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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] w[/dropcap]ay back in January 2010, I quit my job designing chocolate biscuits (cookies). The plan was to focus on figuring out how to make a living from doing what I love most namely cooking, eating and writing about food.

My first project was to pull together a free eCookbook to use as an incentive for people to sign up for my free weekly email updates.

It took me a few weeks to finish it. And at the time I remember being so proud of my little creation.

But I’ve been thinking it needed revamp for a while now. So when Caroline (my lovely assistant) and I were catching up a few weeks ago I asked her to think of ways we could improve the free eCookbook.

The next time we spoke about it Caroline had come up with a super brilliant idea…

Why not find the most popular Stonesoup recipes and turn the free eCookbook into a ‘best of the blog’ collection?

Love it! (She’s very clever our Caroline).

So that’s where you come in…

Your Help?

What are your favourite Stonesoup recipes?

Let me know in the comments below to help us decide which recipes to including in the new Stonesoup Favourites eCookbook.

Some Ideas…

If you need some prompting, here are my top 10 favourite Stonesoup recipes in no particular order.

* Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry
* Simple Baked Meatballs
* Chorizo with Kale
* Quick Steak & Rocket Salad
* Green Chickpea Salad
* Salt Crusted Burgers
* Parisian Lentils
* Cheesey Broccoli
* Spiced Beef with Hummus
* Self Saucing Ginger Puddings

Thanks so much for your help! And watch this space for the new FREE eCookbook ;)

With love,
Jules x
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  • Since starting your meal plan I’ve made a list of “make again” recipes… ones that not only *I* liked, but also my “only ‘ordinary’ food please” husband and my picky 2 year old liked.

    From that list, our favorites are the salt-crusted burgers, the magic sausage supper (sausages, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. roasted), chorizo with chickpeas (though I can’t find chorizo so we use a dried spiced salami), carotti bolognese (we grate the carrots and put it in the sauce, served on pasta), your winter and summer meatballs, and the beef & broccoli stir fry.

  • The standouts for me are… (almost) 15 mins lasagne – both meat and vege, and a gorgeous lemon syrup cake that you shared on one of your birthdays. Whenever we have spare lemons or citrus available, we always bake this cake!

  • I like simple recipes that incorporate a vegetable and a protein. For example I love the chorizo and kale dish. I am not too into desserts because I am a little heavy so the focus should be for simple dinner ideas with just a few ingredients.

  • Being a huge ginger fan the Self Saucing Ginger Puddings really stand out. I cant wait to try this recipe…and with the nights getting cooler it will be a great way to warm up by the fire.
    I have also copied the recipe for the salt-crusted burgers.
    My better half does a lot of cooking and burgers are his specialty. I think he is going to LOVE trying your recipe!!

  • In no particular order…

    Butter bean and tuna salad
    rice and lentils
    beef and broccoli stirfy

  • We eat this twice a month:

    Minced beef, broccolini, hot red pepper flakes, lime juice, sometimes I add chickpeas, all over hot white jasmine rice.

  • I love the Spiced beef with Chick Peas and so do my teenage boys. It’s so easy to prepare and the flavor is great. But I think I make your Chocolate Granola the most. It’s a bit hit in my house, we absolutely can’t stop eating it. Thanks so much for all your recipes and good luck with your book.

  • Being a vegetarian obviously influences my selections but a lot of them make me desireous of some meat dishes, here is my list:

    Parisian Lentils
    Lesh’s Nourishing Dahl
    Oozy Red Lentil ‘Risotto’ with Red Wine
    bok choy & mustard salad w/ or w/o tuna
    vegetable & white bean stew
    Cumulus Spiced Eggs

    and dozens more.


  • I haven’t tried them yet, but I can’t wait to try the salt-crusted burgers.

  • My absolute, absolute favorite recipe (and that of my entire family!) is The Magic Sausage Supper….Gosh – I can’t even think about it without salivating….and it is 11:35 pm at night! :)

  • Another vote for the Magic Sausage Supper – my family loves it, and so do visitors!

  • Chorizo with chickpeas
    Lamb with mashed white beans (make the mashed beans with parmesan and have them with everything including with salad for lunch)
    Butter bean carbonara

    Your recipes are changing the way I eat. Thank you so much. So healthy, so easy, so quick and easy to sort out for one person. Add in delicious as well. Plus the alternatives to every recipe is really what makes them magic.

  • The spiced beef with hummus is hands down my favorite dish. I make it pretty regularly.

  • Everything in your site is stellar, but it I really had to choose, it would be any one of your “baked” and non-baked pastries and sweets. The lemon meringue pie is one of my favourite go-tos!

  • Hi,

    Your best cocoa brownies has been my only brownie recipe fir a few years now. Super easy and super delicious. Everyone who tries them comments how good they are.

  • The roasted butternut squash recipe. With accompanying recipes on how to use the roasted butternut squash. My all time favorites.

  • the one that comes to mind is the baked eggplant with garlic, anchovies and tomato sugo…. I love that one – delicious!!

  • I love the 5 ingredient minestrone – I make it all the time now. Will have to check out some of these other favorites I’m reading above.

