Joyful Cooking

Imagine being able to look in the fridge and quickly whip up something enjoyable…


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You appreciate good food…

You want to prepare delicious meals to support your healthy lifestyle.

But here and now, you feel discouraged.

Cooking has become a chore.

The thought of ‘creating’ a meal feels like it has one too many steps at the end of a long day.

If only cooking felt simple, relaxing, and even maybe…FUN?

Here’s the good news…

YOU aren’t the problem.

The problem is relying on recipes.

Because recipes require a lot of effort in terms of meal planning and execution.

Of course it feels hard.

But there is another way.

You CAN learn to become an intuitive cook.

You CAN learn to look in the fridge and feel confident to quickly whip up something enjoyable.

You just need someone to show you how…


Let me introduce myself…

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I’m Jules Clancy (BSc Hons Class 1), a food scientist and wine maker turned cookbook author and certified cooking coach.

I’m also a huge food lover who finds cooking joyful and fun.

But I didn’t start out that way.

In my 20s, I taught myself to cook by following recipes to the letter.

Then over time, I created flexible frameworks so I can pull together simple tasty meals WITHOUT recipes.

Which is why whipping up a meal feels relaxing and fun.

Oh and I’m also a minimalist. So simplicity is my super power. My minimal effort meals use 6-ingredients and take 20-minutes or less.

I want to help you get to this magical place where cooking feels simple, relaxing and fun. That’s why I’ve created the exact program to help you make this your reality too.


— Introducing —

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Joyful Cooking is a spacious 6 month coaching group which walks you through the secret process for cooking WITHOUT recipes. You’ll build the 2 simple skills to become a confident, intuitive cook who looks forward to making healthy meals.

After 6 months of Joyful Cooking you’ll:

+ Cook without recipes.

+ Simplify cooking so it becomes relaxing “me time” (like curling up on the couch).

+ Feel CONFIDENT to rescue any meal and take it from ‘meh’ to ‘AMAZING!’

+ Have more FUN in the kitchen. Enjoy being curious about experimenting.

+ Look in the fridge and quickly whip up something enjoyable.


Click play to hear how Sally went from ‘not great’ to getting compliments from her family:

– Sally | Joyful Cook


Become a Joyful Cook with
Just 2 Simple Skills:

1. Seasoning

Seasoning is a HUGE deal. It’s the secret to making food taste A-MAZ-ING every time. Ask any chef and they’ll tell you it’s the number one skill you need to be great at cooking.

I’ll teach you to trust your instincts and listen to your taste buds. Even if you’ve never cooked a day in your life, you’ve been eating every day for decades. You know what tastes good to you. I’ll help you tap into that knowledge so you aren’t starting from scratch.

With fun interactive tasting exercises you’ll experience exactly what a difference it makes to play around with salt, acid, sweetness, umami, fat, heat AND my secret weapon for mass deliciousness – flavour BOMBS. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily you’ll gain confidence to fix problems as they arise.

2. Muscle Memory Meals

Instead of blindly following recipes, in Joyful Cooking you’ll build your repertoire of simple, flexible meals you know by heart. Things like abundance bowls, slow cooking, pizza, easy eggs, curry, oven suppers and more.

These Muscle Memory Meals help you become someone who can quickly pull together something fresh and satisfying in less time and effort than it takes to pick up takeout.

We go in depth on teaching you the science behind exactly how and why each meal works so you’ll have the confidence to course correct when problems arise.


I’ve been a recipe cook my whole life

Even though I never enjoyed being glued to a recipe while cooking. Jules’ concept of muscle memory meals really opened my mind. Cooking is so much more fun. I’m enjoying myself and more curious about experimenting.

Meal planning is no longer a huge mental exercise of compiling recipes and listing ingredients needed. My partner does the shopping without a detailed list, gets what looks good/on sale, then we do a quick meal plan for the week once he’s home with the bounty. So much easier and more enjoyable!

– Julie | Joyful Cook


The tasting exercises were a highlight

They help me gauge what the right level/source of salt, acid, fat, heat, sweetness and umami is for a given dish. They really opened my mind up to how to taste and adjust seasoning well, and fix things that are missing a little something.

– Julie | Joyful Cook



As you master these two powerful skills, you’ll also build these bonus skills along the way:

+ Confidence to Problem Solve. So even when things don’t turn out as expected, you’ll know exactly what to tweak so you still get compliments. Because honestly, we are all motivated by praise ;)

+ Experimental Mindset. Instead of seeing cooking as a chore we bring playfulness and fun into the kitchen so making dinner becomes one of our favourite times of the day.

+ Sauces. After seasoning and flavour bombs, sauces are my other secret weapons for bringing magic into every day meals.

