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YOU can win one of 5 FREE places in the Healthy Meal Method program!

Here’s how to enter…

1. Watch the FREE training videos over here:

2. Leave a comment below the video telling me the story of how you will embrace the Healthy Meal Method and the difference it will make to your life.

Entries will be judged by the lovely Clotilde from Chocolate & Zucchini and me. We’ll be looking for creativity and enthusiasm!
Entries close midnight Tuesday 1st October 2013.

And the Winners are…
Ann Brunner
Lilian Zou
Diane Lambropoulos
JohnandMandy Young
Lisa (with the 9 month old son)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered.
Clotilde and I had a tough time deciding!

the fine print:
* If you aren’t on Facebook you can leave a comment to enter on this page.
* The winning entrants will be notified by Facebook or email.
* The winners will be announced here on Stonesoup Wednesday 2nd Oct.
* The judges’ decision will be final and no other correspondence shall be entered into.


With love,
Jules x

ps. If you know of someone who might be interested, please share this page with them because I’d really appreciate it!


  • Hi! I am from Brazil! I’ve be learning how to cook and discovered your blog. It’s wonderful! I’ve be trying to get pregnant naturally. It’s not so easy! I’m 38 years old and I know that a stressless and a heathy life will help me. Your plan is perfec for me!

  • Hi Jules!
    I’m always excited when I see you in my in-box! I marvel at how you get right at the trouble spots in the life of a woman who doesn’t find cooking meals for her family “second nature.” Your way of creating TASTY dishes with simple ingredients and steps is very addicting. When I see recipes with 20+ ingredients and more steps my eyes glaze over…or I say “I wonder how Jules would reduce this to Reality?”

    I have been transformed as a cook by your lessons and videos and I now relish using recipes as a “gentle guide” and jumping off point to creativity and freedom and FUN in the kitchen.
    THANK YOU!!!
    Mimi in Tucson

  • Hi Jules,
    longtime fan of your blog and i’ve really enjoyed the latest video series. I would love a chance to win a spot on the Healthy Meal Method as I’m struggling with food, balance, health and information overload. I’ve read about so many ways of eating and types of diet and it’s just made my head spin, filled me with anxiety and all the while my habits have continued to be unhelpful and unhealthful. I love the simplicity and freedom your approach offers and feel I could finally learn to make peace with my plate with your guidance and lessons. I’m a student with not much cash but a (hopefully) long life ahead of me that I want to enjoy with less stress in the kitchen and a strong, healthy body. Thanks

  • I am an older mom with a young toddler and I am always struggling with how to put healthy meals on the table for the family. I love the simple recipe guidelines you provide and am happy to discover new tips every week. I have noticed my habits slowly changing and I feel like I’m more conscious of the things I put in my shopping cart. Thank you for the mini e-cookbook, I will try the white bean and avocado salad tonight! And thank you for all the inspiration and guidance for healthier eating!
    Alisa in Singapore

  • Hello Jules,

    Thank you so much for the videos. I am a mum to 3 kids under 9, they are extremely fussy eaters and I hate to cook. It is often disheartening to have spent a lot of time cooking only to hear …. gross, that’s disgusting, I hate this etc.

    I looked through the 10 ingredient shopping list pdf and will be trying your method starting Friday (after shopping) .. I liked the way you have offered variations and problem solving guide. I will keep you posted on how the week goes.

    Thanks again.

  • Stonesoup is teaching me at an advanced age that things can change for the better and even after a very short period of only three weeks of trying things are changing for the better . A break with my “better half “? away gave me the chance to really give paleo / LYW a fair shake — I feel more energetic and certainly more organised __ thanks Jules and Stonesoup — more would be even better of course (:-)

  • Jules I forgot to add in my earlier message that I am trying to balance my diabetic dietary requirements with himselfs gluten free requirements __ it’s a seesaw but Stone Soup sure helps !! More help needed please .

  • Hey Jules,
    I recently discovered your website and I’m thrilled just browsing through all the free content on your blog. I’m a PhD candidate with a toddler and a busy husband and although I love to cook (and I’m good at it, if I say so myself ;-)) I am not very organized and sometimes I spend more time on a meal than necessary. Streamlining the process would give me more time to enjoy the meals with the family.
    Thanks for everything you’re sharing with us.

