The easy process to eat healthier…

Are you tired of opening your fridge and never knowing what to cook?

Would you like to quieten that little voice in you head that talks about what’s for dinner?

Wish there was a simple way to stop defaulting to the ‘convenient’ options which do nothing for your health and well-being?

The good news is it doesn’t have to be so hard.

You just need to approach it from a different perspective.

I can help you simplify eating healthier so taking care of yourself becomes natural and automatic.

Simple Meal Plans


Simple Meal Plans gives you a clear, simple, doable process to develop healthy eating habits so you enjoy eating well automatically and feel good in your clothes.

Here’s How It Works:

+ Proven Step-by-Step Process. We start small so you won’t be overwhelmed. The Simple Meal Plans Process guides you to focus on one small step at a time so you always know exactly what to do next.

+ Go-To Meals. We build your repertoire of ‘Plan-B’ backup meals. These help you become someone who can quickly pull together something fresh and satisfying in less time and effort than it takes to pick up takeout.

+ Build Your Confidence. I help end the overwhelm, intimidation and fear. Instead you become someone who feels confident in the kitchen so you actually WANT to cook. Plus you’ll discover the secret to making food taste AMAZING every time.

+ Flexible Done-for-You Meal Plans. Each week I email you a meal plan with 5 dinners and one sweet treat. These fresh, 6-ingredient, wholefoods recipes give you a place to start. You can add or delete recipes. Or add your own custom recipes. The shopping list recalculates automatically.

+ Short Customizable Shopping Lists. The recipes serve 2 but are fully adjustable up or down. The automatic shopping list updates so shopping becomes a breeze.

+ Healthier Choices. The wholefoods recipes are mostly low carb and gluten free. There are variations for dietary requirements like dairy-free, vegetarian, paleo and carb-lovers. Not suitable for vegans or low FODMAP.

+ Personal Guidance. Get all the help you need via the website comments. I respond daily to every question.

+ Global Community. Choose between US Customary and Metric measurements. There are plans for both northern and southern hemispheres so you have the right season for you.

+ Less Waste. There are ingredient storage best practices and waste avoidance strategies included with every recipe. And substitutes for missing ingredients so you can use what you have instead of running to the store.

+ Habit Change. The process teaches you the science behind building healthy habits so eating well becomes easy and automatic – just a natural part of who you are.

+ Save Mental Energy. Eliminate the stress of not knowing what to cook every day. Instead you’ll be able to walk into the kitchen and start cooking. No having to ‘think’ at the end of a long day.

+ A Money-Back Guarantee. You either get the results you came for or I give you your money back. It’s safe for you to do this.


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Your Coach

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I’m Jules Clancy a former food scientist turned author and certified health coach. I’m also a huge food lover who has discovered a simple way to have a joyful relationship with food without sacrificing pleasure OR my waistline.

Join me in Simple Meal Plans so I can help you build healthy habits and change your relationship with cooking. So taking care of yourself becomes second nature. So doing the things you know you *should* be doing happens automatically.


simple meal plans

Why Simple Meal Plans WILL Work for You.

+ Focus on Pleasure. Enjoying delicious meals is one of the great daily pleasures in life. I never sacrifice flavour to be healthy and you don’t have to either. I’ll show you the secret to making food taste amazing every time.

+ Simple Process. We follow a clear, simple DOABLE process to becoming an intuitive cook. So you aren’t wasting time and effort feeling overwhelmed or using strategies that aren’t effective. I’ll show you exactly what to do, step-by-step, so you’ll always feel in control of your progress.

+ Truly Simple Recipes. The fresh wholefoods recipes use 6-ingredients and take 15-30 minutes to cook. Most require one pot so there is minimal cleanup. So easy you’ll find yourself cooking even if you don’t feel like it.

+ New Mindset. We change the way we think about cooking so we feel more confident and actually look forward to enjoying our time creating nourishing meals.