+ Substitution. Helps you improvise so you make do with what you have. No more buying ingredients you will only use in one recipe and then not know what to do with them.

+ Combining Flavours. Learn the classic flavour combinations from around the world so you aren’t having to reinvent the wheel every time you cook.

+ Planning + Organisation. Even if you like to be spontaneous I’ll show you how to develop self-motivating habits that make your life easier.

+ Investment Cooking. The delicious secret to being efficient and getting the most out of the time you are already spending in the kitchen.


Click play to hear how Miish went from cooking being tiring and draining to feeling relaxed and powerful:

“I’m not always super active in online groups, but I wasn’t concerned about that. Joyful Cooking felt welcoming. I never felt ‘behind’ or like I was ‘missing out’, because I got so much value from the philosophy and course structure.”

– Miish | Joyful Cook


Here’s How It Works:

+ Bi-Weekly Group Coaching for 6 month. Every second week we meet over Zoom with a mix of teaching, fun interactive experiments and live coaching. These calls are recorded so you won’t miss a thing regardless of where you live in the world.

+ Fun Print Playbook. You’ll get a copy of the Joyful Cooking Playbook sent to you in the mail so you won’t need to bring your computer into the kitchen (unless you want to).

+ Private Online Community. Feel supported and inspired by like-minded people on the same journey. In a distraction-free (Facebook-free) private group using a simple platform called Circle.

+ 1:1 Private Mentoring via Online Chat. Ask questions any time and get all the help you need over the whole 6 months via the 1:1 chat with Jules.

+ Build Your Confidence. I help end the overwhelm, intimidation and fear. Instead of rigid recipes you’ll follow a simple step-by-step process to become someone who feels confident and excited in the kitchen so you actually WANT to cook. Plus you’ll discover the secret to making food taste AMAZING every time.

+ Private Podcast. So you can access the weekly call recordings on the go.

+ A Money-Back Guarantee. You either get the results you came for or I give you your money back. It’s safe for you to do this.


“I hesitated before booking this course”

Not entirely convinced I would achieve my dream of being able to consistently prepare a variety of delicious meals without recipes or stressing over meal planning and the associated (dreaded) grocery shop.

How wrong was I!

Jules’ has so many skills to share and does so with pure excitement as she genuinely wants you to succeed. Hand on heart, this course has changed my life. In just a few short months cooking has genuinely become an absolute joy for me, every single day.”

– Nicola | Joyful Cook


Joyful Cooking Square Logo

Imagine Yourself:

+ Intuitively cooking without recipes.

+ Simplifying cooking so it becomes fun relaxing “me time” (like curling up on the couch).

+ Feeling CONFIDENT to rescue any meal and take it from ‘meh’ to ‘AMAZING!’

+ Looking in the fridge and quickly whipping up something enjoyable.

We start April 2023
We work together for 6 months
The investment is $49/month


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Happy Tastebuds Guarantee

Joyful Cooking is RISK FREE. You become a Joyful Cook OR just email me and I’ll give your money back (with a smile). No awkward questions asked.


“Yesterday it really clicked that I AM really becoming a joyful cook. At suppertime I cobbled together what was the best meal I’ve eaten in ages! It was yum! Thanks Jules, I’m loving this!”

– Carina | Joyful Cook


Just 2 hours per MONTH

Because the lessons happen every 2 weeks over 6 SPACIOUS months, if life happens (which it so often does) you’ll still have plenty of time to get back on track.

All you need to become a Joyful Cook is 2 hours a month for learning.

I also recommend a minimum of 15-minutes a week for practicing your new skills. But you’re probably already spending that practice time cooking anyway, right? So it’s not actually going to take more time.


“I worried about my lack of time to get immersed”

But Jules knows what busy lives we have. Joyful Cooking has improved my mood because it stopped stress and saved time. This scientific approach works brilliantly well. I loved the simple explanation of how flavours work together to create our tasting experience. Now I know how to take shortcuts to make use of what is left in the fridge. So you not only save time but save money as well!

– Penny | Joyful Cook


“I’m so pleased with myself!”

“I avoided what was once a common fall-back on junk-type food when I was tired or didn’t feel like eating what had been planned. And, on top of that, I created a satisfying meal with ingredients I had available. This is pretty amazing! I’m really grateful for what I’m learning — thank you, Jules!”

– Paula | Joyful Cook


Will it be really useful for me?

If you’re hesitating because you think Joyful Cooking is just another online course with recipes. Think again.

This scientific approach with interactive tasting exercises will build the essential skills of seasoning and muscle memory meals. So even if you’ve been a classic recipe cook your whole life, you’ll walk away with the freedom to whip up something easily while having more fun “me time” in the kitchen.