  • Thank you so much for the inspiring videos and documentation! It is great it makes the healthy lifestyle seem so easy and still delicious. I have been following you blog for quite a while and use your recipes and ideas very often.
    However, I still struggle to work and entertain friends and family who come unannounced for dinner on healthy affordable meals and not having to throw away leftovers or unused veg.

  • It is so refreshing to have you teach that Healthy and Simple can exist together. There is so much overwhelming information and so many “must eat” super foods that it gets confusing.
    I especially like how you simplified the seasoning aspect of a recipe and the various uses of different vinegars. You opened my eyes to how much a simple lemon can do :)

  • I’m a massive foodie who is trying to find the right balance between nourishing my body and enjoying food. Nutrition is such a complex and interesting topic. It’s fascinating but also quite confusing. At the end of the day, I try to remind myself that it’s good to keep things simple, which is where websites like yours come in because they make healthy eating accessible.

  • My son just turned 9 months old today! While we were trying to conceive I discovered a love for cooking since I was trying to eat more healthy meals. I invested in a lot of cookbooks, would make 3 page shopping lists and spend hours finding the right ingredients for a recipe. Since my son was born those cookbooks are all dusty. I don’t have time to take a shower longer than 2 minutes much less look through a cookbooks and make shopping lists. I want cooking to be a more intuitive and enjoyable process for my family. I want to change the definition of fast food to one that just takes minutes to cook at home and is healthy and guilt free. I want to be able to pass on a joy for and skill of home cooking to my kids.

  • As the main dinner maker for my husband a working executive chef your thoughts on cooking eased getting it on the table. I like the simplicity and inspiration you provide. For the first time we are both home for dinner (about a year now) so 5 or more nights I have to cook. I’ve failed a few childhood favorites, and then success. I have found a balance of the right amount of fresh produce, protein and carbohydrate each week.

  • Jules, I was excited to see the free e-cookbook that came along with this training. I cooked two of the meals this past weekend (sausage and white bean stew and the ground chicken and bell peppers, I used white ground turkey instead). The entire process took 1 hour from beginning to end and now I have a week’s worth of healthy dinners! I took pics but can’t upload them here in the comments. Anyway, I am already a fan of the Healthy Meal Method, hope there’ll be more cookbooks like that to come. It would be even cooler to join your program and get more tips. Thanks!

  • Hi Jules
    I have only recently joined your group of followers. I am close to retirement and I am looking forward to organising my kitchen to eat slowly and healthily! I race through all my meals and loved the tip about slowing up. I am also a follower of recipes so I am really excited about experimenting with the ingredients in the pantry. We are getting ready to sail our first boat so there won’t be any shops to pop into where we are going! I can’t wait to see your next video.

  • Hi Jules

    I love your approach of simplifying life and cooking while at the same time creating delicious, healthy meals.

    I’ve been cooking for my family for 20 years and have tried to keep things healthy but as the children got older I found it more difficult to satisfy them with what I was cooking. So I lost interest in cooking in a healthy way.

    It would really be an amazing gift to win a place on your course, and as a result get back to cooking food that is simple, healthy and enjoyable – to prepare and to eat.


  • Hi Jules,
    I really enjoyed watching your videos, it was great to see, up to now you’ve been an email in the inbox. Also loved hearing the home accent (I be Australian living in Ireland).
    I always enjoy reading you emails but as I like to cook ‘from scratch’ and like to read receipe books like novels I didn’t think a course would be of huge benefit to me. But I think I’m a bit wrong, I learnt some new top tips from these short videos, so imagining a whole course will be very helpful.
    Looking after our two 3 year olds full-time is so busy there is a bit of dinners rut going on :( Also I think it was Nicole on one of the videos who said how you help get the food on the table not just give a receipe. Life is busy and the process of getting dinner on the table should be awesome not tiresome.
    I think your Healthy Meal Method would also help stop “the staring in the fridge drawing a blank as to what to cook” with the food in it.

