vegetarian month

quinoa salad with avocado dressingAt the risk of appearing incredibly self indulgent, I’m blogging about the things I eat during the month of May.

If you have any favourite vego dishes to recommend I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Saturday 1st May
B – flat white coffee, croissant
L – mushroom sarnie
D – silo bakery sourdough with extra virgin olive oil
super creamy gratin potato
radicchio salad with balsamic & wholegrain mustard dressing

Sunday 2nd May
B – flat white coffee
scrambled eggs with ricotta
leftover gratin potatoes
green salad with lemon juice & dijon mustard dressing
D – sauteed kale with butter beans, garlic, lemon & crispy sourdough crumbs
rhubarb & apple crumble with vanilla icecream

Monday 3rd May
B – bircher muesli with yoghurt
L – super simple broccoli with boiled pink fir apple potatoes & garlic mayonnaise
D – cousin rosa’s eggplant parmagiana with shaved cabbage salad

Tuesday 4th May

B – bircher muesli with yoghurt and all bran
L – wholemeal pasta with tomato, feta & basil
D – luxury cauliflower cheese with radicchio salad

Wednesday 5th May
B – leftover rhubarb crumble with natural muesli & yoghurt
L – eggplant parmigiana sandwich on rustic white bread
D – cabbage with oyster sauce (rookie vegetarian mistake – only realised after dinner that oyster sauce does actually contain some oysters – woops)
egg fried rice

Thursday 6th May

B – stewed apples with muesli & yoghurt & all bran
L – baby carrot soup with crusty bread & butter
D – ‘gardners pie’ (think a vego version of shepherds pie with a combo of leeks and cabbage as the base and mashed potato topping)

Friday 7th May

B – stewed apples with muesli & yoghurt
L – egg fried rice with carrots & cauliflower
D – perfect roast potatoes with romesco sauce
shaved cabbage and mixed greens salad
salted celery with manchego cheese

Saturday 8th May
B – English breakfast tea
brioche with quince jelly
D – antipasto – olives, truffle scented cheese & romesco sauce with sourdough bread
maccaroni cheese
roast beet & mixed leaf salad with balsamic & seeded mustard dressing
apple & marscapone torta

Sunday 9th May
B – flat white coffee
L – shaved cabbage salad with parmesan & balsamic
jerusalem artichoke soup with broad beans
D – non-vego extravaganza at my mates toby & kath’s place

Monday 10th May
B – stewed apple, muesli & yoghurt
L – avocado on toast with romesco sauce & rocket salad
D – wilted kale with toasted almonds & garlic

Tuesday 11th May
B – stewed apple, muesli & yoghurt
L – very green sandwich. avocado, pesto & rocket on iggys sourdough
D – vegetable soup
dark chocolate

Wednesday 12th May
B – stewed apple, muesli & yoghurt
L – vegetable soup with pesto toast
D – wilted dandelion greens with fried egg & toasted almonds
dark chocolate & lemongrass tea

Thursday 13th May
B – stewed apple, all bran & yoghurt
L – flat white (breakfast was at midday)
D – stir fried field mushrooms with boy choy, honey & soy

Friday 14th May
B – muesli & yoghurt
L – soba noodle soup with chilli & bok choy
D – pesto extravaganza with mezzi rigatoni & rocket & parmesan salad
milky hot chocolates

Saturday 15th May
B/L – eggplant, tomato, pesto & provolone sandwich
english breakfast tea
D – cheese & crackers
BBQ marinated field mushrooms with BBQ eggplant & hummous
warm lentil salad
potatoes baked in their jackets
decadent marscapone cheesecake with figs, pistachio & honey
dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt

Sunday 16th May
B/L – chickpea & mushroom frittata
fig & mixed leaf salad
sonoma bread & butter
D – beetroot & goats cheese ravioli
burrata agnolotti with eggplant puree & roast heirloom tomatoes
sauteed spinach
apple & rhubarb crumble tart with sour cream icecream

Monday 17th May
B – muesli, yoghurt & all bran
L – hot carrot soup with sourdough bread & butter
D – pan fried brussels sprouts & tofu with toasted almonds

Tuesday 18th May
B – muesli, yoghurt & all bran
L – linguine with rocket & chilli oil
D – beetroot pesto & red pepper dip with toasted pita bread
pan fried field mushrooms with hot feta dressing
pan fried tofu with spiced yoghurt
lentils with rice & caramelised onion
warm carrot salad with coriander & toasted almonds
poached apricots with vanilla icecream
chocolate Tim Tam hedgehog

Wednesday 19th May
B – muesli, yoghurt, all bran & poached apricots
L – mushroom quiche with green salad
D – warm salad of chickpeas and almonds with rosemary & garlic
wilted endive with sherry vinegar
vanilla icecream

Thursday 20th May
B – muesli, yoghurt, all bran & poached apricots
L – sourdough sandwich with hummus, babaganoush, parsley & celery
D – vegetarian lasagne & salad

Friday 21st May
B – muesli, yoghurt, all bran & poached apricots
L – warm chickpea & beetroot pesto sandwich
D – pizza stone christening night:
potato & rosemary
broccolini & boccincini

Saturday 22nd May
B – flat white
L – baked eggs with celery & walnut toast
D – 5 ingredients romesco sauce with toasted pita bread
mushroom ragu with pasta
wild rocket salad
rhubarb & buttermilk cake with double cream

Sunday 23rd May
B – flat white & homemade peanut butter on toast
L – mushroom sarnie
D – ratatouille pot pies with wilted endive
roast king edwards and ponitacs

Monday 24th May
B – muesli, yoghurt, all bran & poached apricots
L – pita bread wrap with ratatouille, mayo & baby rocket
D – pan fried smoked tofu with brussells sprouts & toasted almonds
rhubarb & buttermilk cake with double cream

Tuesday 25th May
B – muesli & yoghurt
L – smoked tofu ‘cabonara’ with a green salad
D – roast cauliflower & quinoa salad with baked ricotta
homebaked potato bread & butter

Wednesday 26th May
B – muesli, all bran & yoghurt
L – pita bread wrap with ratatouille, mayo & baby rocket
D – roast pumpkin salad with crispy chilli bread crumbs & smoked tofu
radicchio salad with balsamic & mustard dressing
sea salt spiked dark chocolate

Thursday 27th May
B – stewed apple, muesli & yoghurt
L – roast pumpkin & chickpea soup with home made potato bread & butter
D – linguine with broccolini & chilli oil

Friday 28th May
B – muesli & yoghurt
L – chunky red lentil, tomato & vegetable soup with homemade sourdough
D – roast parsnip pizza
pizza with tomato, mozzarella & fresh rocket

Saturday 29th May
B – flat white
L – sourdough roll with bocconcini & tomato
caramelised pear tartlet (just a taste!)
D – crisp roast king edward and kestral potatoes with rosemary & garlic & bernaise sauce
green salad with mustard vinigarette
poached quince crumble with vanilla icecream

Sunday 30th May
B/L – croissants with melted cheese & mushrooms & green salad
D – leftover parsnip pizza
‘gardner’s pie’ lentil & mushroom stew topped with mashed potato
sauteed brussels sprouts
carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Monday 31st May
B – carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
L – roast cauliflower salad with quinoa & bocconcini
D – italian broccoli pie with a green salad

and what’s on the menu for my first day back as an omnivore?

Tuesday 1st June
B – little bacon sandwiches
L – chorizo with chickpeas & tomato
D – pork sausages baked with parsnip & onion

cauliflower closeup