joyful Cook!”

Lisa – Joyful Cook



Not 100% sure if Joyful Cooking is right for you?
Email me: I’d love to chat about your situation.