  • * Oozy Red Lentil ‘Risotto’ with Red Wine and Sausage
    * Addictive Roast Brussel Sprouts
    * Raw Brocolli Salad
    * Cinnamon Quinoa (for breakfast, at least 3 times/week)

  • Broccoli, cut into small florets, toasted nuts (pecans for me – toasted in the microwave), avocado scooped out with a spoon into little scallops, lemon juice and olive oil, salt and maybe pepper – LOVE this salad – so delicious and nutritious – and EASY! Thanks Jules. My fave go-to lunch recipe. And dinner when we want something light.

  • Hands down – salt crusted burgers! My husband and I indulge in this meal a few times a month :)

  • Red capsicum chicken – one of the easiest and tastiest meals that I’ve ever made. I’m a huge fan

  • Oh, so many to choose from! Some of my favorites are (can’t remember all the names) Turkish Eggs; Butter Beans with Rosemary and chili flakes; Sausage with summer veg (peppers, tomato and spinach); ALL of your lentil dishes, especially the one with sausage, cherry tomatoes, and Italian Parsley; Chorizo with chickpeas; Broccoli with almonds, butter and lemon; Fiery Couscous and tomato soup; Cannellini beans with parmesan and lemon (I use butter beans); cheese bread; etc. I could go on and on. Yum!

  • Love the curried chickpeas and eggs and the crispy broccoli. Broccoli is my favourite vegetable and my gentlemen friend can’t stand it but he’ll even cook it for me that way!

  • On the sheer fact that I (and my wife) have cooked it again, and again, and again….it’s your “Butter Chicken” (we always throw in some spinach and chickpeas now).

    Also…I’d never made ANY desserts until I decided to try yours.

    Have made your Bailey’s cheesecake more than once (everyone loves them).

    Lemon delicious.

    Oh! And the guiness cake – made several times now only to wow people.

    There was a lamb shank with apricot slow cooking recipe that was amazing.

    Hope that helps!

  • Two mainstay salads I forgot – arugula with chickpeas, parmesan and lemon; and beets with ham and mayo on salad with balsamic vinegar. So good.

  • My favorites (in no particular order) are Sweet Potato & Red Curry Soup, Fudgy Chocolate Cake, wilted greens (wilted kale and eggs is now a standard in our house), chicken with peppers (so amazingly simple!), Carrot ‘Tabbouleh’, Bernaise Sauce, 15 min falafel, and I don’t remember the name of the recipe, but there was one where you baked portabello’s with butter and sliced garlic on top. Those were delicious!

  • I ALWAYS find myself referring back to the croissant surprise birthday cake recipe – not only is it delicious, but I can use the custard proportions for any other dishes – last night made chocolate berry icecream with the custard as the base recipe – AMAZING!

  • Off the top of my head:

    brown rice with coconut milk and spinach (so delicious!)
    chicken lettuce wraps

  • Love your beef and brocolli stirfry and my go to salad for BBQ’s etc is your raw beet salad. Gets compliments every single time!

  • Simple Baked Meatballs get my vote. They are a big hit in my household and part of our regular meal rotation. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  • Have enjoyed all your meals, but particularly love butter chickpeas. The flavour is amazing! And the warm chickpea salad..

  • Super Simple Tuna with White Bean Mash (staple instant dinner at our house) and
    Lemon Posset which everyone loves when I make it.

  • The one most done in our house is Turkish Eggs, or where we start from is tomato baked eggs. This has been a breakfast, lunch and dinner meal (not all on the one day). It’s been beef up with chorizo / beans or a meal we can make when no one has been shopping with some dried herbs and parmesan cheese.

  • mushroom sarnie, croissant surprise birthday cake, cumulus spiced eggs, the ultimate cheese on toast, veggie laksa, field mushrooms with feta & olive dressing

  • The recipes I keep going back to because they are so delish are the eggplant and white bean soup, lemony meatballs (my kids love these too), massaman and laksa curries, breakfast quinoa, spanish eggs, blackened baby carrots with hummus, to name a few! I also love the herby chicken on Soupstones recently.

  • My top three:
    Self Saucing Ginger Puddings
    Butter Beans with Rosemary and Garlic
    Paleo Brownies (with coconut flour or almond meal)

    Always love the variations just as much as the “base” recipe!

  • We have many many favourites, but Pea and Lentil Salad is a firm favourite in my household, my children ask for it all of the time. We also love the simplicity of Chicken Mince and Zucchini with Lemon, No-Cut Butternut Soup, Chorizo, Chickpea and Tomato Stew. We would love to see more Paleo nut-free options.

  • Always on the look out for non meat meals, and Green chickpeas salad has become a regular in this household. We also enjoy cheesey broccoli, and I do a variation of it using kale. Thanks for all your creativity and energy.

  • Hi Jules, I love the 3 ingredient dessert with raspberry sauce. The 8 hour baked beans rate pretty highly too.

  • This may be out of step, but I learned a recipe using 5 ingredients. Its not on your site. Instructions unnecessary.
    Arrabiata Sauce
    Fire roasted red bell peppers
    Parmesan Reggiano
    Toasted almond slivers…. OMG (one man’s opinion/palate)

  • simple baked meat balls and the best success ever, lentils with sausages, my son eats it up all by himself!!!

  • Simple carrot soup from “Speedy soups mini eCookbook”. It’s so easy and delicious

  • Red bell pepper chicken I’ve made a dozen times in my French oven

    Slow roasted beets from the garden

    Anti cancer mushroom soup

    Chocolate chip cookies using “rising oven” method, stored in a mason jar.

    Broccoli soup with Parmesan rind for flavoring

    Rustic sourdough bread – no knead method

  • I haven’t had your e-recipe book for long, but my husband said the rosemary and chick pea fritatta was the best fritatta he’d ever had.

  • “best ever (cocoa) brownies” is amongst those recipe of yours that I’ve made time and time again. Every guest I’ve served this to goes back for a second piece – and it’s simply the easiest sweet treat to make.

  • I love the Simple baked meatballs and Butter beans, bacon and cabanossi.
    I also often make your Paleo brownies from the Guilt-free baking book … so good! People always love them.

  • I use your banana cake with choc chips recipe every month and my family love it.

  • Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry – love it, it’s become an almost weekly favourite! So easy!

  • Spiced beef and hummus for sure – I normally add a grated carrot plus chopped green beans or zucchini to make a one pot meal

  • self saucing ginger puddings ( top of the list!)
    chorizo with chick peas
    pasta with sausages and crushed peas
    lamb cutlets with chick peas
    sweet potato gratin
    choc chip cookies

  • Cauliflower and quinoa salad
    Eggplant steaks with Parmesan peas
    Tofu steaks with chimmichurri
    Lentil balls
    Lentil and broccoli salad

  • We use the Guinness Chocolate Cake recipe every week! Of course, we substitute Guinness for Smiling Samoyed Dark Ale.

  • The carrot soup – I absolutely love it! And so does everyone I’ve cooked it for. The gluten free chocolate muffins are also yummy.

  • Roast Beets and also Balsamic Onions – great to have tasty stuff that keeps so well for so long in the fridge.

  • My friends and I love the chocolate and kale cake!! Another one I love is Turkish eggs for breakfast or a light supper – delicious.

  • I love the almond and tabbouleh salad, but I changed it to brown rice or barley with coriander leaves, olive oil, garlic and lemon with rind (lots of both!) and smashed almonds.

  • Spiced beef and Hummus
    Chorizo with Kale

    You make it so possible with all those variations!

  • My favourite is the green pea and pesto soup – very few ingredients, very quick, and very tasty.
    Thanks and cheers

  • Chicken and basil stir fry – except that I use minced beef because I couldnt find chicken
    I like lots of the recipes because they are so simple to make – the one negative critic would be that some of the simple curries tasted a bit bitter

  • Chorizo with Chickpeas
    Cumulus Spiced Eggs
    Creamy Coconut Lentils
    Oozy Lentil Risotto

  • I love the idea of simplicity and cooking creatively. So I love your style and I learned from you how to cook without a recipe. so that is my favorite recipe:o)

  • I’ve been making recipes from Stonesoup for years now – I’m a veggie so I love all the suggestions for how to adapt meaty recipes. The simple combinations, inventive ideas and great flavours are always an inspiration and I often play around with the recipes and add / sub ingredients that I have in the house. My faves (in no particular order):

    * Lentil balls
    * Lentil granola (I always have a batch of this on the go, I add different combos of nuts and seeds for interest)
    * Cumulus Spiced eggs
    * Cheesy chickpeas (my go to if I’ve had no time to bring lunch to work – I sometimes stir in pest too, yum)
    * Oozy red lentil risotto
    * Onion & white bean bake

    Keep up the good work Jules :)

  • The Smokey Tomato Soup made with red lentils. Add kale or rice for a dinner entree. Delicious!

  • Pirri pirri chicken
    Quick pork ragu
    Magic sausage supper – probably my all-time fave from stonesoup!
    Spanish chicken with white bean mash
    (Most of these I cook most often with the tweaks – making them vege to fit my week-day vegetarianness)
    Minimalist pesto
    Black pepper and chickpea curry
    Chickpea kettle soup
    Triple s salad
    Green pea curry
    Cumulus spiced eggs
    Love them all!

    • Would love to know what your ‘vegetarian tweaks’ are for Jules’ recipes being vegetarian myself. I substitute pretend sausages etc, lentils instead of mince meat and things like that, but would be interested to know what you do to alter them.


  • Absolutely delish: “preserved lemon potato salad” and “simple fish stew”.

    Happy Tuesday!


  • My favourite of all time hands down was your Hearty Red Lentil Stew that you came up with for the LBTL challenge, still make it regularly now. Goes such a long way and feeds me for three meals easily.
    My daughter’s favourite of your recipes is the lentil balls in the tomato sauce that’s done in the oven, and I adore your carrot cake recipe that you did for one of your birthdays I think. I’m sure there’s more but they’re are the ones that come to mind quickly!

  • Curried chickpeas with parsley and hard boiled eggs, broccoli bacon and toasted almonds(you gave bacon as a swap out for fish in an early book), barbecue chicken chunks of bread and salad, pea and pesto soup, quick baked beans (with onion, ketchup, and smoked paprika), cumulus spiced eggs, zucchini beef and lemon. These are our go to dishes when I need a meal in a hurry (on the two nights not on the menu plan). I love all your recipes these are just the ones I’ve memorised. Thank you for all you do.

  • My favorite is a beef and broccoli. I was looking for a good recepie with broccoli because we do not actually like this vegetable. Now we do :). Thanks

  • I love the chorizo, tomato and butter bean dish, I make it every 2 weeks or so (my kids love it too!). The chocolate chip cookies are a big hit too, and the gluten-free brownies. Great work, Jules!

  • Absolutely love your Spiced Parsnip & Chocolate Chunk Cake. I’ve made it a few times, the last time using a combination of different chocolates, and each time it’s work out perfectly!

  • I made the Fudgy Chocolate Cake w/almond meal for a gluten free friend. It was delicious even for us flour nuts.

  • Sophie Dahls mini choc cakes is one I go back to often.
    I have also made the Tim Tam slice with success and much praise from others.
    I also love the carrot, cumin, cashew salad and quinoa tabbouleh with almonds.
    I love the idea of a Stonesoup Favourites cookbook :)

  • I’ve used your recipe for Flourless Chocolate Cakes many times. The recipe given was for two little cakes which is perfect for a treat without the ‘burden’ of leftover chocolate dessert that just has to be eaten. It is a very easy recipe and can be doubled or tripled for entertaining. This Easter I made your recently printed Fudgy Chocolate Cake – it makes a wonderfully dense chocolate cake that is perfect for a special occasion. It’s a really easy recipe. Thank you for those recipes.

  • I don’t bake often so when we need a treat it needs to be simple but tasty for my family of foodies and chocohalics… so we choose salted chocolate chip cookies and Beast ever brownies(we add some ice cream to serve). We also like the beef and broccoli and the baked beans. Your site is awesome!

  • Love your Turkish Eggs, my favorite breakfast treat, esp on the weekends.
    Also the Lemon Roast Chicken recipe is quick, easy and has such great flavors with minimal effort esp when you come home after work.
    And I agree with others about the Choc cake made with Almond meal, a nice occasional treat.
    pea soup is a winner when you just don’t feel like cooking but want something hot and nourishing and it can be adapted to add other ingredients simply for example I added zucchini when I had lots in the garden.
    Good luck, really enjoy your recipes and ideas.

  • I’ve lost count how many times we’ve had your beef & broccoli, baked meatballs, spanish chicken and your magic sausage supper. Also love your salted choc chip cookies. My two year old loves your baby carrot soup – we call it bunny soup.

  • Buttery Zucchini with Ground Beef. I’ve used this recipe a lot since I discovered it. So simple, but so tasty.

  • Your tuna and white bean salad is a staple in my house! So simple, yet so nutritious and delicious.

  • I really like your style – quick and easy and simple. I use a lot of your recipes as templates, substituting whatever ingredients I may have on hand. Some of my favorites are: Baked Frittata, Sausages with Summer Veg, Summer Chicken Stir-Fry or Quick Stir-Fry, Green Bean Stir-Fry, Quinoa and Grilled Veg Salad, Buttery Zucchini with Ground Beef and Creamy Cauliflower Soup. I now make most of my soups this way just substituting any vegetable I want for the cauliflower.

  • Each of your recipes I have tried, I have enjoyed…must use more, so I can decide on favourites.

  • I love the Burnt Carrot salad, that was quite a hit at a dinner party I had a while ago.

  • My family loves your magic sausage supper and just about every stir fry recipe you have! We are also big fans of your chicken fried rice. To be honest, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few recipes – but those are not only tasty, but simple and easy to substitute for whatever is in my fridge.

  • I loved the Tuna, Tomato and Couscous Recipe. It always comes together so quickly and I always have all of the ingredients on hand. I also love the tofu with chimmichurri, chorizo with chickpeas and tomato, and the onion and white bean bake.

  • i love your baby carrot soup and your hummus best
    but all others are directly in line
    whenever i want to have a quick lunch or dinner or or or…
    i look at stonesoup and i love every dish i made
    thank you
    lg birgit

  • I especially love the Chorizo with Kale,Quick Steak & Rocket Salad, Peanut Butter Cookies, Broccoli Soup, and the simple Bread recipe…but they are all fantastic!

  • I love your best ever [cocoa] brownies. I doubted that such a simple recipe with only 5 ingredients would be great but I was wrong – these brownies rock! Get loads of requests for these. I even prefer them to brownies with lots of fancy ingredients plus there’s the bonus that they are SO simple to make. Win win!

  • I’ve been making the “Sausages with Mushies, 2 Ways” quite a bit. I use the sausage, mushrooms and a can of chickpeas. It was the first time I had chickpeas when I tried this recipe, I’m new to the whole legumes thing. I actually mixed up the spices and used terragon instead of thyme, and I loved it, so I just keep doing that. It was a happy mistake!

  • My favourite is the Couscous with tuna & cherry tomato sauce.
    It is so quick and easy to make, most of the main ingredients come out of the cupboard so it’s an easy meal to have as a backup, and my kids eat it up every time.

  • Really enjoyed the baked aubergine & quinoa you did recently.
    We had it with pan fried prawns which worked really well & felt pretty healthy too!

  • The simple Rice & Greens recipe you posted last year, with a few dashes of red pepper flakes added at the end, has become a HUGE staple for me. It’s my work lunch of choice, and that’s a big deal … it’s easy to throw together the night before, lasts several days, and is so creamy and nourishing after a morning at my desk!

