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On Twitter I recently had someone tell me they didn’t completely align with my philosophy but wanted to know if I had anything on dealing with (unhealthy) leftovers. Which got me thinking.

And since today is Thanksgiving, the holiday that often has a lot of leftovers associated with it, why not share a few ideas on what to do with leftovers.

1. avoid having leftovers in the first place.
As I mentioned in my post, ‘Do you make the most common thanksgiving mistake?‘ it’s best to plan not to have leftovers. I find they tend to happen naturally and if you plan for leftovers you’re asking to be inundated.

Recently I’ve really been getting into baking individual sized desserts and then only making as many as required, rather than having a whole cake leftover. The little cheesecakes below are my latest creation, but I’ve also been loving my 4 ingredient chocolate cakes, these supermoist carrot cakes, and my self-saucing ginger puddings.

2. share with your guests
Get organised and divide up the leftovers into little parcels for your guests before they leave. Everyone will love the thought and you’ll be saved from the temptation of leftover dessert or the monotony of eating turkey for days on end.

3. share with your colleagues
One thing I do miss about having a normal job is being able to share excess food with my work mates. It always amazed me how quickly things would disappear when left in a communal place.

4. get creative
One of the least appealing aspects of leftovers is having to eat the same meal for days. If you take the time to get a bit creative and mix things up. Recipes like egg fried rice, baked frittata and even butter chickpea curry can be miracles for turning leftover bits and pieces into a wonderful, refreshing meal.

5. use the freezer
When it comes to cakes and sweet treats, many can be frozen in small portions so you can enjoy a little at a time in moderation.

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[5 ingredients | simple baking]
divine 4 ingredient cheesecakes

serves 2 (or 10-12)

If you don’t have a food processor you can still make the cheesecakes. Just make sure your cream cheese is at room temperature before you start and be prepared to whisk energetically. A great workout!

If you can’t find sour cream, creme fraiche would be lovely or even just regular heavy whipping cream.

Feel free to use this recipe as a base for different flavourings. Some lemon zest or vanilla would be a classic combination. Pureed pumpkin is delicious. I can imagine a layer of fresh dates or prunes would take it to another level. Or serve with poached fresh or dried fruit such as cherries, strawberries or apricots. So versatile.

for 2 individual servings
100g (3 1/2oz) cream cheese, softened
120g (4oz) sour cream
40g (1 1/2oz) sugar
1 egg

for 1 large cheesecake 10 – 12 servings
2 packets cream cheese (500g / 1lb total weight), softened
2 cartons sour cream (600g / 20oz total weight)
200g (7oz) sugar
5 eggs

1. Preheat oven to 170C (340F). If using ramekins, place a baking tray on the middle shelf to preheat.

2. Line 2x 1 cup capacity ramekins (or a 9in (23cm) springform pan) with baking paper and grease the base and sides with oil or butter.

3. Whisk together cream cheese and sour cream and stir eggs and sugar until combined. Add egg mixture to the cream cheese a little at a time until all combined OR whizz everything in a food processor until smooth.

4. Pour into the prepared ramekins (or pan) and bake for 30-40 minutes (or 1 hour for the large pan) or until golden around the edges and the cheesecake feels firm in the centre when you touch the top.

5. If you have time allow to cool in the oven. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

4 ingredient cheecake video on YouTube.

4 ingredient cheesecakes


The new video version of 5 ingredients | 10 minutes and the individual chapter mini-ecookbooks are almost done. Watch this space(!)

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