Zucchini Mac & Cheese

Zucchini Mac & Cheese

Zucchini Mac & Cheese

This is a recipe that was inspired by English chef, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. It certainly fits in with the ‘tasty’ criteria for my new ebook but with the pasta it didn’t really come up to scratch from a health perspective. So rather include it in my new eCookbook, I thought I’d share it here.

enough for 2
4 zucchini, sliced finely
1-2 cloves garlic, crushed (optional)
4 tablespoons cream
150g (5oz) short pasta
2 handful melting cheese
salad leaves, to serve

1. Preheat your oven to 180C (350F). Bring a pot of water for the pasta to boil.

2. Heat a little olive oil on a medium heat in a large frying pan. Add zucchini and cook until the zucchini are super soft and reduced. 10-15 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, boil pasta according to the packet timing. Drain.

4. Add garlic to the zucchini (if using) and cook for about 30 seconds. Remove pan from the heat and toss in the pasta, cream and half the cheese.

5. Divide the mixture between 2 x 2cup oven proof dishes. Top with remaining cheese and pop in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until everything is hot and the cheese has melted.

6. Serve with salad leaves on the side.

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carnivore – brown some bacon or crumbled pork sausages and toss in with the pasta.

more substantial / carb lovers – serve with garlic bread.

different cheese – I use a combo of emmental, gruyere and parmesan but cheddar, mozzarella and swiss cheese are also good.

vegan / dairy-free – just toss the garlicky zucchini through the cooked pasta with a little extra olive oil. And serve with finely grated brazil nuts and a handful of mint or basil leaves on top.

healthier / more veg – replace some or all of the pasta with steamed chopped cauliflower.

different veg – the zucchini are pretty special here because they cook down and concentrate in flavour but you could use asparagus, broccoli, peas, red bell peppers (capsicum) or cauliflower.

gluten-free – use GF pasta (I did) or replace the pasta with steamed chopped cauliflower.

Also see: 16 Tasty Ideas for Zucchini.

With love,
Jules x

Zucchini Mac & Cheese

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  • Hi Jules! I’d love to check out your new e-book.. I’m already subscribed to your Soupstones Meal Plans which I love, and this week I have actually started the Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge which gives me a weekly low-calorie menu plan – having reviewed some of her sample recipes, my tastebuds naturally tend towards your recipes rather than hers, so I plan to mix her menus up with my weekly Soupstones plans because yours are always inherently nutritious, and EASY..! If you’re doing a HEALTHY e-book, I think I need to know about it! :)

  • Healthy and Tasty is exactly how I would like to cook my meal. I love easy, fast, delicious and healthy real food that I can make on a busy weeknight. I think this cookbook will really help me achieve that.

  • I have a few of your other cookbooks and I have to say that they have really helped me to think differently about how I put together my meals. I love all the options and direction that you provide. But, I need more help! With 4 kids 6 and under, I don’t have much time to be in the kitchen. I am really struggling right now to even get meals on the table and my eating habits are atrocious. Inspiration for healthy, tasty and, especially, easy meals that my whole family can enjoy and that can get me back on track are exactly what I need. I would really appreciate a copy of your newest book!

  • Dear Jules,

    I’m in my first year of marriage, and am happy to say everything is roses. Except for one teensy weensy thing. My husband thinks he can out-cook me! The smarty pants. However, it’s entirely true! He is very talented in the kitchen, especially when it comes to our efforts of whipping up tasty yet super healthy meals (yes, we settled into that post-wedding bliss a little too comfortably and need to get back on the healthy bandwagon). I’m not so savvy with how to cook health-laden meals, especially after a long day at work. I’d love the opportunity to use your new cookbook to delightfully surprise (and of course, out-cook) him!

    Yours in humble cookery,

  • Jules, I LOVE your recipe’s. I don’t have one of your cookbooks yet, but every time I think, “I’m going to look up what to make with this in Stone Soup…. I get distracted and find something else. I get a weekly organic produce basket and would definitely benefit from one of your cookbooks.

  • I have been enjoying your recipies for a while now. The most important things you have taught me have been to include more vegetables and your list of options and changes at the end of the recipie. I have to make at least 3 different meals quite often to satisfy the needs of my family and friends. The options makes it easy for me to include everyone. No one should miss out on a yummy healthy meal just because of allergies or different food choices.

  • Hi Jules,

    I am in love with all of your books and I recommend them to anyone I know struggling to find healthy variety in their life. I love the variations you always include and they make things a lot easier for someone intolerant to wheat, dairy and yeast!

    I would adore a copy of your book to add some more incredible recipes to my repertoire! And I would love to give you feedback and help you refine your ‘user experience’.


  • This pasta looks delicious! I always appreciate the variations that are below the main recipe – I feel like the cauliflower variation would be right up my alley.

    I’d really love to win a copy of your new e-book. I’ve always liked the simplicity and focus on fresh food that your recipes have. As a medical student, I try to have a healthy lifestyle (trying to lead by example, you know) and it’d be great to have an easily accessible resource from which to prepare my own meals!

  • Hi Jules,

    I’m a long-time reader of your blog and share your attitude towards simplicity and minimalist cooking.

    I recently started a website about bodyweight strength training (neastrength.com) and want to include tips on healthy eating, as well.

    Whenever I need inspiration on what to cook for dinner, I go through your archives and just pick a recipe. I’d love to check out your new cookbook because I’m sure it’s an awesome compendium of even more simple and healthy recipes. Besides, I think you make your meals even more appealing by taking those beautiful pictures.

    You rock! Keep up the good work.


  • Hi Jules, I have 2 e-books from you, I already gave 2 as gifts, and I really enjoy how I spread your way of cooking among busy moms that havent even thought to eat the way you cook. I have one in my son’s swimm practice always asking when I will cook again the lentils with the sausage….i am telling you….your approach makes a difference :)) thank you a lot, from Greece

  • What attracted me to Stonesoup years ago was the minimalist recipes that cooked quickly. Over the years, I have enjoyed many of them.I have used many of your variations and even come up with some of my own exchanging meats and vegetables according to what I have on hand. I am excited about your new ecookbook Healthy & Tasty and would love to be one of your previewers to see what new and delicious recipes you come up with. Georgia

  • A few years ago I was looking for quick easy recipes, and I stumbled upon Stonesoup and since then my life has changed. At the time of discovery I was struggling with life, 4 kids, returning to work & still trying to juggle family commitments. And at the same time my health was slowly going down hill with no explanation. I was diagnosed with Lupus. Since then I developed a number of food intolences, as well as other issues. Stone soup recipes are my life savers. Quick, easy to follow recipes, with the variation ideas that I can use to make the meal friendly for me. I have a number of your ebooks. I love your emails/Facebook page. I regularly use & experiment with your recipes and ideas.
    Thanks to Stonesoup, I have learnt to embrace a natural, clean, fresh way of eating. This book would help me further develop this way of eating. Now that most of my meals are cooked from scratch, I know how healthy & clean eating can change your life & health for the better.

  • Hi Jules, I am so glad I found that I found your site a few years ago. What I’ve loved is that as our family has gone from carnivore to veggo to vegan I can still use your recipe books as you always provide those options. Simple recipes resonate with me and I no longer look at others whose recipes have WAY too many ingredients. Also, with simplifying our life and becoming more minimalistic, I had to ask do I really want this cookbook in our house – the answer is of course YES please!! :)

  • Hi, Jules,
    I am a busy working grandma who also has a daughter with two small boys. She is a stay at home mom, but her hubby works long hours plus she homeschools her children. Most of her meals are processed food or fast food takeout…very sad. I regularly make meals from your site and have recommended it. I think this cookbook would be the very thing she needs to show that busy people can make healthy meals to feed her growing family. Thanx for reading my post. Just made the burnt carrot salad…delicious!


  • I’m the hugest fan of your site–just yesterday I recommended it to a roommate of mine who swears she can’t boil water…and she made dinner–successfully! I love to cook for others, and everyone tends to be amazed at how simple a lot of delicious things can be to make yourself.
    I’m a few months into a journey to a healthier me, and I’d love to try some new recipes. As a teacher, I put in long hours, so I especially appreciate the simplicity with which you approach recipes.
    With much adoration from my corner of the US,

  • Hi Jules-
    Congrats and how exciting – I feel like you were a bit of a pioneer with Stone Soup and I’m looking forward to this one – my sister’s a former chef and works with me on photo shoots (she cooks and styles seasonal dishes) and we love to collaborate over a pile of cookbooks and a bottle of wine so this would be a terrific addition- she’s done some recipe testing also and i love her honest and knowledgable approach to cooking . Love following you and looking forward to all the new adventures.

  • I would like to have your ebook because my latest cooking mission is to make a brand new dish, without fail, once a week from a recipe book/site. This sounds easy but I generally throw things together and use things like the recipes from your emails etc as more of an inspiration, but i would like to learn some classics and also give over control a bit to a recipe using things i might not necessarily have to throw in. Broadening the repertoire so to speak!

    In terms of feedback i think i would be a good shot as i am very much into cooking and am critical too – as well as being honest about what i like and don’t like. Im on instagram and regularly post foodie pics, i could do a once a week jules recipe photo!

    I plan on taking a food cookery course at the local college in january as it really is my passion. I don’t have a blog as i am time strained but use instagram as a cheats one.

    Pick me! I will make the most of it and am happy to give feedback :)


  • Hi Jules, Cannot wait to get a glimpse of your new book!!! Huge fan for years now and you know what, I even start to simplify other recipes to 5 ingredients… makes life with 4 growing up kids, traveling husby and cute doggie much simpler. Even more when the kids do not want mum’s healthy food, but I do, because I am fed up with potatoes, vegetables and meat like in the old days…. and slowly but sure, they want to try these funny, but good looking 5 ingredients dishes! So cannot wait to ‘use’ my little darlings as ‘guinea pigs’ for new great recipes!
    Good luck with this new step!

  • I would love a copy. Becoming a mum again at 44 was not easy and now that my little man can eat more with us I am always looking for easy healthy meals. He is a handful so less time in the kitchen and more time with the family is great. Thanks!

  • This book would be so helpful, I enjoy cooking but have to say I’m not the most creative so I do need a recipe to follow, but I do find that a lot of Cook books require long lists of hard to find and expensive ingredients, that’s why I like your recipes the ingredients list is usually short and more often than not ican find a lot of the ingredients in my cupboard, perfect!
    I’m also a fairly new vegetarian so I love the different options you provide at the bottom of each recipe, it allows me to make easy adjustments for myself and also my family who still sometimes enjoy meat.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed !!

  • Dear Jules,

    I just love your simple way of cooking. Why do it difficult, right? I admit that usually I don´t cook from cookbooks, but I read them with all passion, like it is some kind of ancient story and after that I am so inspired…and that FEELING IS PRICELESS for me. You just know what to do with all that great fresh ingredients you can see in markets. Even in a small country like Czech Republic, where I live, it is better and better.
    Always I had some complains, that I have no family cooking for, but now I am expecting a baby in February, so I AM JUST EXCITED ALL THE TIME! By the way, in my pregnancy I eat healthier than before – the TURNIP (just baby´s under construction name) knows what it is BEST for it .) So if you choose me, I will be more happy /if it is still possible :-D
    Have a great time!


  • I would love a copy of your cookbook! I am always looking for new recipes that my husband will like that are heallthy. We are both working on losing weight: me because I have hypothyroidism and its always a struggle, and him because he is a cyclist and is always trying to shave off another few pounds for races. Feeling like we’ve had enough to eat is always a challenge and I`d love to see how your recipes turn out!

  • Your book will make my life easier. I work all the day in an office and practicaly I don’t have time for anything else. I love to cook but when I cook for the next day I go be really late, and the next day I have to wake up early again. So always I am looking for easy, tasty and healthy recipes (I am vegan and usually it is a problem). Thanks!

  • I’m currently entertaining a young Dutch traveller. I’ve been trying to provide well-rounded meals but in the six months he’s been here he’s put on quite a bit of weight. He’s got six months left in Australia and would like to go back to his original weight before heading back. Having access to a cookbook such as this will be a very useful step in achieving that goal. Plus he’s a fussy eater, so hopefully there’s a good variety of meals to choose. But knowing you Jules that isn’t going to be an issue.

  • I am trying to lose weight, but do not use processed foods. I don’t want to use low fat canned soups or cream cheese. I love the way you give alternatives to your recipes, as I like to use what is in my cupboards.

  • Jules,
    I have long followed your fine blog and, enjoyed and recommended both your blog and e-cookbooks to the 600,000 + member sailors and power boaters of BOAT/US, the largest association of boat owners in the world, through my regular contributions to BOAT/US’ Magazine and Website. Boaters love easy, adaptable recipes with few ingredients for when they are cruising. As they are generally very health concious, and since boats are limited in size and space they appreciate e-cookbooks such as yours. That said, I would love to review your cookbook and inform association members early through a written contribution to http://Www.boatus.com/cooking. I hope you will consider my enthusiastic request!! Lori Ross

  • Dear Jules,
    I’m a huge fan of your recepies! I’ve cooked and tasted your whole website and I’m looking forward to your every single post… meaning my family and I will get to enjoy another one of your super tasty and easy to make meals. I can’t wait to taste some more and I would love to check out your new book.

  • Hi, Jules. I’d love to give feedback on your new eCookbook. I’ve done it for you before and have loved being part of the process. It is not only me that would benefit from your new book. I give monthly cooking demos to graduate students at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. We call them “Poor Seminarians Cooking Demos”. Each one is 30 minutes from start to finish with samples at the end for everyone. “Simple, healthy and cheap” is our motto! Thanks!

  • Dear Jules,
    I have been following your blog for quite some time. And I already own two of your ebooks, which have been faithful companions last summer, when we took over a family summer house with a lovely outdoor living & dining area.
    Last week my life changed!
    Call it the “really, really empty nest” :-)
    Husband working abroad, children turning 18 and going to college and, last but not the least, whom I thought was a loyal cook decided to leave, over the weekend. Like “I am never coming back”, over sms on a monday morning!
    So, now it really is about re-learning how to organize a home, how to make everything work and be able to work your daily job and still be able to eat properly. Because that is not to be compromised – healthy eating is a must, an enabler, a defense against time.
    I could use your help. And this new book.
    All the best, Sílvia

  • Jules, your recipes have been a godsend for my family. With both my husband and I working long hours, your quick, easy, recipes for wholesome nutritious meals has seen the end of unhealthy eating and a huge increase in the level of fun and chatter around our dinner table at night! We would love to try your new recipes in your new ebook!

  • I’m not sure I can be creative about this, just want to let you know that I am a huge fan of your way of cooking, and have recently purchased one of your e-books. I love it! I rarely use processed ingredients; the most processed I get is a tin of beans or tomatoes, I no longer even use packets of soup or spice mix. It’s just not real food. Thanks for all the cook-spriation!

  • Ich bin eine kleine, quirlige Mami aus Deutschland und ich bin gerade dabei, unser Leben zu vereinfachen.
    Dazu gehört es auch, dass ich einfache und gesunde Gerichte für uns in der Küche zaubere.
    Deine Rezepte gefallen mir prima, deswegen würde ich mich über das Kochbuch riesig freuen!

    Liebe Grüße aus GERMANY,

  • Hi
    I enjoy your explanations and your variations of how to satisfy the various tastes and requirements for a household with many food preferences. Very endearing comments

  • Hi Jules,

    I’d like to be considered to review your new cookbook!

    I’ve just begun cooking for myself and my new family. We moved to Barcelona for our jobs recently and I have become totally reliant on stone soup! I can never find the ingredients I need for my other recipes and many things here are super-processed, but your recipes are so flexible that I can always make something healthy for dinner.

    I’ve already worked as an editor and proofreader of cookery books for an international publishing house if that sways you at all (sorry for the shameless self promotion!).

    All I’m waiting for now is a recipe that incorporates my love of almond butter and Nutella mixed together. But that one’s probably not going to make it into a HEALTHY recipe book…

    Thanks again for all the superb recipes!

  • Would love to lay my hands on your deliciously brilliant “healthy and tasty” recipe book so that I can cook and share your inspirational recipes with my family and friends, love your enthusiasm and love for healthy food ideas and your generous spirit that wants to share your knowledge with us.
    God bless,
    Karen Kumar
    From Doha in Qatar

  • Hi Jules,

    I’m an avid home chef and love your recipes and approach to healthy eating and fresh ingredients. Also, one tends to eat with their eyes first and smell second. Thirdly taste will be complemented by 1 and 2.

    I’m still using some of the previous recipes posted by you which have truly wowed me and my family. I’m also sooo looking forward to trying this Zucchini Mac and Cheese in your mail below hmmm ummm!

    Please consider me worthy for this free e-book it would also help my skills in the kitchen.

    Kind regards,


  • I am a fan and follower of your recipes, have made many of them and taken full advantage of your site. I also give good feedback, not just on recipe ingredients and how the dish turned out but I have an eagle eye as a proofreader (I’ve done it professionally). Having won a seat in the Healthy Meals class I feel guilty even asking for a chance to win the book but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right. I’d love to win a copy.

  • Hi Jules! I’ve been a follower of your excellent blog for a few years and I really learned a lot from it. I was never a great cook but your simple recipes made me love going inside the kitchen to make a simple 5 (or more) ingredients recipe, and the variation you offer always keep it fresh. Some of your post I always come back too, like how to build a pantry or the different salad variation. Truth is, I only need one blog to inspire me to cook and it’s yours. And I would be really honored to preview your cookbook.

    Plus I’ve recently got back to school and I’ve kind of strayed from the healthy food path… I need a little push in the good direction and I think your ebook is it.

    In anycase, thanks for everything :)

  • Healthy. Tasty. Easy. Fast. I NEED a little of this in my life. I am a full time homeschooling mama, soccer & karate mama, chauffeur, full time nanny to two ‘bonus kids’ under three and a half, brownie troop co-leader, domestic, head spinning busy mama. Because of the craziness of our lives I feel like we eat the same meals over and over again. I can cook them with both eyes closed at this point. We NEED a new plan. Please help my family of four by gifting us a copy of your new, awesome cookbook!

  • Simply put, my husband is the cook and now works away. I could use some easy, healthy ideas to inspire the kids to eat well too.

  • Being a fitness instructor, I’m always looking for easy, healthy meals. I have subscribed to your site, have also prepared several meals. My husband has some health issues and this has helped him so much. I also have recommended your site to the members of the gym I teach at. Keep up the great work!
    Thank you so much.

  • Hi Jules,

    Where do I start, father of 2 girls (4 and 6), who, along with my wife came to family late ( I’m 48 and I’m not telling you about KT), except she’s a little older! We need all the help we can find to

    1. Be able to keep up with the hideously quick and stunningly energetic kids and

    2. Teach them true healthy eating (the local council provide ‘healthy’ school lunches. they apparently believe the definition of healthy includes pizza, chips and sponge puddings – every Friday. Confuses the life out of the girls!

    Your ideas would be a boon, I’m sure.


  • Another Stone Soup e-cookbook!!! Yes!!!! My slow transition to healthier foods and whole foods and less processed foods and menus are all due to the great e- cookbooks from Jules! Love the pictures as well!!!

  • Since finding your blog, I have totally re-vamped the way I cook for myself! I seriously used to think I hated vegetables, and that eating them was something I’d have to force myself into just to “be healthy.” But that meant consuming the bare minimal quantities to get through a day, often without any veggies at all. Then I discovered your blog and I tried your simple broccoli recipe – and LOVED it! Now I use your recipes all the time, and I’ve adopted your “mostly paleo” style of eating for my lunchtime meals where I cook for myself. I’d really love to get my family more on board with eating this way, too, but it’s hard because they’re not as much fans of the roasted veggies like I am. So I hope a cookbook like this one might help me find more recipes that my husband and kids will enjoy, too, because I’d love for them to love veggies as much as I do (and I know they’d benefit from eating more of them than they currently do). :)

    Thanks so much, either way – even if I don’t win, your blog and your other cookbooks have been a huge resource for me this year!!


  • Pick Me, pick me!
    ‘Cos Jules you see, I live on the sea……
    Sometimes I have a platter but like to omit the batter… am getting fatter and fatter!
    When the swell comes up and it is rough and buff some wholesome foods in need.
    The Captain likes his choc before we get to dock.
    The Bosun’s a big fella who loves his frikadella.
    The Deckies are frisky so anything but whisky!
    The Mates hate washing plates so one pot wonders are their fate.
    I’m always up way too late just wondering what to plate.
    Jules. A new e book just from you will save this motley crew if from out of the blue I can simply whip up an inspired and hearty dish or maybe thirty two!

  • Results. I’m getting them and want to continue. Having changed my lifestyle completely, I feel so much better and I am sooooo much healthier. Fifty pounds…gone. High BP…gone. High Cholesterol…gone. Pre-diabetes…gone. I constantly am looking for great new recipes that use whole foods, are nutritious and contribute to my well-being. And now you have done it again. PERFECT!

  • I would live to check out your new cookbook. I find your recipe s are always simple and delicious and offer alternatives.

  • Hi Jules!

    I would absolutely love to win a free copy of your new book. I’ve always been into healthy eating and using simple ingredients to make tasty dishes but now that I’m pregnant it would be great to have a go-to source of healthy and quick meal ideas.

    It hasn’t been easy staying on track with a healthy diet through those early months of morning sickness but now that I’m past that stage I have a renewed energy for cooking and eating and I want to make the most of it!

    I’m also keen to get a few new easy recipes into my repertoire for when baby arrives.

    Fingers crossed,

    Claire x

  • Hello Jules

    First off I want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes and tips with the world. You have been such an inspiration to my kitchen. I just love getting Stone Soup emails. I get so excited when I see one sitting in my inbox because I know when I open it I will receive a simple quick meal idea. You are like my personal fairy godmother.
    A few years ago I really got interested in health/nutrition and cleaning up my diet. I have a long road a head of me, but I have learned so much a long the way. I was lucky enough to stumble upon your blog during one of my many recipe quests. Your recipes are so easy and simple, and I just love how you include substitutions. I am personally gluten free and dairy free. I also often find myself cooking for vegan yogis as I recently became a yoga instructor and just love sharing kitchen creations. I have recommended your blog and books to so many through sharing your meals.
    Another thing I so love about your meals is I can get all of the ingredients at the farmers market at a fair price. I recently moved to Germany for love and German’s are all about their fresh markets – which is just great!!! Food is a little bit more pricey here and as a working student I find your recipes great for staying on my tight budget while still eating healthily and abundantly.
    My boyfriend loves your recipes as well. He is new to cooking (previously living the typical bachelor lifestyle) and enjoys your recipes as they are uncomplicated, easy to follow and don’t take a lot of time to prepare.
    We would absolutely love to acquire and give you feedback on your new eCookbook ‘Healthy and Tasty Meals Made Easy’. So exciting that you are coming out with yet another amazing sounding book. You have so much food creativity!
    Thank you again for all you give, you inspire so many :)

  • Hi Jules,

    I see food as our foundation for greatness. It is the fuel that we need to think clearly, work our bodies, and have healthy relationships with ourselves and others. I believe if we have ok food our lives will be ok, but if we have great food our foundation for greatness is in place.
    As a new mom, I find your particular cooking method and recipes extremely useful in providing great food for my family. The simple ingredients not only help with juggle of time management, I also feel confident feeding it to my 8 month old ‘food monster’.
    I would love the chance to give your new recipe book a try and provide you with feedback from a new stay-at-home mom!


  • Hi, Jules!
    I’m already subscribe to your newsletter, but it would be so much easier to have a copy of your eCookbook! I love the fact there are options for adapting the dish to your needs (I’m gluten and lactose intolerant) and want to change my eating habits for good (well, I HAVE to, ha!). I’d like very much to have your new book!!!

  • I know my way around a stove but am a chronic over-shopper. And love to cook in quantity – it doesn’t generally work for dinner for two on week nights p. I love that your recipes give options and would love to try your new book.

  • I would love a copy of your cookbook! We have moved recently and now live right next to THREE fast food places! They are all the wrong kind of ‘fast’ foods that we are after! Our kitchen is unfortunately tiny, so quick & easy meals (not from maccas!) & mess free is exactly what my partner & I are looking for right now!
    We need some inspiration to kick our butts back into it please! <3

  • I was turned onto your website by a friend of mine who is a foodie. I was looking for fresh ideas to bring into my kitchen as well as bringing those crazy veggies to the dinner plate. Oh my! I love the new ideas and layout of the recipes. The photos are inviting and allow for creativity with the variations. My kids have welcomed the changes and are now cooking with me, adding in their ideas. My husband has been inspired by your cookbook and healthy meals; he marks the recipes he is interested in. He loves the simplicity of the recipes along with the flavors. Your suggestions have brought the family into the kitchen and created more communication for us! Having a new cookbook to look through will continue to bond our family and teach my kids to cook on their own (they will be on their own all too soon). Thank you. -dena

  • Hey Jules, congrats an the the new book! Is love to be one of the first to get it. I found your site and your cookbooks when I was an undergraduate student in college. I can tell you that I am absolutely certain you got me through my degree on a budget without gaining 20 pounds :). Now, I am very happily a graduate student on my way to getting my doctorate. I still use your first cookbook, but I’d love to mix it up a little. Best of luck to you, and thanks for making cooking a fun experience for a busy girl.

  • Hi Jules! I would love a copy of your book. As a new mom, time is short and fatigue is real! I would love additional ideas for healthy and fast meals. Love everything that you do!

  • I was delighted to discover your website since my family has made a lifestyle change to eat less sugar and more whole foods. I’m glad your recipes are healthy, simple and fast to cook – which comes in handy with my two little boys underfoot. I also really appreciate the carnivore suggestions after each recipe, as my husband is convinced he wouldn’t survive long otherwise. :)

  • Hi. I absolutely love your ideas,your healthy alternatives….. It would be amazing to receive your new book and continue To bring new food to my family .

  • This sounds like just what I need on those evenings I teach my yoga classes. My husband drives an hour home from work, and I feel he needs a good meal, but there’s too little time on those nights. I’m making zucchini pasta tonight!

  • I’m a newcomer to simple, healthy and tasty cooking (too many years as a subscriber to Bon Appetit), so I need all the help I can get. Also, I’m also a newcomer to Ayuraveda and eating healthy as a way to bolster my immune system and manage pain.

  • I love your recipes. Your recipes are simple ,vegan friendly .I am looking forwards the new e book .I all ready have your 2 e books . being an Indian ,vegan your recipe help me to improve my cooking .when I start my cooking I only known typical Indian cooking because of that I become a joke for others they always make fun out of my cooking .now I can also make simple and good food .so thank you .

  • I have tried so many ‘healthy’ food recipes that taste like cardboard. I’m ready for something delish!

  • Hi Jules!

    As a college student I could greatly benefit from your cookbook because I continually struggle with cooking meals that are easy and healthy. I am 22 so I’m still in that stage of trying to find my cooking niche. Your recipes have helped inspire me to understand cooking as an artistic expression and I would be delighted to have your new cookbook to discover more about myself as a cook. Pick me, pick me!


  • Hi Jules,
    I have purchased a few of your books a while back, and I can sincerely say that they have revolutionized the way I cook. My husband and I used to eat frozen pizza or go out almost every day. Needless to say that we both gained weight in our first years of marriage. At some point, I tried to start cooking more, and make healthier meals, but it was so time consuming that I could never stick to it. When I discovered Stonesoup, I really fell in love with the concept, and decided to buy your books. I have never regretted this decision! I now cook simple healthy meals, and have the confidence to tweak recipes, something I had never done before! I love what you do, and would love the opportunity to look at your new book. Thank you for everything you have brought to my life :)

  • Healthy meals….just what the doctor ordered to help fight my Multiple Sclerosis. I battle with MS-Fatigue (and other symptoms) but I still need to provide healthy meals to my husband, my son and to me! I need a Healthy Food Bible that also meets my limited energy realities. So…pick me, pick me! L.

  • Hi Jules,

    My partner and I work full time and so have limited time in the evenings to prepare a healthy meal, thus often resorting to the instant or the ‘not so healthy’ – or both! Your recipe book sounds like the perfect addition to our kitchen to help us achieve a meal that is quick, easy (neither of us are chefs) and, best of all, good for us. I can’t wait for the release date to come around! :)

  • Hi Jules! Not so long ago I have had to make some lifestyle changes for myself and have become gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian. I love that you have options with your recipes because my husband still eats meat, dairy and gluten and I am needing some inspiration for quick easy meals for myself as most nights I’m cooking two different meals. I would love the opportunity to try out your cookbook and give you some feedback! Wishing you all the best with your new book!

  • I live in Oslo, Norway and I work cooking in a kindergarten for children from 1 to 6 years old and I prioritise simple but healthy food with lots of vegetables.
    I think your cookbook would be an invaluable asset to me.
    Thanks and good luck with the book

  • So excited that you are offering this to your readers! I have always wanted to eat healthier. It’s hard to find the time sometimes though, and while working two jobs and raising a 4-year-old it’s always been easier to buy the prepackaged stuff. I’m always looking for recipes, tips and ideas to incorporate healthier eating into my life. I think that this cook book could help me get closer to ditching the junk, especially when there are so many variations for the recipes available!

  • Hi Jules, I am so excited about your new eCookbook. I just love your website and have been a huge fan for several years now. I also really enjoy your book “5 Ingredients 10 Minutes”. I purchased it right when it became available and I still refer to it often. I am a singleton with a busy career. I love being able to throw a meal together quickly with just a few ingredients. I also appreciate that all the meals are for 2. 1 serving for dinner and the other for lunch the next day. I also enjoy the options to substitute, that way I can make sure to use any left over ingredients that I have in the fridge so nothing goes to waste. Congratulations and good luck with your newest eCookbook and keep up the good work.

  • Hi Jules,
    My wife and I are ballroom dancers, with lessons and dances 3-4 nights each week. It’s great having healthy delicious meals with a small number of ingredients, quickly made so we can get back out the door. Your recipes prove to be tasty and healthy, and much better than eating out for its convenience. We’d be thrilled to preview your new recipes and provide feedback.

  • I would love a copy of “Healthy & Tasty Meals Made Easy!” My husband and I have opposite schedules (I work during the day and he works at night), so I’m often cooking and eating just with my goofy rottweiler. It’s hard to be motivated to cook everyday when you’re cooking for one. I always make loads so that my husband can eat when he gets home if he likes (though he isn’t usually a fan of all my vegetarian cooking…) and I can have a lunch for the next day or two. I find your recipes work really well for me, since I’m not super confident in the kitchen (everything seems to take me forever to make!) and because I never have all the ingredients so your variations and substitutes are always very helpful.

  • Hi Jules,
    I am your follower from just the other side of the Earth (Bulgaria, Europe) :-) What I really like in your recipes is the simplicity and the possibilities to change with replacing only a single ingredient. Also, I find your attitude towards “healthy”, “bio”, etc. new and fashionable trends quite reasonable and well justified, avoiding extreme positions. It is really exciting for me to touch and taste your cuisine, but you give me some brilliant ideas as well to improve my traditional meals. Thank you for your fresh mood and great recipes!

  • I love cooking, and it does not bother me with the. time to cook. I believe that Australian’s do not eat proper, because of take away places. Of course I am retired here on the. SUNSHINE COAST. I make bread, for the Sisters at my Church, and we had a fellowship lunch. at my place. I do a lot of different type recipe’s. I walk each Day, and love the Glass House mountains. Keep me in good trim at 72. Stop drinking, beer, stop smoking, show an example to your kids. And turn to your. Maker.

  • I love to cook and I love to eat. I work hard a planning and preparing healthy, yummy meals for me and my husband and son. However I do tend to get into ruts so any inspirations I can get are greatly appreciated! I suspect “Healthy Tasty Meals Made Easy” would be full of inspiration.

    I really like all the variations you provide and how adaptable your recipes are. Last night I had your recipe for Eggplant Chick Pea curry on the menu but I realized on only had one small Japanese eggplant and no tomato paste. My husband offered to go get take out but I persevered. I added green pepper to make up for less eggplant and fresh tomatoes instead of tomato paste. I let it simmer a little longer due to the fresh tomatoes. My only regret is we ate it all and I didn’t have leftovers for lunch today!

  • Cooking for my family feels incredibly complicated: my husband is on a low-carb diet, my teen and tween sons have only a few items they’re willing to eat (fewer of which they BOTH enjoy), I’m gluten-free and trying to avoid dairy, and most nights when I get home from work I just want to throw a frozen pizza into the oven, let my husband fend for himself, eat a spoonful of peanut butter and go to bed.

    And then there are the evenings when I need to cook for “lunch club” at work. Every weekday, one of us signs up to cook for all 12 of us … one of whom is a vegetarian, some who avoid dairy, and of course GF me. Oy!

    One thing I’ve always loved about your emails and recipes is that you have so many options for every single recipe, to make them work for carnivores or vegans or GF. And your recipes are also wonderfully SIMPLE: few ingredients, no complicated tools or skills. Most of all, they’re tasty and healthy. Your recipe combining almonds, pesto, and cherry tomatoes is one of my go-to lunches!

    I hope you pick me to preview your new cookbook, but even if you don’t, I look forward to every new recipe that comes from you. Thanks so very much for sharing these recipes.

    And who knows? Maybe some recipes in this new book will be the ones that open my sons’ eyes to new tastes! That would be miraculous!

  • Hi, in the past several years I have come to believe that ‘conventional’ eating patterns, with large amounts of grains and carbohydrates are far from optimal for health. At the same time I think it’s important to have fresh food, but that’s easy and quick to prepare. I really enjoy your approach to simplifying food preparation (exemplified in your often using 5 ingredients) and feel I would gain great inspiration from your book. (Of course, I’ve already had inspiration from the blog!)

  • I’m new to your website by way of Becoming Minimalist. As I figure out what minimalist means to me, I have many areas to explore, question, change, including the kitchen and cooking. I’m looking forward to learning from you and just past week started following your blog. Perhaps your new ebook would be just the ticket in exploring & learning & life changing in the kitchen for my husband and me. Congratulations on the soon to be publish new book. I’m off to explore your other titles.

  • Just getting out of a walking boot due to a fracture I’m dealing with carrying around some extra weight. I would love to have your cookbook to inspire me to cook and eat healthier. I like the ‘easy’ that you mention in your cookbook.

  • 10 months ago I got a new job as a consultant meaning longer workdays and more stress – hallo muffintop. Still I love to cook so it boarders me all the day where dinner are leftovers from the weekend or two slices of bread. I need your new book.

  • Excited to hear about the new e-book! I’m a twenty-something lady working and living in Amsterdam and it’s a daily chore trying to succeed with my gluten, dairy free lifestyle. I need to be able to whip up quick & easy lunches & dinners that are also full of vitamins & whole foods to keep me and my partner going. There’s so many nice recipes out there, but if it’s too many steps or ingredients, it won’t make it into the rotation. Would love to trial your recipes knowing your ethos of simple and healthy!

  • I love your recipes. This book would be a lifesaver for my family. Between the two of us, my husband and I have five jobs. We are also in the middle of a whole-house renovation, so, needless to say, we can struggle to get a good, healthy dinner on the table. We are several different food allergies and intolerances in our family, so your recipes are incredible with all the options laid out for me! I don’t have to get flustered with so many ingredients and wondering how THIS recipe works substituting THAT ingredient. I would love to test out your new cookbook and get some real food in front of us!

    • We HAVE several food allergies — we aren’t our allergies, regardless of how much it can seem like it!

  • Jules, I need ideas! Mum of four, and everyone except the infant had different food likes. Paleo boy is 2 and survives off fruit, veges and little protein. Asd boy is 4, on the autism spectrum ad survives off crumbed chicken, weetbix and carrots. Miss 8 just looks at a vegetable and gags; and don’t get me started on asd hubby. I need variety before I drown in a sea of breadcrumbs…..

  • Hi Jules,
    I am relatively new to your blog but I like what I see so far there and in the sample mini cookbook I downloaded. The pictures are really appetising and I like your fresh approach of listing variations on the recipes. I help people to manage their weight and fitness. One of the most common themes I hear from them is that they claim to have insufficient time or money to cook healthy meals. Sadly many people today think that if they can’t have a hot meal on their plate in under 15 minutes it’s far to onerous and they’ll have to resort to convenience food. Also food is now so undervalued that people resent paying for the healthy parts of a meal (vegetables) that they see as optional extras. I’m sure that in most cases they have enough time to watch TV and enough money to buy the energy dense, nutrient poor food that is keeping them overweight.
    I think a cook book that really does make healthy tasty meals easy, is just what we need. Your recipes use simple common ingredients, and not too many of them. Crucially you give plenty of alternative options to the basic recipe. This gives inspiration and means that you can cater for several types of diet or taste preference within the same book.
    A healthy diet doesn’t need to be complicated, and your book could bring that home to the people who so badly need it.

  • I am a fairly newly diagnosed diabetic. And frankly, I think that diagnosis throws you into a category where all you are expected to eat is unhealthy chemically processed food. I refuse to give up “real” food just for the sake of the diagnosis. In addition, I don’t have a huge amount of time to spend researching, purchasing and cooking, so I am thinking your new cookbook might be a nice fit! Thanks for considering me.

  • Jules, as one who has several diseases in the family, cooking health-giving meals is essential, and to combine taste with quickness would be a God-send. I’ve made use of several of your recipes, and have saved several more that I’m excited to try. Thank you for your work to keep creativity, health, and taste all coming together to serve us. You rock!

  • It’s a WIN-WIN!

    I am not presently in a position to purchase your cookbook; however, I am striving to be healthier, would actually MAKE the recipes in your book, and I would talk about it with everyone!

    Much love and gratitude…

  • With my husband loosing his job, he has been cooking for 6 months. I used to do all the cooking – now I work 2 jobs. I have gotten him into cooking lighter – but he struggles to find new options. And options that are hearty enough to fill him up. Thank you for giving him a starting point on healthy options that are filling as well! I hope that he can preview the new cookbook – he has time to give feedback too!!

  • Hi J
    Diabetic and not doing to well at all a copy of your ebook might help good luck with it Regards.
    EL …

  • My boyfriend and I stumbled upon your website not too long ago – I would say a month and a half ago. Right about the time I got out of the hospital for a bleeding ulcer, where doctors told me I nearly bled to death… a literal near death experience that scared the heck out of me, which occurred after I had been experiencing relentless nausea, bloating, cramping, back pains that would keep me awake all night and bother me all day long. Symptoms that I had mostly been ignoring or treating with over the counter meds. It was a wake up call for transforming my entire lifestyle- I quit my extremely stressful 13-hour day retail pharmacist job, found a new *less stressful* part time job with shorter hours, started exercising (once I regained my strength), and began eating clean, lean home made foods, while completely cutting out processed & fried foods, chips — if nothing else for my health’s sake. As hard as it has been to battle my usual cravings, I have truly felt SO much better since I changed my lifestyle. My symptoms are completely gone! And cooking healthy meals at home has become second nature — and I attribute that to your website. The simplistic 5 ingredients and ease with which you swap ingredients has made my life so much easier, and has made cooking feel like way less of a chore. My boyfriend and I both get home from work around 8pm, so we have learned that making a quick dinner is key. The fact that they’re all super delicious is really why we keep coming back! Favorites – all the ground meat recipes. Chicken stir fry with basil and fish sauce, well, let me tell you, fish sauce is a new staple in our kitchen! I’ve recommended your site to my friends who are beginning to cook for the first time, and they love it as well!

    ‘Healthy & Tasty Meals Made Easy’ is just what I have always needed. I know how much my boyfriend and I can benefit from this. We have been attempting to commit to a healthier lifestyle for so long, but we have really made it happen in the last couple months. We’re committed — Only place to go is up!

    Your recipes have really inspired me to simplify more aspects of my life, as reducing stress has become such a corner stone for me, and have helped me to continue to care for my health and has really improved my quality of life! So, Thank you, so much!

  • hi jules, I’ve recently had a baby and am time-poor (and tired!), but still very interested in cooking healthy, quick meals for my family.
    I love how there aren’t loads of ingredients, in particular those ones that you buy for one recipe and never use again.. the recipes I’ve tried from your website are tasty and simple- just what I need right now! thank you, and congratulations on your new cookbook! xx

  • Jules, I’m following your posts because I love your way of cooking. I’m very much interested, because I have a tumor history in my life and still, have three daughters and I would like to cook them a way they wouldn’t have to fight such a thing I have had to. I’m a doctor myself and I know, what you do is really healthy and I would benefit very well from it. My comments, what you seek to have could be beneficial for you in many ways. I’m your reader:-) And one more thing: I’m from Central Europ so I’m not influenced by local food politics!

  • Hello!

    I am new to your list. O would love to try out your new recipes. I work full time, have a small private practice and have health issues. As much as I would like to/need to take time off, I financially can’t. As a result, I am deeply fatigued which makes my health issues worse. Eating healthy is often the first part of my life to fall to pieces. Having healthy, wholesome meal ideas would help me tremendously!

  • I’m obese and I really really need to lose weight. This November, I’m challenging myself to stop being in denial and really face the fact that unless I change my diet, I will most likely never really achieve what I want: a healthy happy life, a family and, why not, looking good on the beach.
    I have a feeling your book would be a big help to take a step in the right direction.

  • Hi Jules,
    I’m a new Mom. I’ve been overweight for a lot of my life, and having a baby has been a wakeup call. I want my family and I to be healthy and happy, and I want my daughter to have a healthy relationship with food. I have a couple of your other cookbooks too, and they’ve helped take away the anxiety I’ve always had about cooking and eating healthy. Your new book sounds like a great opportunity to learn even more on my road to good health.

  • Hi Jules!

    I’m expecting my first child and suddenly the realisation that cheat nights were now cheating more than me and my DH of needed nutrition has made me reconsider what I eat. I’ve seen too many friends order take-away through the early months of baby rearing due to stress and tiredness and I would love to have simple and healthy meals on hand to fight off the temptation. I also have a Greek man to feed; so taste is very important! I’d love to have a free copy as the nursery list is quite long so it would be a real blessing to our whole family <3

  • My 23 year old nephew is in the Army and just beginning to find his way cooking for himself. For his birthday, his mother gave him a stove top grill and I gave him a rice cooker/vegetable steamer. I would love for him to continue his journey cooking healthfully for himself. An ecookbook would be easily transportable wherever he is stationed in this world so I would love to give this to him with lots of love.

  • I’m always looking for excuses to try new recipes (even though my poor husband would rather I stuck to tried and true recipes). I like the simplicity of your recipes, all the variations you suggest, plus the fact that the recipes are always easily adaptable to the nutritional profile I want to achieve. Even though I’m retired, I stay very busy and am frequently tired when it’s time to cook dinner, so simplicity is frequently what I’m looking for. That’s in addition to wanting food that is tasty and healthy. Your creativity makes my life easier. What’s not to love about that?

  • I have spent the last year trying to get back to a healthy me. I lost 50 lbs and still have 10 to go. My life has gone from busy to chaotic and I am struggling to find things to keep me on track and still eat real food that doesn’t take forever and a mess to do it.

  • I would love to have a copy of your cookbook. I teach classes on healthy lifestyles and have a video blog on mazatlanlife.com. My students would also benefit from your recipes and might buy the book once it is out. I love the options you put on the bottom of your recipes and it would suit my classes and my audience quite well. We enjoy cooking (and eating) healthy, delicious food. I wish you much luck with this new book.

  • Definitely -I mean definitely- need it to impress my mother in law. I own some of your previous books and I must say they certainly have helped a lot, I’m so into the simply, easy and delicious food. What I’ve learned so far: it’s all about the ingredients.

  • Well, I for one am really into healthy food. I once was very good at feeding my family healthy food.

    I still try. But it’s hard now – I’m busy. I have a full time job as a senior engineer at a semiconductor company. My husband is also a full time engineer, and he travels. And I have two boys – 8 and 2. (The 2 year old is a challenge!)

    I get home at 5:30 and dinner is at 6 or 6:15 pm. That is my challenge – these days, if it’s not leftovers from something I cooked on the weekend, it’s something processed with a steamed vegetable. I need fast and easy, and the fewer pots the better.

    Plus, I am trying DESPERATELY to lose the last 15 baby pounds (my baby is 2, remember?) Apparently it’s not so easy at 44. I plan my meals very carefully and count calories, but I’m always on the lookout for easy and healthy and fast meals.

  • I first came across your website looking for a particular recipe, I did actually use it and we liked it. Then the name of your site finally caught my attention. As a child two things I loved to do was read and cook. I remember the “stone soup” story (and others like “the boxcar kids”) and actually used it with other people as an explanation of creativity, resourcefulness and self reliance over the years. I now am a patriotic ‘ex-patriot’ living in the mountains in Central America at almost 70 years young. Here amongst the ordinary people “campolleros” – country folk, things are pretty basic. We enjoy an abundance of simple natural foods and hardly any of the processed stuff. I’m on your E-mailing list and have used several of your recipes to add some zest to the traditional way the people prepare their food. Thank you for this opportunity to win a book of your recipes as we rarely have the money to buy them though I know you must also receive some income in order to maintain the work you do. Thanks again.

  • I am naturopath and herbalist. So, i always try healthy and easy recipes on my family that later i could recommend them for my patients. Stonesoup is one of my favourites. Your hummus recipes is the best! Recipes are easy and delicious. It also doesn’t involve loads of ingredients what pleases me greatly.

  • Me…Me…Me….(I’m waving both hands in the air!)
    OMG – one I love your website and have tried many recipes. It a whole new way to cook. I’m even loosing weight. Also I love the photos that you incorporate into the recipes because Lord knows I need help cooking. I have drastically cut back on take-out food and would love, love, love to win your new cookbook. I hope that you realize how much of an inpact you are making in our lives.

  • I thoroughly enjoy trying your recipes and enjoy eating them more
    with the added bonus they are all very healthy & tasty, and look forward to the next email turning up, thank you very much and my family would like to thank you too, regards Susan.

  • Ohh I would love to review it for you.
    I love your approach to cooking and shopping, I identify and it makes shopping an adventure, finding more / new types of vegetables or the new seasons varieties.
    Thank you for your fresh and healthy approach to cooking. A

  • I am living and working in a community with people with special needs. As part of our education program, I intend to start a group on Monday mornings preparing a ‘break’ (snack) for everyone attending the program. My group will be called ‘cook what you love, love what you cook’ and we will prepare something healthy and delicious. At the end of the year we intend to write, photograph, draw and print a special book with the recipes which have been most successful. Your website has been one of my main sources of inspiration.

  • I’ve tried several of your recipes and love them. I would love to “beta test” your new ecookbook. I have recently come off sugar and am working on having a healthier lifestyle overall – walking daily and trying to kick my junk food lifestyle for one more healthy before I’m too old for it to make a difference – but I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen.

    I appreciate the emphasis on health and taste in your recipes. I’ll buy your ecookbook even if it’s not free to me, but I’d love to be considered.

  • Jules — your site is my go to for recipes and techniques — happy to preview book.

  • Just now, just before lunch time, I was searching for information about the origins of “stone” soup (which, as you obviously know, is the tale about the hungry and crafty folk who convince the villagers to share a little in order to get a lot). This is what led me to your blog. But what kept me here was the photo of that mouthwatering, cheesy-creamy pasta melting underneath that handful of fresh spinach . . . .

    So if I push the “submit” button and give you these few little words, entirely useless all by themselves, will you send me a copy of your new cookbook so that I may share its recipes with others?


  • How can I count the ways your recipes have helped me?! I am always impressed by how versatile they are, especially since I try to shop for the week’s meals based on what is on sale at the nearby store! I also need to make dinner fast since I get home between 6:30-7 but need to eat dinner by 7:30 at the latest if I don’t want to feel faint. My dad and my mother-in-love both love cooking too so your recipes provide a fantastic way for us to connect over long distances by cooking and discussing the same meals. My partner also asks if he can try new recipes and these are perfect for him to work with because he doesn’t want them to be too complicated or have too many ingredients.

  • I have recently found out I have diabetes. I am finding it overwhelming! I was told as long as I eat healthy it would help. I always thought I did eat healthy. I really need all the help I can get from anyone who will help me. Thinking your cookbook could help!
    Thanks a lot for this chance! Lynn

  • I’m really new to cooking and I love your no-stress approach. I’d love to check out your cookbook and see how I can plan and create meals without just putting something into the microwave.

  • I would love to have your new book because off ill health I have been eating healthy on advise and I have enjoyed your recipes. My family has been joining in as well and they have all said how better they have been feeling.Thats why I would love your book. Dorothy.

  • One two buckle my shoe
    The recipes are healthy and they smell good too.
    Three four go to the store
    Economical, colourful and I’m ready for more.
    Five Six
    Easy to mix, cannot wait for more tricks.

  • My wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary and we’re making the commitment to each other to eat healthier. I can’t think of a nicer gift than to get your new book and start us on the right path. We’ll be grateful and will thank you on our 50th anniversary!

