my very first post

Four months ago I made the momentous decision to put my winemaking career on hold and to have a ‘city change’. This has meant a return to my former corporate life working in new product development for a multinational breakfast cereal company.

My reward, apart from a pay rise (why is it that fun jobs like winemaking and ski patrolling are never very lucrative???)and the opportunity to once again live in my favourite city in the world (Sydney), has been the discovery of food blogs.

 So after immersing myself in the addictive world that is food blogging I have decided to join the ranks and create my own blog.  I invite you to join me in exploring the fabulous city of sydney from the restaurants, bars, and cafes to the bakeries, butchers, fromageries, markets, and wine merchants. But most of all I invite you into my (tiny) kitchen to share the creation of what I hope will be many memorable meals!

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  • Dear Jules,
    Well done on your great food blog. I find it interesting and inspiring.

    I see this was your first post and had no comments so I decided to leave you one.

    I’m in the process of creating my own food blog, I was hoping you could give me some tips as someone new starting off?

    How did you find it at the beginning? Any advice would help.
    Many thanks and kind regards,

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