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chocolate-4A month or so ago I gave a talk about my cookbook, and the love is free, at the local library in Crookwell – the country town where I was born.

When I started introducing myself as a professional food blogger I got a lot of blank stares. So I asked who didn’t know what a blog was and many hands were raised in the air. Admittedly most of the audience were probably eligble for a ‘seniors’ discount, but it did get me thinking about the wonderful world of blogs and that there are so many amazing, talented people out there.

So I though I’d share a few of my current favourite things blogs. Mostly so you guys can discover a few favourites, but also so next time I get asked which blogs I follow, I can direct the inquisitor somewhere.

What about you? I’d love to hear about your favourite blogs in the comments – always on the lookout for new treasures.

food blogs

orangette – My first ever food blog crush I am still completely smitten with Molly’s turn of phrase over 5 years later. I love her cooking style (mostly vegetarian and sweet things), I love the way she invites you into her life like her new best friend, I love her quirky descriptions on her flickr photos and I love her book – A Homemade Life – I just wish she would post more often. If I was on a desert island and could only read one blog – orangette would be my pick.

souvlaki for the soul – I just love the photgraphy of Sydney based, never-a-dull-moment Greek boy, Peter G. The fact that I have the same camera makes me realise that there’s a whole lot more to beautiful photgraphs than the equipment.

butter sugar flour – The only problem with this blog is that it’s owner, the lovely Linda seems to be letting life get in the way of blogging. When she does find the time though you’re in for a treat with screen licking pictures and mostly sweet tooth friendly recipes.

cook & eat – I’ve been following the fabulous L since my early blogging days – mostly to drool over her stunning photographs – but also because I feel like she’s become almost a friend over the years. Also find her food photography blog – still life with incredibly useful and inspirational.

lemon pi – A simply beautifully photographed Aussie blog that focuses mainly on sweet things too. And given that it’s author Y is a pastry chef in real life – we’re talking seriously professional desserts to drool over.

101 cookbooks – It’s taken me a long time but it’s only been in the last few months that I’ve got into one of the biggest food blogs in the world. Heidi’s photographs are worth visiting alone but her recipes are also an inspiration – mostly based on natural, whole foods – it’s the type of thing I love to cook.

I am obsessed with food – I started following this blog after meeting the lovely Reem – one of the most Twitter savvy gals I know. Reem lives in my old stomping ground of Surry Hills and we have similar taste in restaurants so I love following her adventures.

limes & lycopene – Good name for the food blog of a Sydney based nutritionist. Always full of interesting links and tid bits with the occasional fresh healthy recipe.

nourish me – Another blog I mostly go to to enjoy the photography. Lucy is based in Melbourne and I just love her eye – a real talent for finding beauty in the everyday.

smitten kitchen – blog of new mother and New York based Deb I always find inspiration in the pages of smitten kitchen. Love the balance between decadent sweet treats and savoury creations. Her step by step photographs taken in her tiny NY apartment really bring things to life.

minimalism blogs

far beyond the stars – ever since I discovered Everett Bogues beautifully written blog when I was in Spain last year I’ve been hooked. There aren’t many blogs that I’ve subscribed to through my reader AND by email but I’d hate to miss out on Everetts latest musings. His blog chronicles what happened when he quit his job with $3000 in the bank to persue a career as a blogger. If you have any interest at all in breaking free of the rat race and following your dreams, I highly recommend far beyond the stars.

mnmlist – The first minimalism blog I started following and a spinoff of zen habits (see below) Leo is a hardcore minimalist who recently reduced the number of his personal posessions to just 50. He’s also a vegan but we won’t hold that against him. Well worth a look for insights into the benefits of a minimalist life.

rowdy kittens - strange name for a blog about simple living but don’t hold that against it. Tammy shares her inspirational journey from corporate slave to self employed blogger extrodinaire.

design / photography blogs

the blue hour – A wonderful every day life photography blog of a guy named Brian who lives in London. Through his eyes even one of my least favourite cities in the world has an inner beauty.

still life with – I mentioned this in the food blog section but really if you have any interest at all in improving your food photography I can’t recommend spending some quality time with the archives of still life with. L also runs assignments that can be helpful in honing your skills.

jacqui lewis – the talented designer behind the new stonesoup logo – Jacqui has an excellent eye. Love seeing what she’s uncovered of late.

52 suburbs - I thought I knew Sydney pretty well until I started following Louise’s search for brauty in the Sydney ‘burbs. A wonderful way to desktop travel and explore with beautiful and insightful photographs.

jak & jill - Whenever I check out what Jak and Jill have been posting I either feel very hip to be following them – or a bit behind the times. Make up your own mind.

hei astrid
– I first discovered Astrid’s everyday life photos via flickr and have been following her since then. Sometimes I get a little concerned about her obsession of taking photos of herself in the mirror – but then I have a bit of a weakness for that myself. Lovely scandanavian sensibility to everyday life.

lifestyle blogs

zen habits – simple productivity – If you haven’t been persuaded by my previous ravings over Leo Babuta’s incredibly inspirational and useful blog, it’s time to check it out.

the art of non-conformity – unconventional strategies for life, work and travel. Chris has a personal goal to visit every country in the world before his 35th bithday which is reason enough to tune into his adventures – but he also covers a heap of inspirational stuff like how to start a business with $100. I loved his posts about his personal annual review and planning for the year ahead that he ran in December.

the blog of tim ferris – experiments in lifestyle design- If you haven’t heard of his book ‘the 4 hour work week’, I highly recommend seeking out a copy – one of the inspirations that set me on the path to self employment. Still working on getting my week to 4 hours of working time – but getting there.

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