+ Adaptable and Inclusive. There’s no list of forbidden foods. There are variations to suit different eating styles or missing ingredients. If you’re cooking for different dietary requirements, you’ll know exactly how to ‘tweak’ each recipe to suit everyone without having to cook multiple meals.

+ Accountability and Support. You’re not just buying a cookbook or bunch of recipes where you’re on your own. It’s a community of home cooks where you can ask me questions via the website every day.

+ Investing in Yourself. We all get the best results when we are accountable to someone. Investing gives motivation to follow through and actually make the changes you need to make.

+ Sustainable Long Term Results. We take 6 months to build healthy habits gradually instead of following a quick-fix diet to become that naturally healthy person for good.

+ No Self-Discipline Necessary. We DON’T rely on willpower and self-discipline to force ourselves into action. Instead, we learn to be self compassionate and internally motivated. We build healthy habits which make the choices that feel best for our bodies easy and automatic.

+ Minimal Time Investment. One hour a week (9 minutes a day) is all you need in the beginning to get results. In fact you’ll actually end up saving time because there will be less trips to the store, less time actually cooking and cleaning and less time worrying about what to cook.

+ I am 100% certain I can help you. I’m happy to offer a money-back guarantee because I believe in you and I know the process works.


If You’re Ready To

+ Make healthier choices automatic.
+ Save mental energy.
+ Build healthy habits.
+ Feel good in your clothes.

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Simple Meal Plans are RISK FREE.
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“I’m convinced of the benefits of planning because of the:

1) mental energy it’s freed up each day from no longer having to think about what’s for dinner after a mentally tiring work day,

2) cost savings from eating less take out

3) feeling better from eating better. Full from unhealthy take out choices leaves me bloated, tired and down on myself, while a proper meal lasts longer and without that bloated feeling.”
– Melanie


I have been cooking recipes from Simple Meal Plans each day for the last 3 weeks. Coupled with a good 5-6km walk each day I have dropped 6kg (12lb). The meals are so tasty the teenage/20 somethings in the house are hanging around the kitchen asking why they aren’t having what we are having. Cooking time has been halved, shopping time halved, we are saving money and losing weight. Could not be happier Jules!!!”
– Robert


“I love vegetables, but my husband doesn’t. He loves carbs, but is pre-diabetic so shouldn’t be eating so many carbs. Simple Meal Plans has enabled me to shift our meals away from carbs to eating more vegetables so our meals are healthier for my husband and more enjoyable for me. The low-carb meals are quick, easy and delicious. Thank you, Jules.”
– Diane B.


“I joined last year feeling low and depressed about my never-ending battle against excess weight. I thought you’d like to know that inspired by your recipes (and their variations), I have lost 10kg (22 lbs) and I can actually *see* the difference in the mirror and I feel it too! I am so relieved to have found a way that actually works for me and does not make me feel totally deprived.”
– Gone2Seed


14 months and 14 kilos (less) later, I simply cannot stop talking about and sharing your work. I have forgotten what it is to spend more than half an hour preparing a meal. Thank you for helping me reconnect with my creativity in the kitchen and for regaining a healthier relationship with my body through food, without sacrificing taste in the process!”

– Maria K.


“A M A Z I N G. It’s been incredible. I know exactly what’s in my fridge, food is quick to prepare and I can finally sit down with my boyfriend instead of slaving away on elaborate meals.

I’ve already lost some weight, I’m learning to feel satisfied and my sweet cravings are gone.

The sink is no longer overflowing with dishes, my wallet isn’t bleeding and when I’m tired, everything is so simple I just get on with it rather than entertain the thought of eating out.

The battle of, “what do I make, what ingredients do I have? I better walk to the shops on my way home then, but I’m just so tired” is over. My mind feels free and I feel happier than I have in a long time.”
– Carla


“I am really happy with the meal planning. Everything is so easy and quick I find myself cooking even if I don’t want to.

Because there is always a meal, I don’t snack and pick all evening. I’ve lost 14 pounds since starting the meal plans 2 months ago! Yay! Thank you!”
– Jessica.


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See the Frequently Asked Questions page.
Or email: