What I’m Doing Now.

Suzie's Eggs

Welcome to my Now Page!

Here’s where I share the things I’m currently working on and/or being inspired by.

I’m now living the dream in Wamboin, NSW, Australia with my Irishman and our 2 small boys.

My ‘one thing’ focus

Helping my coaching clients develop a healthy JOYFUL relationship with food.

I’m also excited about

  • Upgrading my raised beds to wicking beds and planting a strawberry patch.
  • Making Simple Meal Plans the best meal plans in the world for lovers of food and simplicity.
  • Pickling everything.
  • My new Podcast – Joyful Eating.

Quote I’m pondering

‘Always think what you have to do is easy and it will become so.’
– Emile Coue.

Now reading

  • ‘To Asia with Love’ by Hetty McKinnon.
  • In Good Company by Sophie Hansen

Favourite vegetable now

Zucchini! My favourite low carb Summer veg. Love it roast with fennel seeds and chilli, shaved raw in salads, grated, or spiralized and used as a healthy alternative to pasta. So good! Also fantastic in Zucchini Pizza and Zucchini Tortillas.

6-ingredients I’m loving now:

LAST UPDATED: 11 May 2021.