  • Your bok choy with tahini/Braggs sauce with quinoa is a favorite in my house! Thanks for the vegan tips!

  • Love the way you suggest substitution, the corizo and kale becomes spinach white beans prefried chicken hamburger cold with sweet chili sauce for lunch. Bokchoy, beans, handfull of cooked quinoa, hamburger my pulled pork spices heated through. I keep hamburger fried, chicken ground fried, precooked beans, quinoa precooked in the freezer and or fridge.
    a few spoonfulls of each add fresh of frozen vegies and supper or lunch is done in minutes. Freeze cooked beans on a cookie sheet till solid and then bag them they will be loose and easy to scoop.
    When you cook for two this is soooo handy

  • Hi Jules! I vote for 2 cakes: your fudge 5 ingredient chocolate cake AND the cream+ 3 ingredient cake. Also love the zucchini “surprise” pasta.
    Thanks for ALWAYS being an inspiration to my dinner table (and my fairly new food blog:)!

  • “addictive green curry of broccoli soup” is exactly what it says. It has become a frequent visitor to my home.

  • Hello Jules,
    Love your recipes, the alternatives & the videos. My favorite recipe is the cauliflower & cahew mash. I’ve had other people sample it and everyone loved it.

  • The Green Chickpea salad is a winner in this house. It’s great for our crazy schedule. You can really change it around this for different likes and dislikes!

  • My favorite recipes so far are: Quick eggplant parmigiana, butter beans and chorizo, fast roast tomato salad, bean & avocado salad, frittata, lentil zucchini mint and prosciutto salad, tomato and white bean soup, tomato pesto and almond salad. I love every recipe we have tried, and I love the fact that they are so simple to make and healthy! These recipes have revolutionized the way I cook and made me enjoy cooking again! Thank you :)

  • I love your super simple broccoli. It was the first of your recipes that I tried… and then I made it every week for a whole semester. It is such a step up from the steamed veggies I grew up with.

    Also the warming white bean and onion bake is one of my go-to comfort dishes. It make a great addition to any weeknight meal or lunch, and can easily be adjusted with mushrooms or meat. It is an awesome casserole that doesn’t involve straight carbs.

  • Jules,

    The Ultimate cheese on toast is my go to when I can’t be bothered to cook. I also love the rice and greens, Pesto eggs, Spanish chicken with white bean mash, the pea and ham salad, plus the croissant birthday cake.

  • Tuna and white bean salad – a weekly lunch item. Also, the salted chocolate chunk cookies – an often requested treat.

  • We love love love prunes w/ lamb shanks, better than I could’ve ever imagined before trying it!

  • Lentil balls with tomato sauce!! We have it very often at home as it’s a really tasty and really quick meal. Love it!! :D

  • Hi Jules!! Thanks for letting us participate in your new e-book!
    I have three favourites:
    1. A grilled chicken soup (which was the first thing I read in your blog many many months ago)
    2. A recipe about meatballs backed in the oven, not fried, with a layer of tomato sauce. Delicious! That is your master piece… :-D
    3. Your cake called something like… croissant surprise. OMG!
    I think yours are the only internet recipes that I try… love your work!
    Hugs from Spain!!

  • I love the carrot ribbon salad with pesto and cashews. A happy healthy fan from Belgium.

  • There are too many to mention! I love the recipes so much that I have gifted copies of the book to my family and friends. Lebanese beef and hummus with cumber salad, Chickpea and rosemary frittata, Broccoli and green curry soup, Spanish chicken with chickpeas, Aubergine and chickpea, Pea and Almond soup, Smoked lentil soup, Chorizo with chickpea and tomato, Quick sausage cassoulet, European beef burgers with red wine sauce, Red kidney beans with tuna and cherry tomatoes etc etc!!

  • mmmm, love the raw broccoli and avocado salad with a mustard dressing. My husband never eats raw broccoli and this has become a og to lunch for us.

  • If I said “everything” that wouldn’t be helpful, would it? So I’ll cheat and look at what I’ve saved so far on my account:

    Cheesey Broccoli (I couldn’t find it the other night when I wanted it, now I’ve made doubly sure it’s in my favs!!!)

    CHORIZO W/KALE, also Addictive Lemony Kale
    Herby Green roast chicken
    Pirri Pirri Chicken
    CURRIED TOFU SCRAMBLE (who Knew, right???!)
    Salt crusted burgers
    hot & sour prawn curry
    ROAST BUTTERNUT (or pumpkin or acorn) SQUASH
    Rice & Greens
    Super Simple Bok Choy with Miso Dressing
    Beet & Tomato Soup

    My life is so much better with my Soupstones meal plan and the Stone Soup Virtual Cookery School :-)

  • Definitely the lemon birthday cake, the chickpea & rosemary frittata (though I always adapt this one!), lemon posset, lemon delicious pudding and the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

    Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Looking forward to your new compilation!

  • As others have pointed out, it is difficult to narrow down! Pretty much everything I have tried has been awesome. I love how the recipes are easy to tweak, but are also delicious as is. They have also inspired me to cook with ingredients I would never think to try otherwise. I originally stumbled upon this blog when I bought chorizo on a whim and had no idea what to do with it, then I came across the Simple Spanish Rice with Chorizo recipe. Some of my other faves are Oozy Red Lentil Risotto, Lentils with Mushrooms, Super Moist Carrot Cake, Kale Pizza, and the Carrot Top Pesto that I just recently made. Yum!

