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[5 ingredients | 10 minutes]

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Yes folks. The Stonesoup Shop is now officially open for business.

People have started registering for Solve Your Dinner Dilemma and electronic copies of 5 ingredients | 10 minutes have started (metaphorically) walking out the door.

So head on over to and have a look around for yourself.

You can preview the eCookbook, with three delicious recipes from each chapter. Or check out the video explaining how the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School works and what you’ll learn in the 4 week class.

But before you do, I just wanted to share one of the recipes from the book. It was tough deciding which to choose from the 131 totally NEW recipes. But after the Irishman and I thoroughly enjoyed this for dinner last night, the decision was made.

With a heap of last minute launch things to check last night, there wasn’t much time for cooking. I was super grateful that my new book is called 5 ingredients | 10 mintues, rather than something time consuming like Mastering the Art of French Cooking or Heston’s In Search of Perfection.

There’s so much to be said for simplicity.

NEW tofu with hummus

[5 ingredients | 10 minutes]
chilli spiced tofu with hummus

serves 2

Tofu generally gets a bad rap for being bland. But as I learned when I was vegetarian for a month, it is a wonderful sponge for soaking up flavours.

I love this. The tofu takes on the chilli and smokiness from the paprika and cooks to a lovely reddish golden crispiness. With the calming influence of humus and fresh fragrance of coriander (cilantro), you have a balanced meal in a bowl.

Feel free to use your favourite commercial hummus. Or if you’d prefer to make your own, there’s a recipe I posted about recently.

1 teaspoon dried chilli flakes
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
4 slices firm tofu, (about 300g / 12oz total)
6 – 8 tablespoons hummus
1 small bunch coriander (cilantro), leaves picked

1. Combine chilli and paprika with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Season and toss tofu slices in the spiced oil to coat.

2. Heat a medium frying pan or skillet on medium high.

3. Cook tofu for a few minutes each side, until crisp on the outside and heated through the middle.

4. Smear hummus over 2 plates. Top with tofu and sprinkle over coriander (cilantro) leaves.


Still with me? What are you waiting for? Head over to The Stonesoup Shop to see for yourself!

Those of you who receive stonesoup by email, some people let me know there was a problem with the links in that email. Apologies for any difficulties, I hope you get a chance to have a look around now.


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