What I’m Doing Now.

Suzie's Eggs

Welcome to my Now Page!

Here’s where I share the things I’m currently working on and/or being inspired by.

I’m now living the dream in Wamboin, NSW, Australia with my Irishman and our 2 small boys.

My ‘one thing’ focus

Creating a free training to help people simplify meal planning. And making my done-for-you meal planning service the most simple, delicious and healthy option.

I’m also excited about

  • Applying everything I learned from the Nutrition program of my Health Coaching certificate from the guys at PreKure in New Zealand.
  • Enjoying the Autumn – my favourite season. Bring on the soups and slow cooked dishes.
  • Running! After a 3-year break am completely addicted to the endorphins again.
  • Getting my vegetable garden ready for Autumn and Winter.
  • Experimenting with different flavoured kombucha. Currently brewing a coffee kombucha and a rosemary & ginger.
  • Having a now page!

Quote I’m pondering

‘Always think what you have to do is easy and it will become so’
Emile Coue.

Now reading

  • ‘The Clatter of Forks & Spoons’ by Richard Corrigan
  • ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear
  • ‘Ikigai’ by Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles
  • Milkwood – Real Skills for Down to Earth Living’ by Nick Ritar

Favourite vegetable now

Kale! Especially Cavolo Nero (Tuscan black kale) shredded raw into salads.

6-ingredients I’m loving now:

  • Sage
  • Roast Walnuts
  • Canned Smoked Oysters that I picked up in Denver.
  • Miso Mayo
  • Flavoured butters like this Lime & Miso
  • Home Grown Rocket (Arugula)

LAST UPDATED: 2nd April 2019