  • I vote for the Smokey lentil & tomato soup, I use it all the time. If left to simmer a bit longer it makes a great “bolognese” for pasta, jaffles ect. So easy. I use plain paprika though & I often add more lentils & soy sauce. It takes the stress out of cooking & tastes like its been cooking for hours

  • Hi Jules,

    I love so many of your recipes, they truly are fab.
    I started off with the chick pea burgers, so they’re a ‘first time’ favourite. I really enjoy the white bean and onion bake. The tuna and white salad rejuvenated my lunches. Photography-wise the chorizo, bean and kale dish just looks stunning.

  • Hi Jules, my absolute favourite recipe that I make weekly of yours is the Butter Bean and Tuna Salad. So simple yet delicious! A close second would be your Chickpea and Rosemary Frittata.
    Can’t wait for the book!

  • I love the Green curry and Broccolli soup – such a mainstay of my diet and so versatile!!! I often add vermicelli noodles, chicken or sugar snap peas – soooo delicious however it comes!! And now I also add peanut butter to all my laksas as well because it works so well and adds so much to the dish!

  • Hi Jules,
    My go to favrourites would have to be:
    Warm onion and Lentil Salad
    Hot Cheesy Chickpeas
    Lentil and Beetroot Salad
    Lentil Balls
    Hokien Noodles with minced Beef

  • My hot list:

    Chocolatey Coconut Granola
    Lesh’s Nourishing Dahl
    Quinoa & Grilled Veg Salad
    Ginger ice cream tartlets
    All your soups :)
    Ketchup ‘baked’ legumes
    Carotti Bolognese
    Herby Green Roast Chicken
    Curried Tofu Scramble
    Little F’s steamed caramel cake
    Mixed sprout & avocado salad
    Tomato, almond & pesto salad

    All of these in a vegetarian way. Delicious! On a side note; Beforehand I was thinking I wouldn’t have enough time to orientate myself to the weekly meal plan, but I’m so happy I did! It’s a little treasure I find every week in my email. Dealing with full time work, lots of school, and a busy home life it is great to have access to such great and easy recipes, healthy and pure food, which often makes my colleagues jealous when I bring leftovers the next day. Or in 6 words; thank you thank you thank you!


  • I cannot count how many times I made your green curry and broccoli soup with almond butter and sometimes with chicken. The croissant surprise cake with coconut milk is also a favorite of mine.

  • Hello there. After reading the previous comments, my top recipes have already been named several times, but for the record here goes:
    Mushrooms with lentils – so easy, so comforting. I sometimes have it with a poached egg and have given it to my son for his school lunch with a little omelette
    Oozy red lentil risotto – another really comforting hearty healthy meal.
    Chickpea and almond salad recipe from your 5 ingredients 10 minutes book which I don’t have on hand to check the recipe’s precise name
    Thanks for sharing the love.

  • Hi Jules
    There are so many dishes I love, it is hard to narrow down but I love your advices how to make them vegetarian. The last one I did was the baked eggplants with beetroot pesto which is at the moment my absolute favorite.

  • Hmm so many! My top four are:
    The magic sausage supper
    Canned lentils with sausage and tomato
    Raspberry gelato
    Gluten free chocolate muffins

  • Jules, all your recipes are scrumptious! my favourites:
    Lentil balls (has become a staple supper);
    Oozy Red Lentil Risotto;
    Sesame beef with spinach (tried with different meets, great to give a new twist to roasted meet left-overs);
    Raw broccoli and avocado salad with a mustard dressing (a real summer dish).

  • Tonight I cooked your pecan crusted sweet potato for 8 and everyone wanted the recipe so they could eat a dish of it on their own. Beautiful, easy recipe Jules, but then again,your recipes are all really good.

  • Like everyone else here, I had a hard time choosing too. Two recipes that are always on our table and are by far our favorite, Chorizo and kale, Simple sausage supper (with any veg lying around), hubby throws this one in the oven an hour before I get home from work!
    Our other favorites are:
    Chorizo w chickpeas & tomato
    Scrambled tofu w tomato & peppers
    Curried tofu scramble
    Lemony kale
    Rice and greens
    Warm chickpea salad w rosemary & garlic
    Dads butter chicken curry (with cauliflower) / Butter chickpeas
    Quick sausage lentils
    Mushroom w lentils
    Green curry of broccoli soup (sometimes with curry powder and cauliflower instead)
    Green pea curry

  • Hi Jules!
    As with many of the previous comments I am spoilt for choice! Being vegetarian 60% and vegan 40% of time many of your recipes are ‘altered’ anyway following your suggestions or understanding the tastes/ textures to know what to replace with
    eg Parisian lentils is minus the ricotta/ cheese and replaced with roasted tomatoes/peppers/aubergine according to what is in the larder! Still amazingly yum!
    Raw broccoli salad
    Carrot ribbon salad & pesto
    w up free salad (there’s a theme here! raw + dressing + nut!)
    oh and chick pea anything be it raw/ roasted/ pureed etc
    Keep up the good work I mention you to anyone who will listen. You are an inspiration to new cooks/ seasoned cooks/ experimenters (I am definitely in the latter catergory!)