If you’re a non-cook you’ll get to fast track and skip the boring glued-to-recipes phase that’s probably been a barrier for you in the past and go straight to the fun of being an intuitive cook.

If you’re already an intuitive cook you know one of the joys of cooking is there’s always more to learn. Right?.

You’ll be surprised how even if you’re a seasoning pro, when you learn the science behind how flavour works you’ll feel even more inspired to create. Because you’ll have unstoppable confidence to fix problems as they arise.

I believe in your ability to change so much I have a Happy Tastebuds Guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy I believe I don’t deserve to keep your money. So email me at any time during the 6 months and I will return it to you with a smile.

All the risk is on me. The only thing you might lose by trying this is a little time and what you have to gain is a new life where yummmy home cooked food is the norm – for decades to come.


“I was skeptical at first…”

“I had not engaged in any real cooking for over 30 years. I was skeptical at first but you have made me a convert. I now am well on my way to truly becoming a Joyful Cook, which is little short of miraculous.

And to think I almost didn’t enroll. Had I not taken the course, I would have deprived myself of one of the very best educational experiences I have ever been fortunate enough to participate in. Thank you again, Jules”

– Bill | Joyful Cook


Joyful Cooking will pay for itself…

Think about how much you currently spend on eating at restaurants, delivery or takeout (that’s takeaway if you’re an Aussie). If you save yourself from eating out just once a month Joyful Cooking will easily pay for itself.

And that’s not including the money you’ll save from wasting less fresh produce. OR the savings from being able to buy what’s on special (instead of being locked into buying what’s on your shopping list).

Plus there are all the priceless benefits:

  • better health and vitality
  • more energy
  • feeling proud of yourself for learning new skills.
  • more fun in your every day life.
  • enjoying more relaxing “me time.”

Not only will you enjoy all these saving while you’re in the program… They’ll be compounding year after year for the rest of your life. Talk about an excellent investment.


“Worth the investment ten times over”

“I realised if I enjoyed cooking even 10% more because of taking this program, it would be worth the investment ten times over…because then I would have one less ‘chore’ to do each day/each week and one more ‘fun activity’ each day/each week.”

– Miish | Joyful Cook



Q. Will it be suitable for plant-based / dairy-free / gluten-free / keto diets?
YES! We cater for ALL dietary requirements. Because I’m teaching you how to cook without recipes you’ll be free to choose the ingredients that work best for you.

Q. I don’t live in Australia, will I be able to join?
Coaching is open to anyone from anywhere in the world.
I work with people from all over the world including France, UK, Thailand, Poland, Panama, Ireland, North America and of course Australia.

The weekly coaching calls are recorded and published as video and audio (on the private podcast feed) so wherever you live you’ll be able to learn. Plus there is a 1:1 messaging service so you can ask questions via the chat and get coached by me as needed.

Q. My kitchen is super basic, what equipment will I need?
As a minimalist, I keep the equipment to a minimum. You don’t even need to have a kitchen! If you have a knife and chopping board that’s a great start. If you have a cook top or hot plate, oven, and a stick blender you’ll be able to make everything. A slow cooker is nice to have but you can always use the oven for those dishes.

Q. I’m already an intuitive cook, will it be helpful?
Absolutely! (Unless you already have a degree in Food Science and another in Wine Making). Learning the science behind how flavour works will be a game changer for your cooking.

Q. I’m someone who can burn water. Will Joyful Cooking help me?
That depends. IF you really WANT to be someone who can whip up something with ease I can help you. But you have to want to do it. If the desire is there give it a go. I’ve converted many skeptics and I’d love you to be my next success story. And if not – there’s always the Happy Taste Buds Guarantee.

Q. What time are the live calls?
I’ll be running the calls at different times during the 6 months so most people will be able to attend some sessions live. And there will be a replay for those time where you aren’t able to make it.


“I now love cooking”

“If you stress a bit in the kitchen trying to put a meal together then Joyful Cooking is for you.

It has opened up a whole new world of flavour for me. The sauces and flavour bombs are my new best friends!!

I have no stress, more confidence and definitely have a bit of fun whilst putting together a muscle memory meal.”

– Carol | Joyful Cook


Joyful Cooking Square Logo

Imagine Yourself:

+ Intuitively cooking without recipes.

+ Simplifying cooking so it becomes fun relaxing “me time” (like curling up on the couch).

+ Feeling CONFIDENT to rescue any meal and take it from ‘meh’ to ‘AMAZING!’

+ Looking in the fridge and quickly whipping up something enjoyable.

We start April 2023
We work together for 6 months
The investment is $49/month


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Happy Tastebuds Guarantee

Joyful Cooking is RISK FREE. You become a Joyful Cook OR just email me and I’ll give your money back (with a smile). No awkward questions asked.


More Questions?
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