The Best Restaurants CANBERRA
(for lovers of BIG flavour)

Best Restaurants Canberra

Looking for the most delicious places to eat in the ACT? Love big explosions of flavour? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for my favourite best restaurants Canberra.


The Best Restaurants Canberra

Mocan & Green Grout – New Acton

Crazy name, quirky decor and super delicious food. One of my faves for breakkie or lunch.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the decor at Mocan and Green Grout – the use of recycled wood and plants is right up my alley. So is the food. LOVE a place that lets you order salad for breakfast and supplement it with a fried egg.

Their menu is an all day (well all day until the kitchen closes at 2pm) so it’s a great option for lunch as well. Crazy name, quirky decor and super delicious food. One of my faves for breakkie or lunch. The type of place where everything looks almost too pretty to eat. Oh and great coffee, even the decaf!

Mocan & Green Grout Website

The Cupping Room – New Acton(ish)

The Cupping Room – close to ANU, this is another excellent cafe serving serious coffee. The breakkie and lunch menus are creative without being too out there. And Fergal loves their chips! One of the owners won the world barista championship recently.

Highroad – Braddon

Highroad is close to my Dad’s house so if we want breakfast, coffee or a casual lunch we love heading to Highroad. The menu changes often and they have something for everyone. Excellent coffee from the guys at Ona.

Silo Bakery – Kingston

I haven’t actually been here in years but the Gruyere omelette at Silo will always hold a special place in my heart.

Silo Bakery Website

The Best Restaurants Canberra

Rebel Rebel – New Acton

If someone was mean enough to make me choose a favourite restaurant in Canberra it would easily be Rebel Rebel. The chef Sean McConnell really knows how to make your taste buds happy. The vibe is casual enough for a quick bite but it’s also fancy enough for a big celebration lunch or dinner. Make sure you order the cabbage. And my boys highly recommend the chips with aioli.

And when they are open for weekend breakfasts – it’s the best breakkie in town.

Raku – Civic

I love when I walk into Raku I feel like I’ve been transported to Tokyo (well a mythical corner of Tokyo where there are a higher than usual protection of Australian accents). If you have even a passing interest in Japanese food you HAVE to eat at Raku.

Book well ahead and bring some friends so you can hang out in one of the booths. The sashimi is always a winner and the broccolini with miso is soo good.

Akiba – Civic

A fun isakya style casual Japanese / Asian place in Civic. Lots of delicious shared plates. Try all their raw fish and meat dishes! And the fried chicken with parmesan is a must.

Akiba Website


The Best Restaurants Canberra


A close second to Rebel Rebel in my list of favorite Canberra restaurants. I LOVe that Onzieme was named after the hip Paris neighbourhood where all the cool kids go to eat. I also love that the chef Louis is so serious about cooking with fire. The vibe is casual. The service is welcoming and enthusiastic. The food is exceptional. Oh and there’s a bar downstairs if you’re not organized enough to book a table in the main dining room.


A casual, shared plates type of place with seriously delicious flavours and a wine list to do everything justice.

Temporada Website

Italian & Sons

– love the simple Italian fare here. If you’re in the mood for pizza or pasta this is a great choice. With their wood fired oven you get the real deal. And if you’re like me and more in a low carb frame of mind there are always plenty of meat, fish and vegetables to keep me happy.


Aubergine – if you’re after more of a fine dining experience then this is the place for you. Caroline and I had the Stonesoup Christmas party dinner here back in 2015 and loved every minute and every mouthful. The service was spot on and really looked after my pregnant-lady dietary requirements. Obviously I’m due for another visit.

Morks –  a modern Thai joint on the Kingston foreshore. Definitely worth a visit if you’re after a Thai feast.

Ottoman – a Canberra institution. The dining room is a bit dated and formal but don’t let that put you off the food. If you love Turkish cuisine like I do you’ll really enjoy every mouthful.

Where to Stay in Canberra

When my Irishman and I treat ourselves to a sleep over in town we love to stay at the Ovolo Nishi – their apartments are perfect if you like more space.

The other options are the Hotel Realm or QT Canberra.

More restaurant recommendations (from all around the world) see the Stonesoup Guide to Tasty Travel.

Hope you enjoy your visit to the ACT!

If there’s something I’ve missed – please email and let me know

Jules x

Updated: 11 October 2023