  • I have tried Green Chickpea Salad with variations and the results are always awesome. My friends and family loves it.

  • My favorites so far are green chickpea salad and lentil risotto. Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  • I love Asian foods, so the Beef and Broccoli is my fave. Because I’m a vegetarian, I make it with crumbled, marinated tofu – so quick and so good! Your lentil dishes are some of my favorite go-to meals, also. Great grains!

  • I don’t cook much, so I like really easy stuff. So far my favorites are: warm chickpea salad with rosemary and garlic, spaghetti with rosemary and garlic, lentil ragu with zucchini noodles, ricotta & basil open omelette and salted caramel ice cream

  • You can tell who is the lazy cook here! My absolute favourites are warm butter bean salad and super simple broccoli with almonds. I also love brussel sprouts with butter beans (minus the prosciutto).

  • My favourite is the Creamy Coconut Lentils recipe. As much as the basic recipe is wonderful, I find myself constantly adjusting or substituting ingredients. Swiss brown mushrooms on sale? Put them in. Need a bit of extra fire? Throw in a couple of chopped raw chilies. Capsicum, bok choy, chopped almonds, water chestnuts and even pears have found its way into this one!

    My mother was a demon for always reinventing or altering recipes, and I seem to have that gene. Your recipes always have that basic freedom built-in, so my thanks for many lovely meals!

  • Family favourites are
    ‘Pork fest’ pasta with chorizo and bacon (I add some thinly sliced zucchini)
    Lamb shanks with prunes
    Spanish chicken with white bean mash (I often now use white bean mash instead of potatoes)
    Magic sausage supper
    Apricot chicken
    You may have guessed that the men in the family are never going to be vegetarian!

  • For the eCookbook … I love your sesame beef with spinach.
    We grow spinach and any type of stirfry gets me in. Love this receipe.

  • I Am New To Your Website But I Find That I Really Like It A lot. I Have To Say My 3 Favorites So Far Are (The Way too Simple) Parmesan Peas, Roast Mushrooms & The Pasta With Cavalo Nero & Caramelized Onion. Oh& Your Rustic Sourdough Bread (That’s Actually How I Stumbled Upon Your Site. I Had Been Hunting & Experimenting With Several Different Sourdough Recipes) But I Really Enjoy Your Site, I’m Always Baffled At How Much I Enjoy reading About Food.

  • – chunky veg soup template recipe
    – egg flower soup
    – roast chicken soup
    – roast butternut curry and roast butternut hummus
    – picada sauce
    – romesco sauce
    – pork cutlets with romesco and bitter leaves
    – cumulus spiced eggs
    – chorizo with kale
    – coffee BBQ rub
    – Pirri Pirri chicken
    – beef, broccolini and basil
    – sesame beef with spinach
    – magic sausage supper
    – baked meatballs from yello bench
    – italian stir-fry
    – coconut chicken with greens
    – roasted broccoli with creamy feta
    – burnt carrot salad
    – cheesy broccoli
    – sweet potato gratin
    – black pepper and chickpea curry
    – chocolate and avocado mousse
    – spiced beef with chickpeas
    – chicken with pine-nut sauce
    – harissa steaks with yoghurt sauce
    – BLAT salad

    – lentil granola
    – chocolatey coconut granola
    – coconut yoghurt and cow milk yoghurt
    – paleo brownies
    – fudgy 5-ingredient chocolate cake
    – ginger ice-cream tartlets
    – birthday ice-cream sandwiches

    A lot of them :)

  • Cooking for a low-carb eating vegetarian, my favourite recipes are: lentil balls with tomato sauce, Carotti Bolognese (except i use zucchini ribbons instead of carrot), Katies Chile Verde, raw broccoli salad, and Char Grilled Veg with Walnut & White Bean Puree

  • Is it at all possible to include your rustic sourdough bread? The simplicity of the recipe and the resulting scrumptious bread would certainly be a great accompaniment to any of your Stone Soup recipes. Just reading the comments makes me hungry!

  • – simple sausage supper (variation with white beans, onions, sausage, thyme)
    – spicy rocket pasta
    – lamb burgers and mashy peas
    – beet, lentil, balsamic onion salad (and the balsamic onions more generally)
    – preserved lemons

  • Definite favourite is the Butter Chicken although I make the vegetarian dairy-free version. Love your ideas. Thanks, EJ

  • My top selections are chocolate calafoutis (my partner raves about when I made these) 15 minute lemon meringue pie (I was the star of the party I took these to) and the allergen free cake (which made both my gluten free and vegan friends happy).

  • My husband and I absolutely love your white bean and eggplant soup, the warming onion and white bean bake , the rosemary and chickpea frittata, and the curry tofu scramble. The recipes are simple, fresh, healthy, and they do not contain complicated expensive ingredients! I love this about all of your recipes.

  • My family’s favorite is definitely the butter bean carbonara! Even my super picky 8-year-old loves it! :)

  • This is a good idea! I love…
    Crunchy Snow Pea and Garlic Stir Fry
    Salted Crusted Burgers w/ Mashy Peas (and caramelized onions)
    Carrot Tabbouleh

    I should tell you that my picky family even liked this stuff!

