Could your life change like this?

Kale Linguine
[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] L[/dropcap]ast year I was talking to my friend Caroline. At the time she was getting all geared up for a weight loss program she’d signed up for.

It was one of those ones that comes with an exercise schedule and meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A few months later Caroline was looking amazing with her new, more slender figure. I asked her how she had found the whole experience.

Her answer surprised me.

The motivation and commitment to exercise every day had really helped. However, the thing she loved the most were the meal plans. They made it so easy to eat really healthfully day in and day out.

Each week she’d just print out the shopping list and buy what was on it. Or better yet, get her husband to do the shopping.

Then at meal times she’d walk into the kitchen, look at her notes and just start cooking.

No agonizing over what to make. No having to ‘think’ at the end of a long day.

She told me,

“Jules you really should offer a meal planning service. Some of the recipes in the plan I was following were pretty time consuming. It would be even better to have healthy meal plans using your quick, easy Stonesoup recipes.”

That got me thinking…

And in late January this year, Soupstones Meal Plans was born.

Since then there have been over 500 people who have used meal plans to eat well and be well.

And today I wanted to share the stories of how Soupstones has changed the lives of some of its members.

Dawn, Soupstones Meal Plans Member

Dawn lives in the United States and is mostly cooking for one. When I asked how her life had changed since joining Soupstones, here’s what she said…

“My life is simpler, I’m eating new foods, my grocery bills have dropped, I eat substantially less processed-preprepared-frozen food, I have more time to relax!”

Donna, Soupstones Meal Plans Member

Donna also lives in the United States. Here’s how her life has changed since joining Soupstones Meal Plans…

“The biggest change for me is that I eat a lot more greens. Before I started learning your techniques I believed that meals needed too many ingredients and steps to be successful. So by the time I managed a meat dish with an elaborate sauce and an equally elaborate side dish, there was just no room left on the counter (or the fridge!) for a salad. Now I have salad every single day with a lovely, simple dish. The second big change is that I am using vegetables that I have found daunting in the past, ie: eggplant! I love that you can just bake those suckers and sprinkle on nuts and voila, dinner! I am delighted with your recipes and programs. I am eating much more healthfully and with so little fuss that I actually prefer eating at home to going out.”

Theoroda, Soupstones Meal Plans Member

“Initially I hesitated to sign for your meal plan as I thought I have so many cookbooks, why should I subscribe… Luckily I like to try things. What are the great benefits for me?
– The meals are healthy and very tasty.
– I am vegetarian and I find my happiness very easily in the different alternatives you give.
– It takes no time to prepare. I am a busy mum, I work full time and I look after my 3.6 year old. In the evening I have a very limited time to cook. Thanks to your recipes I have quick and healthy diners. I can also offer more variety to my little boy as I want him to be open minded and adventurous with food.
– The way you present the meal plan is very pleasant, clear, helpful and educative.
– Your shopping list saves so much time and effort. Thanks to you I can spend more time playing with my son.
– I learn.”

Dyann, Soupstones Meal Plans Member

“I am so glad I signed up for this, but I think my husband is even happier! Every night I’m hearing comments like,
“I have been eating so good lately,”
“This tastes like it came from a [Thai, Indian, etc] restaurant!”
“That looks like a picture in a magazine” and
“The house smells soooo gooooood.””

Like to try the Meal Plans for FREE?

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To celebrate the relaunch of Soupstones I have 5 FREE spots available for lifetime membership to Soupstones Meal Plans.

This competition is exclusive to Stonesoup email subscribers.

And all you need to do is answer this question…

“How would YOUR life be different if you had free membership to Soupstones Meal Plans? What changes would you see?”

Let me know by leaving a comment BELOW.

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* The winners will be announced on Stonesoup Tuesday 28 May 2014.
* The judge’s decision will be final and no other correspondence shall be entered into.

With love,
Jules x
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