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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] T[/dropcap]his week I’ve got something a little different for you…

When I started preparing for my upcoming program, ‘The Healthy Meal Method’ at the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School, I took the time to interview some of my existing students.

One of the things I love about online classes is that my students are literally from all over the world. From Australia to the US to Iceland to Peru and many places in between. But it does have some limitations…

As much as I’d love to be giving out free samples of the food I cook, unfortunately the Internet doesn’t allow for that possibility yet.

The other thing is that even though there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and interact via the comments and the live coaching webinars, we don’t get any old fashioned face to face time.

So I wanted to do the next best thing and just have a chat over the phone or Skype. My aim was to get feedback and find ways to make my next class as useful, fun and easy to digest as possible.

But I got so much more than I was expecting…

Time and time again I found people wanting to thank me for the difference the SVCS had made to their cooking and eating. And in some cases even other aspects of their lives. So I was really glad I’d recorded some of these conversations (with permission of course!)

So today I thought I’d share two of my favourites with you… Enjoy!

Emma from Wollongong Australia

With a young baby and a partner who works late, Emma found herself becoming resentful of having to cook. Until she signed up for online cooking classes last year. Now she not only appreciates the benefits of a streamlined pantry, her whole attitude to cooking has changed. And her meal time anxiety is gone.

Watch Emma’s story over here:

Emma’s Story video link

Miriam from Tweed Canada

Widowed with a grown up family, Miriam’s diabetes gave her a new reason to focus on taking better care of herself. The good news is, she is not only healthier and happier, she’s lost some weight and has even started creating her own recipes!

Watch Miriam’s story over here:

Miriam’s Story video link

Prefer audio?

Click HERE to download the mp3 for both interviews in the one file.
(you may need to ‘right click’ and ‘save link as’)

Would you like to make a real difference to your meals?

Unfortunately the doors to the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School are closed at the moment. But you can enter your details OVER HERE to be notified when they reopen.

smoked salmon chickpea salad-4

Smoked Salmon & Chickpea Salad

Now that I’m no longer pregnant it’s lovely to be able to indulge in things like smoked salmon and prosciutto. This salad is my latest favourite in a long line of chickpea salads.

Enough for 2
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 can chickpeas, drained (400g / 14oz)
3-4 handfuls salad leaves or baby spinach
100g (3.5oz) smoked salmon
2-3 tablespoons good quality mayonnaise, optional

1. Whisk lemon juice with 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil in a large bowl. Season.

2. Toss in chickpeas and greens and divide between two bowls.

3. Top with smoked salmon and mayo, if using.

vegan – replace smoked salmon with avocado chunks. Skip the mayo or use a vegan friendly mayo.

vegetarian – replace smoked salmon with boiled or poached eggs or some fresh goats cheese or parmesan shavings.

– replace smoked salmon with smoked chicken or prosciutto.

paleo / chickpea-free
– skip the chickpeas and double the salad leaves and triple the salmon.

different legumes
– replace chickpeas with cooked or canned beans or lentils. Cooked quinoa is also lovely (you need about 250g / 9oz).

Video version of the recipe.

With love,
Jules x


  • Purchased your recent online cookbook and the Paleo cookbook, and have started using it. But – I find myself wanting a hard bound copy. Have you printed this in hardcover?

    By the way, I am loving your recipes along with their suggestions.


    • Thanks for supporting Stonesoup Karen!

      Im afraid I don’t have any plans to release ‘How to Love Your Waistline’ or the bonus Paleo ebook as print books.


  • Just discovered your site when looking for Quineo recipes and love it! im going to try this salmon salad! looking forward to purchasing one of your cook books too

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