  • I am an older woman who has had a pretty much life-long eating disorder. Part of what has happened to me as a child is that my mother made me eat everything on my plate, whether I was hungry enough to do so or not. But in addition to that I was not allowed any more food if what I got wasn’t enough, and had to go long hours between meals. Between those things and other things I endured, I ended up a compulsive overeater who does not have a good sense of when I’m full. My husband and I are currently on an eating plan, where we watch our calories and our levels of basic nutrients, and eat very regularly. That has helped me somewhat, but I would love to gain the freedom that you are talking about in your Healthy Meal Method. I don’t feel particularly burdened by the way we are eating now, but I would like even more freedom if I could gain it. I think I could learn a lot from your practical methods.

  • In the past although I enjoyed cooking my focus was on preparing meals for a family. I found myself often cooking meals which I did not enjoy to please the diverse needs and tastes of my family. Now cooking for one it’s easy to neglect my own needs again however the inspiration I have gained from Jules methods have inspired me to cook a range of easy tasty recipes. I love the stone soup recipes I now cook and consume with pleasure knowing they are healthy too.

    • I would love to extend my knowledge and understanding by being apart of the new course being offered.

  • Thank you Jules. Your last e-mail dropped into my inbox just in time! I was only a few clicks away from signing up to have pre-prepared healthy meals delivered to my door but a little voice inside my kept saying no. Despite being incredibly busy – with study, work & life – I still love to cook but I just can’t seem to get the time/healthy/cost ratio right. I look forward to exploring the Healthy Meal Method further, it looks like the perfect receipe (excuse the pun) for achieveing exactly what this little wannabe healthy cook needs!

  • I not only need to learn to cook from scratch, but learn to eat from scratch too :-)
    I will use this simple & encouraging program as one tool to overcome disordered eating.
    Thank you so much for all your effort

  • i’ve gotten so many good ideas from you in the past, that i’m sure it will continue in this new program. you totally taught my husband how to cook and how to think more like the way i cook, so that makes both of us very happy. thanks!

  • This is the story of Pinky (me) and The Geek (husband with an unpronounceable name) we have 3 Pinklets 9, 6 and 2
    We are South African so we love to eat, and like you we have our season the right way around ;-)

    I love cooking and experimenting and so does The Geek, but time is short and kids are often ungrateful of our efforts.

    I have pink hair, I loves peoples stories. I spend my days home school the Pinklets which is time consuming, challenging and rewarding. I am also working on a knitting pattern book of patterns inspired by South Africa. If my family could eat yarn they would be well sorted. “I just need to finish this row is something they hear a lot”

    The Geek is Afrikaans so we have an interesting mix of culture. He researches everything and is sceptical of new stuff. So while I am rushing off to make us all Paleo he is researching scientific papers. I keep telling him, you will like Jules from stone soup she is not extreme and into healthy rather than any diet craze.

    My daughter, the oldest Pinklet is gluten intolerant and wants to be an Olympic swimmer. She trains 5 days a week. I want to make sure I feed her enough of the things she needs, oh and she is very fussy.

    My middle boy is sweet sensitive boy who keeps me sane by eating most things.

    The youngest is a hurricane! Everyone he meets says “wow he is busy”. He loves meat and tomatoes. I need to spend less time in the kitchen so he does not destroy the house while I cook. ( and of course so I have more time to knit – but that is our secret)

  • I think your blog exemplifies the KISS principle (keep it simple stu…, well you know the rest) which had been sadly lacking in my kitchen for quite some time. For a long time I was very much a recipe person but have managed in the last 12 months to wean myself off this method and cook more instinctively with many of your ‘recipes’ featuring on our meal table. It has been surprising that so few ingredients can make such deliciously simple meals. I know I still have a lot to learn and I’m sure your upcoming class will give me many more aha moments.

  • I’ve spent literally decades going on and off one diet or another. Did this result in a weight at which I was happy? No. But it did result in managing to suppress almost all my pleasure in eating. A beautiful meal in front of me, and my mind joylessly calculated points, calories, fat content. Finally, I said, “Enough!” I began to focus my attention back to the taste, the beauty of food, and quieted the caloric accountant in my head. I’m enjoying food so much more now, but find I’m relying more on recipes than I would like to. After all, I spent so much time eating according to rules of someone else (or some corporation), and now I have to re-learn how I want to eat and what makes my body and mind happy and healthy. I would love to win a spot in your Healthy Meal Method program: it would such a valuable aid to me in my return to eating like a happy, joyful adult woman.

