Grains and Legumes

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[/tab] [tab] CHICKPEAS


Crispy Broccolini & Chickpeas with Cashew 'Ricotta'-3

Crispy Broccolini & Chickpeas with Cashew ‘Ricotta’

boiled eggs with curried chickpeas

Boiled Eggs with Curried Chickpeas

black pepper curry-2

Black Pepper & Chickpea Curry

butter chickpeas

Butter Chickpeas

chickpea burgers

Chickpea Burgers with Yoghurt Sauce

chorizo & chickpea-4

Chorizo with Chickpeas & Tomato

Quick Chickpea Curry-2

Quick Chickpea Curry

spiced chickpeas with almonds

Spiced Chickpeas with Cauliflower

Spiced Chickpeas with Cauli Mash-2

Spiced Chickpeas with Cauli Mash


Warm Chickpea Salad with Rosemary & Garlic

[/tab] [tab] LENTILS


baked lentilotto-2

Baked ‘Lentilotto’

braised lentils

Braised Lentils

lentil balls7

Lentil Balls with Tomato Sauce

leshs nourishing dahl

Lesh’s Nourishing Dahl

spice week-3

Minimalist Dahl

mushrooms with lentils-3

Mushrooms with Lentils

sausage & red wine lentil 'risotto'-3

Oozy Red Lentil ‘Risotto’ with Red Wine & Sausages

lentils with ricotta (parisian lentils)

Parisian Lentils

rice & lentils-2

Rice & Lentils

beet & lentil salad3

Roast Beet, Lentil & Balsamic Onion Salad

roast beets9

Versatile Lentils

warm salad of lentils, baby beets & ricotta

Warm Lentil Salad with Beets & Ricotta


Warm Lentils with Brussels Sprouts & Proscuitto

[/tab] [tab] BEANS


baked beans9

8-Hour Baked Beans

broccolini & pine nuts

Broccolini with Pine Nuts & Butter Beans


Butter Beans with Cabanossi & Bacon

butter beans with chorizo & tomato

Butter Beans with Tomato & Chorizo


Ketchup ‘Baked’ Legumes

Killer Home Baked Beans

Warm Butter Beans with Rosemary & Garlic

onion & white bean bake7

Warming Onion & White Bean Bake

[/tab] [tab] GRAINS


cauliflower risotto

Basic Risotto

Cheesey Quinoa-2

Cheesey Quinoa

chia seed 'risotto'-3

Chia Seed & Mushroom ‘Risotto’

tuna with couscous-2

Couscous with Tuna & Cherry Tomato Sauce

fried rice-2

Egg Fried Rice

egg & pea fried rice

Fergal’s Egg & Pea Fried Rice

quinoa tabbouleh

Quinoa Tabbouleh

quinoa with broccoli pesto

Quinoa with Broccoli Pesto

spanish rice with chorizo & pimentos

Spanish Rice with Chorizo and Peppers

frozen rice

The Secret to Perfect Fluffy Rice

Steamed Basmati Rice

Simple Fried Rice

roast cauliflower & quinoa salad

Warm Salad of Roast Cauliflower & Quinoa

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