how to spend 2 days eating in barcelona

la boqueriaIf there’s one thing I’ve learned over the two days I spent eating my way around Barcelona it is this: just because something is published on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s the truth (particularly in the case of restaurant opening hours). Note to self – next time you’re only going to be in BCN for a flying visit, make sure it isn’t going to happen on a Sunday or a Monday.

sunday evening
Arrive in Barelona & head out for some tapas only to find that the restaurant you’ve chosen is closed on Sundays. Take this as a sign that an early night is needed. Find a gelato joint called Belgious and treat yourself to the dinner of food-loving champions – a double scoop cone of white chocolate and Ferrero Rocher. Sleep.

monday breakfast.
Treat your hunger to an exploration of the most famous market in Barcelona, La Boqueria. Take in a coffee and some seriously delicious chickpeas (or tripe, if you dare) at Bar Pinotxo. Drop in and resist the temptation of the sweet treats at Escriba.

monday lunch
Walk up and down Carrer Comerc, a few times looking for modern tapas at Santa Maria before coming up with Plan B – a late lunch of vegetable tortilla (omelette), the Catalan staple pa amb tomaquet (bread rubbed with olive oil & tomato) and a fresh, crunchy cod carpaccio with chopped peppers and onion at the bar in the restaurant of the Santa Caterina markets.

quimet y quimet-7monday afternoon
It’s time to get the walking shoes on and make space for dinner. Trek to Cocoa Sampka (the cocoa market) and pick up a few blocks of interesting single-origin chocolate. Then it’s time to worship at the temple of jamon. Jamonismo is well worth a visit – try top quality jamon from different regions in Spain.

monday dinner
Since you’re in the neighbourhood, drop in for an aperitif and a few tapas at the classic Bar Mut. Enjoy the calm before rush hour. Apparently it gets super noisy and smoky but at 6pm it’s lmost deserted. Love their boquerones (white anchovies marinated in vinegar) and their bread with fruity olive oil.

monday second dinner
It’s a fair walk, but how else can you make room for more tapas. Head to Quimet y Quimet – a little bar and bottle shop that just happens to serve some of the most amazing tapas around. Stand at the bar and get the fish plate that comes out something like a sashimi platter and the pan (bread with a variety of flavoured breads and crackers). Try to save room for the cheese served with candied chestnut and green fig conserve (a brilliant alternative to quince paste). Five different types, mostly local with a stilton and a brilliat savarin thrown in for good measure.

anima-3tuesday breakfast
Settle for a ‘light’ breakfast to make way for the big day of indulging ahead. Snack on the jamon you couldn’t resist buying at Jamonismo. Decide that you prefer the sweet nuttiness of the Salamanco jamon over the intense saltiness (almost vegemite) flavour of the Andalusian.

tuesday pre-lunch

After much agonising, head to Bar Inopia (Albert Adria’s tapas bar) for a little pre-lunch snack. Feel your stomach sigh with relief (and a little disappointment) to find that they are closed for lunch. Ogle the menu and the vibrantly-coloured decor and make a mental note to put Bar Inopia on the top of the list for your next visit to Barca.

tuesday lunch
Head to the cute-as-a-button Anima for the most amazing-value lunch. Ten euros for two courses including a drink and coffee. Settle in by the open door and enjoy the dappled sunshine through the trees. Make the difficult menu selection with a lime and quinoa salad with avocado dressing to start and the stir fried mushrooms with soft polenta and parmesan to follow. Congratulate yourself on your
abstemiousness and stick to the agua con gas.

el vine del senyor-2tuesday second lunch
Feel a little Hobbit-like as you stroll over to Comerc, 24 for your second lunch. Curse your luck (and that you left so much on your plate at Anima) when you are told that the kitchen has closed at 3pm. It’s only 3.08pm. Can you really be in Spain? Have a quick flick through the chef’s cookbook and chalk it up as an adventure for next time.

tuesday afternoon

Retrace your steps over your food-lovers’ walking tour. Start with the just-begining-to-close Santa Caterina market and end with a drink at La Vinya del Senyor sitting in the placa near the Catherdral del Mar. Sneak a peak at the creative candy store, Pappabuble and resit the urge to invest in an old-school all-day sucker.

tuesday pre-dinner
Meet George, your slightly eccentric food writer friend and Barcelona resident of 40 years at the Attenu (a members-only library / cultural centre / bar that you need a fingerprint scan to enter). Relax by the palm-lined fountain and discuss the merits of fino sherry over manzanilla with a few flavour-packed roasted almonds.

tuesday dinner
Stroll with your mate and be patient while he ducks his head from bar to bar to get the football score. Make the most of the smoky, packed bar and prepare for some seriously good Basque tapas at Taktika Berri. Enjoy the delicious, slightly sparking Basque vino with the tapas as they flow. Don’t miss out on having way too many of the morcilla – perfectly crunchy blood sausage (black pudding) topped with a little tomato sauce.

tuesday second dinner
Bid farewell to your guide and start to head for home. Realise that it’s not far to Tapac 24 and the night is still young (OK it’s 11.30pm). Drop in for a wicked late-night snack of the best pa amb tomatquet ever and the witty hamburger mc foie. Roll home to bed for your 7am flight and promise your waistline that you will never have a second dinner again – well at not until next time you find yourself in Barcelona.

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