warm salad of roast beets, lentils & balsamic onions recipe

beet & lentil saladbeet & lentil salad2

A special bonus recipe on Stonesoup this week for a rainy Thursday!

After writing about weekend cooking and 14 quick ideas to save you time during the week, with recipes for versatile lentils, roast beets and balsamic onions, I wanted to share a favourite salad recipe of mine that includes all three kitchen toolbox ingredients.

While this salad is delicious made with everything from scratch, it’s lovely with canned ingredients as well.

A drained can of lentils and some canned beets, or better yet vacuum packed cooked beets, are the way forward when you’re in a hurry.

The onions are totally optional, although you could use a commercial onion jam if you happened to have some lying around.

beet & lentil salad3

[5 ingredients]
roast beet, lentil & balsamic onion salad

takes 5 minutes
serves 2

If you’d prefer to keep it nut free, a little goats cheese or feta would make a great substitution for the almonds.

I prefer this salad slightly warm, but it’s also great at room temperature.It’s one of those hearty salads that can be made in advance and will sit around happily until you’re ready to eat. So perfect for picnics.

1 tablespoon sherry vinegar
250g (9oz) cooked lentils [recipe here]
10 pieces roast beets [recipe here]
3-4 tablespoons balsamic onions, optional [recipe here]
small handful roasted almonds

1. Whisk vinegar with 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil in a large bowl. Season.

2. Toss in lentils, onions if using and divide between two plates.

3. Top with beets and almonds.


video version of the recipe


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