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In January 2010 I quit my day job to focus on blogging. There are a number of things you can do to help support stonesoup and help keep it free from advertising.

i. My book ‘and the love is free – mum a life with recipes’
I recently self published this collection of family recipes to celebrate my Mum and mums everywhere. It is only available for sale through stonesoup. The best and biggest way you can support stonesoup is to pick up a copy for yourself or your favourite mum. Click HERE to order your copy.

ii. Fishpond Links
Fishpond is Australias biggest online bookstore. If you’re a fellow Australian and sick of waiting weeks to get your books from Amazon in either the US or the UK – I have just the solution. Fishpond even guarantee that their pricing is better than Amazon. There’s a list of my current favourite cookbooks HERE.

I’ve also committed to reading 26 books in 2010. Follow my progress on my now reading page.

iii. The Amazon Link
Checkout my favourite cookbooks and equipment at my Amazon Store. If you follow the link and find something you like either on my store or somewhere else on Amazon, I get a small cut. So feel free to shop away.

iv. Other peoples books
Click HERE to see stonesoup recommended products from other fellow bloggers. These are afilliate products, similar to Amazon so if you buy anything I get a bonus.

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