  • Would I embrace the Healthy Meal Method? – absolutely!!

    As a mum of 3 growing boys we eat together as a family every night – mostly cooked by my husband and at least twice a week by myself – always cooking from scratch. But I need some help being creative (I tend to feel safer with a recipe but have been venturing into ‘whatever I think will work’ mode more often lately)

    Although I consider myself a healthy eater and was successful in losing a lot of weight over the past 5 years, it’s been creeping back on and I am back to counting calories – even carbs and protein too to try to get a handle on why I’ve regressed. I’d LOVE to make eating simpler and you just might be onto something here judging from all the positive feedback others have given you. I’m still a bit skeptical about letting the numbers go, but would wholeheartedly devote myself to trying things a better way.

    I already choose to buy what looks freshest and is on special (if it’s in season, never if it’s traveled thousands of miles to reach our shores) but then I find I sometimes get left with fresh produce getting past its best because I never had in mind what to cook with it and don’t have the time to figure it out and fall back on the usual meals week in week out.

    Can you help with all that Jules?

  • P.S. please don’t take the videos down until next week when school goes back. We are on holidays with a dodgy internet connection and I am dying to see your kitchen one but it just won’t play properly on either my iphone or windows 8 laptop. will keep trying though :)

  • Jules,
    Thanks for the chance to take your healthy meal method class free. I am actually entering on behalf of my 17 year old daughter who holds aspirations of being a food blogger. She was also given a not-so-good health assessment and she will have extreme autoimmune complications if she does not start eating in a healthier way. So I would love to be able to start her off on her blog and healthy cooking at the same time. She is used to cooking things like pasta and potatoes and other things that at this point are not good for her. I know that she would love taking this class as I saw on our history that she has been researching taking chef classes but don’t tell anybody but I think you are the best “chef” I’ve ever come across. We homeschool and I can just see my daughter helping other homeschoolers learn to cook not only healthy but also , as you do, easily. Thanks so much for making it possible to win a place in the cooking class!

  • Hello Jules and Clotilde,

    It is not yet midnight here on the west coast of North America! I am very interested in your Healthy Meals program. I have, like many women, a complicated relationship with food and my weight, inherited from my mother. On top of this, I have worked with women with severe eating disorders in the past, so rebel against diets and rigid, overly structured eating. (I really appreciated your blog on why you shouldn’t count calories – I think your thoughts about this are bang on).

    I also believe in eating low on the food chain (I have started with no red meat, and thanks to you, am eating lots more beans), and don’t like to eat pre-packaged food. However, I live alone, and don’t really enjoy cooking much. All of this turns feeding myself into a bit of a challenge. I have been getting your emails and looking at your blog for several months now, and feel like things are starting to shift for me. I anticipate that your Healthy Meals program would be quite transformative for me, helping me with my goals of preparing my own food, eating healthily, reducing the environmental impact of my food choices, being a positive role model to the young girls in my life and saving money through decreasing waste and eating out less often. Thanks for considering my email.

  • Hi :)
    I’m on my last year of high school (ugh!! diploma courses :( ) and my mum is moving to a different city on her own to hopefully find better job opportunities to help with debt and support my education-related fees. I’ll be left at home and i was hoping this plan could help me take stock of the food that’s already there and find ways to incorporate them into healthy meals that don’t take up time i could be using to study or sleep :P
    I’m hoping this plan can help reduce my stress levels and make meal-planning one less thing to worry about – and I have also read articles about how healthy eating habits can benefit countless areas of your life like increase energy, alertness, thinking processes, and other things I’m hoping to have at my disposal while doing coursework (I go to a self-directed school so we do our coursework without as much teacher-involvement as traditional school systems).
    I know… REALLY LONG COMMENT. Sorry.
    Well, whoever you pick sure is a heck of a lucky bugger but thank you for giving us the opportunity to win entries into a very useful ‘class’.
    Live long and prosper. :)

  • I’ve recently bought 3 of your excellent cookbooks (Love your Waistline, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion, and the 2-minute Meal Planner).

    I would love to experience the school in real time, I think it would help so much. I’m just not very good at providing healthy and appealing meals for my kids, and would love to some guidance.


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