  • my favourites are
    white bean and eggplant soup
    fiery harissa paste goes in so many things i make
    preserved lemons
    bbq coffee rub
    jungle curry
    lebanese beef & hummus with cucumber salad

  • I love the Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry. It’s one of my go to recipes for a busy weeknight.

  • The Tuna Pesto Pasta (with an additional can of white beans) is my tried and true favorite and then THEN came along the coconut milk red lentils in your menu plans! This dish has replaced mac & cheese for comfort food!!

  • I don’t know if I have used enough of your awesome recipes to have a favorite but one I have used several times and one that my husband is a fan of is the broccoli and creamy feta. Surprisingly delightful. :)

  • One I’ve made several times and which my whole family likes is the Warm Onion and White Bean Bake.


  • My all time fave: Sausages & Lentils with a Shaved Cabbage Salad.

    I signed up for the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School after watching you demo this recipe on the video. The sizzling of the sausages and the 2 knobs of butter did it for me. I never knew to add butter to my tomato sauces before. And I never knew “knob” was a unit of measure!! This recipe quickly produces a hearty delicious meal with ingredients I always have on hand. The cabbage salad was a complete surprise — a salad of all cabbage? and with just a bit of lemon juice + olive oil? It’s so good!

  • We love the Chorizo and Kale (with spinach, which I always have in the fridge), Smoky Tomato and Lentil Soup (super quick pantry recipe);Warm Chickpea Salad with Rosemary; and Bangers and White Bean Mash.

    Yum – bring on the cooler weather here in NZ!

    Thank you, Jules, for all you do.

  • Definitely the macaroni cheese and the sausages and lentils, which I’ve made over and over and never get tired of. I love that your recipes are simple and don’t have hundreds of ingredients. Your website makes me WANT to cook, which is a new thing around here. :)

  • Difficult one. I love many of your recipes. I’d say: the super simple broccoli with almonds, pea and lentil salad and the minmalist lentil burgers.

  • Salted Crusted Burgers with mushy peas and caramelised onions. Make this a lot and for lots of friends. Everyone loves it on taste and simple to make. When I tell friends about it, they can’t believe how easy it is to make.

  • We made your ‘Pretend Fried Rice’ (can’t remember the actual name of the recipe) that you did with lentils; however we only had chickpeas available at the time; and used that! My hubby and I loved it, and have made several different editions of it since (best one is still with the chickpeas though)! I credit you and this recipe for convincing my son that chickpeas taste good :-)! He was only 1 then, and my 3 year old daughter couldn’t get enough of it either…

  • The one’s I make over and over again are:
    Mushrooms with butterbeans
    Broccoli, bacon and avocado salad
    Simple sausage supper
    Chorizo and chickpeas

  • Hi ya, my all time fav are the choc brownies with coconut flour and your mousse au chocolate. I have done them uncountable times, and my boys love them!

  • My favourite recipe would have to be your delicious Butter Chicken. I usually add some broccoli and capsicum…delicious!

  • A regular here is Rice & Greens. I have tried it with several types of greens, add some pine nuts and sometimes, have it with a poached egg as you suggest. Other recipes that I have cooked more than once and really like are: ‘Broccolini with Pine Nuts & Butter Beans’ and ‘Spiced Eggplant with Yoghurt & Quinoa’. I love how easy, quick and tasty they all are!

  • Simple Sausage Supper is a mainstay here… we probably average about twice a month on that one. And for lunches, I often do the chick peas and cheese one – I usually also add some spinach – easy and delicious (and I’m terrible at figuring out lunches, so it’s saved me many times!)

  • Spiced Beef with Hummus has been a long-time favorite. I also regularly fix a modified version of the hummus to use more garlic and lemon as a snack. It’s always a fav at parties.

  • Roni, Love your white bean stew, and your simple sausage supper, make these often

  • My favourites are the Thai Green Chicken Curry and Chicken Burgers with Avocado and Red Salad. Can’t wait to see the new book!

  • I loved the lemon meringue pie in 15 minutes and the green chicken Thai curry. Hope that helps.

  • So many to choose from but would have to say these are my definate faves and have become permanent members of my dinner menu’s:

    – Lamb Cutlets with White Bean Mash & Seared Tomatoes (I grill my lamb cutlets seperatley for some extra crunch). This one is complete lamb heaven!

    – Steak with Ricotta & Red Peppers, this is so quick and easy to throw together on nights when I come home late from work.

    – Chroizo with Chickpeas & Tomato… amazing!

    – Chillli Con Tuna ;+)

    – Noodles with Tuna & Tomato… so simple yet so yum!

    – Asparagus with Ricotta & Mint however I skip the mint as I am not a fan, can’t get enough of this one! Its my favourite side dish to a crispy skinned salmon steak

    – Paleo Shepherds Pie, this has been great now the colder weather is here.

  • Absolutely love the balsamic onion jam. Make it all the time. Perfect with the lentil, beet and almond salad and some balsamic dressings.

    We enjoy so many of your recipes it is difficult to pick. The Brussels sprouts, simple sausage supper, curry tofu and green pea, lentils with prosciutto, tuna and bean salad are all things I make often. Real food, real quick. Love it and what you do. You are so gifted.

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