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mushroom sandwich mushroom sarnie

After an unexpectedly long trip to Ireland (thankyou volcanic ash) with a few bonus days in the beautiful city of Barcelona it’s good to be home.

There’s nothing like travelling to new places and exploring different foods. And this holiday was no exception. But after all that black pudding and white pudding and wonderfully smoky bacon and pork sausages, not to mention my little jamon-fest, my body is aching for vegetables. And so I’ve decided to make May the month of vegetarianism.

While I love my meat, fish & poultry, I also love my veg. And as much as I like to think of my diet as being pretty well balanced, I do tend to default to steak & salad when I’m stuck for what to cook. By going vegetarian for a month I’m hoping to develop a few new menu planning habits – a chance to really explore the world of vegetables as a main course.

When I think about cooking vego food I tend to default to vegetarian pastas, risottos or polentas. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with carb based dishes, I’d like to go beyond that this month and really focus on making vegetables the star of the show.

I’ve started a little page dedicated to vegetarian month to chronicle the journey of what I cook and eat over the next month. But for now I have to share with you my first discovery – a mushroom sandwich that is so lovely and meaty that I think my previous go-to hangover cure, the bacon sarnie may have been dethroned as my favourite meal for the morning after the night before.

mushroom sandwich

mushroom sarnie
serves 1

I’ve posted before about my love of the bacon sandwich and its amazing hangover curing properties. I almost can’t believe I’m saying this but my mushroom sandwich is just as satisfying and probably a little more restorative than it’s pork based predecessor – who would have thought

The mushrooms would be amazing on their own, served with a simple salad or any accompaniments that you’d usually serve with a juicy steak.

For a vegan version I’d substitute olive oil for the butter and hummus for the mayonnaise.

1 large field or portabello mushroom (or 2 medium), stalk trimmed
generous knob butter
1 small clove garlic, finely sliced
small handful salad greens or baby rocket
2 slices fresh sourdough bread

Preheat oven to 250C or 480F (230C or 440F if using fan forced).

Place mushroom, stalk side up in an oven proof dish to hold it snugly. Sprinkle with garlic, dot with butter and season.

Bake for 10 – 20 minutes or until mushrooms are juicy and soft.

Generously spread mayo on both slices of bread, place the mushroom and it’s juices on one slice, top with leaves and other slice of bread.


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Keep tabs on my vego journey over at my vegetarian month page.

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