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merry christmas from stonesoup

new FREE ecookbook from stonesoup

It’s that time of year. Time for family and friends. Time for reflection and planning. Time for holidays. Time for swimming [or skiing]. Time for giving.

And time for baking.

So to say a big THANKYOU to everyone who’s been reading Stonesoup, I’m super excited to announce that I’ve created a new FREE ecookbook. With 73 pages of 5 ingredients sweet treats from lemon ice cream to magical 4 ingredients chocolate cakes it’s a treasure trove of simple dessert ideas.

download your FREE copy of 5 ingredients | simple baking

Why the FREE ecookbook?

Back in June, I produced my first free ecookbook focusing on my simple mostly healthy 5 ingredients | 10 minutes recipes featured on my blog and other sites. While it was really fun to write, I kept having to leave out my favourite sweet treats because even though they met the 5 ingredients limit, the baking times tended to be much longer than 10 minutes.

So I promised myself I’d write a fun and decadent Simple Baking version of 5 ingredients in time for Christmas. And here it is. Yay!


If you enjoy this ecookbook

PLEASE share it with your family & friends. Send the link to this page in an email. Save it on your iphone. Copy it onto a usb stick and use it as a stocking filler!

All I’m asking is for some help to spread the Stonesoup word.

Jules x


  • Eek! I’m so excited! Thank you so much for being so generous!

    I’ll be spreading the stonesoup word! Merry Christmas!

  • Thanks, Jules! They look so delicious. I just wish I could eat sugar. But I’ll pass them on to my husband and sons who are sugar fiends, and definitely tell my friends!

  • This is a wonderful cookbook, I browsed thru the recipes and am thrilled to try as many
    This Holiday Season. Thank-you and Merry Christmas .

  • Wow…thanks so much for sharing this cookbook and I’l be sure to share it with all my friends and family…espcially my boys…they will so appreciate the 5 ingredients part and that the metric conversion are included. Happy Holidays, fondly, Roberta

  • I’m having trouble with the link to the cookbook. It starts to download and then instead, a blank white page comes up.

  • thank you so much for sharing your wonderful cookbook with us, so kind of you, hope you and yours have a glorious christmas

  • hey Jules

    Thanks – love it and will be sending to my friends o/s (and lets face it they are all over one sea or another) for Christmas. Especially love your Mum’s pav recipe – so Aussie and so lovely that it is your Mum’s. I’ve never done justice to my own Mother’s recipe but I am willing to give yours a go!! Just wished I had spent a little more time cooking with my Mum – so I could pull off some of her recipes just so…. Will also be getting a copy of your Mum’s book to give to my Dad for xmas.

    Take care!!


  • Thanks everyone
    Really appreciate the kind words & help in sharing the love!

    Glad you like the pav – funny but I always feel like I don’t do justice to my Mum’s recipe…I guess there’s a lot to live up to in our minds….but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try!

    Mary P
    I’ve just tried the link again and it worked OK… email me if you still can’t get it to work and I’ll send you a copy direct (jules@thestonesoup.com)

  • I don’t often write comments, but I read your blog every Monday and Thursday, eagerly waiting for new posts. Thank you for this e-cookbook, how very generous of you!
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, surrounded by friends and family.

  • thanks for your comment LaPerle
    So glad you’re enjoying stonesoup – it really means a lot to me to hear that.
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season as well

  • Hello! I am really excited to read this book!!! However, clicking on the link on my phone (where I would transfer the document to iBooks) led to a broken link with a virus warning. Clicking on the link on my computer (a minute ago) led to a broken document. :( I hope you can fix this soon!!!

  • hello laura
    thanks for your message.
    weird I just tested on my phone and it downloaded no problem and I could read it in ibooks and I just tested the link on this page as well.

    there was a problem with the link in my subscriber email that went out. will send you a copy on email.

  • I was finally able to download it too. I loved your first e-cookbook and just based on that one, I know I’ll love this one too. Thanks.

  • Jules, I’m totally burning CDs of both of your eCookbooks for stocking stuffers this year, as part of my “buy nothing Christmas”. Thanks so much for your work — and for inspiring all of us foodies to do more with less!

  • Thank you very much…. This looks great and I will definitely be sharing it with friends. I was always afraid of souffles but after making your berry souffle recipe they are now my “go to” dessert.” I am looking forward to trying some of the other recipes.

  • Hi!
    I’m totally new to the site. A friend of mine pointed me to your book. It’s absolutely gorgeous, I’ve already passed it on to many of my friends, and I’m definitely going to try a few of the recipes over the holiday.

    I noticed that you say at the end “Don’t worry about copyright, it’s a free e-book and I give you my permission to share.” It’s amazingly generous of you to give to the world something that you have obviously put so much time and care into. It also sounds like your intentions make your book (and maybe even the rest of the content on your blog), a perfect candidate for Creative Commons licensing. Have you considered it? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically just a free system built for people like you who have created wonderful works and want a way to allow people to share it legally without worrying about copyrights. Check out the links below if you’re interested, and feel free to email me if I can help in any way.


  • Jules, thank you so much for this wonderfully generous free ebook for Christmas! At the moment I am just devouring the wonderful photos – but will of course go back and read through the recipes – can see a few of my favourites there already…goodie! I received your book ‘And the Love is Free’ last Christmas from my sister – L O V E this book too! So many wonderful recipes. Will spread the word for sure! Again, thank you and merry Christmas to you.

  • oh yay alison

    hi mcs
    thanks for the creative commons info – I actually had licenced stonesoup with that but haven’t updated since I changed to a new look last year – I need to do that thanks ;)

    Love that you’re burning CDs – I was wondering if people did that anymore ;) love the idea of not buying anything for christmas

    very impressed that you’ve mastered the souffles – I haven’t made them in ages but was thinking it needed to remedy that when I was editing the book.

  • Hi,

    I follow your blog regularly and this is an amazing compilation ! Thank you. As usual the pictures are lovely. And that is the main reason as to why I come to your blog. You make food that has such a small ingredients list and it looks so yummy afterwards. Me on the other hand, I am indian. So most of the foods that you prepare, we hardly ever cook at our end. But you have inspired me to reduce the number of ingredients that need to be added for our cuisine and at the same time ensure that it tastes the same.

    Great effort though from your end! Really appreciate it.

    Take care,

  • My family has cancelled Christmas gifts years ago… Our rule is that only kids get gifts. For adults, if you can’t eat or drink it, it’s not welcome. It has brought back the true spirit of the Holidays and reduced everybody’s stress too.

    I think that I’ll bend the rule this year, and send a link to your great e-books to my relatives and friends! It will, like yours, be an advance gift – since now is when they will enjoy it most. OK, they will still get goodies – family favourites and definitely some of yours too! :o)

    You’re an angel, thank you!

  • Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL, and useful e-cookbook. Can’t wait to do some Christmas baking this year!

  • canadian minimalist wannabe
    love your rule for gifts – can imagine it’s made life a lot more simple
    and surely the output of my ebook is edible so it’s not really breaking the rules ;)

    glad you’re enjoying stonesoup. I can imagine that indian cooking would be more challenging to reduce the number of ingredients but as you say, I’m sure there are ways to keep it as simple as possible and still delicious.

  • Hi,

    I downloaded it, but some of the pictures and words are messed up? Help, I want to try those puddle cookies! Thank you, this is the best Christmas present :)


  • kaitlyn
    have just emailed a copy

    have you tried a different pdf reader? all the recipes are from stonesoup so you can find them online by doing a search with the box in the sidebar or just google stonesoup + the recipe. hope that helps

    the whole chocolate section? wow that’s hardcore ;)

    pleasure ann + healthy&homemade

  • Wonderful book, love the photo’s and recipes. I’ve spread the link to the book to friends and family, so there should be some downloads from the netherlands the coming days.
    Making simple chocolate mousse this evening!
    Merry Christmas,


  • I am so sad. I can’t seem to download the ebook. It says the file can’t be found. I also can’t download your original ebook. Is it just me? *sigh*

  • Hey,
    just stumbled upon your site now- 5 pieces each, thats awesome and interesting! Will definitly try that out. It makes me hungry just to browse your blog… don´t want to sound like ad or spam-shit, but you should seriously consider doing videos about this- maybe with the ability to get a dime or two- you can use something like Movielocker to post your videos and decide to get it away for free or by donation or even some payment- take a look if you like: http://blog.movielocker.com/
    Please continue with your great blog… yumyum!
    Have a ncie day, cheers

  • I just found your site and so wanted to see what you had in this baking cookbook. Is the link no longer available? I tried to download it using both Explorer and Firefox but couldn’t get it to download. It kept coming up with an error message.

  • Just downloaded this e-book, and it looks great, but I was warned as I downloaded that it has a version of Helvetica embedded which my computer is not able to process, so where that font is used, the text is garbled. Any ideas? Thank you! Vicki

    • hi Lisseth
      If you do a search for ‘ice cream’ in the side bar above… you’ll find quite a few recipes on Stonesoup that don’t need an ice cream machine.

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