  • Hi Jules,

    I’m Jules too! I have an American boyfriend who eats super unhealthy food, has had a heart attack already, and I’m teaching him to eat healthy…guess what recipes I forward to him? Yours! I love them, I refuse to eat his food so we fight a lot about food, but now he’s becoming a reluctant convert to….us, the two Jules!

    I think you are literally a lifesaver! Your new recipes would aid and abet our cause. God bless you and the talents He gave you! Thanks for sharing.

    PS. My niece can’t believe you left TimTams! She thinks they are the best biscuits ever!

  • Hi Jules,

    Why should I get your cookbook? Well, you have changed my cooking life. I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and I am in charge of all the cooking (and he does all the dishes – I win!) However, I never would have said that was a victory without you. Before I discovered your website I was not a confident cook. I would mess up boiling water – and, truth be told, I had never even used my oven! Now, I am inviting people over and cooking FOR THEM. A feat that was unimaginable 6 months ago – but soupstones has built my confidence and helped me to become healthier while ridding myself of anxiety in the kitchen. Also, I am a Canadian, but living in Colombia… that presents a whole world of challenges in terms of finding the right ingredients… so I could help give you feedback on substitutions when items on your list are more difficult to find. Anyway, regardless of the outcome of this contest – I am a dedicated user of soupstones, and I can’t wait to check out some new, delicious and HEALTHY recipes.

  • I love that your recipes are not ingredient heavy and that you offer ways to make them vegetarian and carnivore. My household is a mixture of the two so it has become really helpful when making meals. The other options are really great also as it increases the way to make the same recipe.

  • Oh my, why could I use your new eCookbook? Well even though I only have to cook for me and my hubby, more often than not the menagerie of medical problems I deal with generally kick my butt 98% of the time and I end up playing the “take out” card far too much. As a result both my hubby and I are overweight and not getting proper nutrition that I know we both need. He works all day and I would love to be able to whip up something healthy, tasty, quick and easy. This would be such a godsend! Thank you so much.

  • I’m retired and cooking for my family and friends is my hobby. I also share my cookbooks around our community and help people with new cooking skills and ideas. I make ethnic dishes from around the world but don’t have much from ‘down under’.

  • Because I am a busy New Yorker who would rather have something fast, healthy and delicious than ordering take-out after I get home and night and before falling into bed. Your daily newsletter helps me to think about how to quickly make things I already have at home, and most importantly, help me get out of the mind set that food has to be complicated and time consuming in order to be delicious.

  • Jules, I’ve only been rec’g your weekly recipes for a short time. Wasn’t too sure at first since I’m a vegetarian and we live a rural area where the stores seem to stock more junk than good food. BUT… I love to cook and hate to shop! Your recipes are not only filling, they are fun to prepare; even if I have to ad lib some of the ingredients. The shopping list is easy to follow and reduces time looking for ingredients. My non-veg husband has said they are “keepers” high praise from him! Not to waste too much of your time but I’ve always felt cooking (after long days at work, coming home and taking care of a menagerie of animals) should be a zen type of experience, you have helped me keep it that way. Thank you!
    PS: plan on trying the Zucchini Mac & Cheese tonight!

  • Hey Jules – Like many moms, like is c-r-a-z-y with to-do’s. Each of us crave simple. These days, all I do is dream of simple. My growing girls need quick meals when we come home. But my challenge is feeding them tasty and quick meals (to avoid the 5pm meltdown!), my ultrarunner husband (who needs major calories!) and myself (who needs more protein and less carb options to be the healthiest me!) I love the way your recipes break down the options so I can play with the right combo to make us all happy and healthy! You have a great way to make cooking fun and creative for all. Thanks for considering me and my bid for one of your amazing new cookbooks!

  • Busy shift worker, age creeping on, weight creeping up!!! Would love to reverse the creeping weight with the help of your new Healthy & Tasty Meals Made Easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ;-))

  • Hi,
    Our aim is to eat healthier with lower carbs and I find your recipes really interesting as you offer variations to the original. Take for instance the Zuchinni Mac and cheese recipe with the great suggestions to put a more personal user friendly variation on a meal.
    I would try and make every recipe in your book, just as a fun thing to do as well.

  • I’m someone who works full time and is in night school. I need to make sure that I don’t let good eating habits slide!

  • I came across your website as I was looking for healthy recipes I could prepare. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes so I’m always looking for low carb, high fiber tasty recipes. I like what I see on your site and I’d love to have one of the e-books!

  • I own many of your books including ‘and the love is free’ , have given as gifts to friends and family, anticipating another great book, bring on healthy eating!

  • I fortunately stumbled upon your website and I love your delicious, simple recipes infused with passion. I work full time, am a single mother living with after a ravenous 15 year old AND my fussy 84 yr old Aunt. I’m exhausted. Help! I need healthy and tasty meals to please all.

  • The most obvious reason I could benefit from your new cookbook is that I’m a newlywed (married Aug 3rd!), settling into a new life… One that I hope will be both healthy AND tasty!

    And as if that wasn’t reason enough, life has thrown a little curve-ball at us… we’re getting roommates! My new sister-in-law and her husband are moving cross-country in just over 2 weeks and will be staying with us until they find new jobs and a new home. Going from sort-of, kind-of, trying to cook for 2 people all the way to needing some serious help in the meal-planning department for FOUR people is going to be quite the challenge. I’m up for it, but imagine I could certainly use some assistance! ;)

  • I’m an irish girl working in Christchurch, the fallen city. I’m an engineer working long hours and I have crohns disease. I’m on a low fodmap diet. I need quick easy tasty nutritious meals.

  • I live aboard a boat and thoroughly enjoy trying your recipes. They’re simple, well explained and the photos are beautiful. I would benefit from having your new cookbook because if I can deliver delicious meals using your recipes ANYONE can. My husband and friends think I’m a gourmet cook now! You’re my secret! Thanks for your help.

  • I have read through the other comments and do not envy you having to choose the winners. Me, I love cookbooks, reading them, looking at the pictures (not that my recreations ever look as good) and trying out new recipes. I have weird and wonderful food restrictions, but like that I can modify your recipes for me, and create meals my husband will eat. I have also served a couple to guests, who now think I am a great cook.

  • I am so impressed with your blog/website. Every recipe reads like it tastes wonderful and the variations make a huge difference when trying to follow a lifestyle. Also, all ingredients seem to be easily found in my pantry! Great job!

  • It would be great to have a copy of your latest book. I am a fan of good, simple cooking and this would be an early Christmas.

  • Hi there!

    I would love to receive some inspiration for recipes! It’s always a challenge to plan healthy meals and cook them and would love some fresh ideas from you!

    Thank you for the generous offering and I look forward to sharing you!


  • I would love a free copy of your cookbook. We were on a gluten-free, sugar-free and diary-free diet and are now still on the gf diet and slowly introducing the sugar and diary again. We are desperate for interesting and tasty recipes that are not steak and veges. :)

  • Hi there I’m desperately trying to lose around 15kg ( my baby is one) and am finding it SO hard. My two children are not very good sleepers so I’m sleep deprived and love that I can cook one of your recipes pretty much with my eyes closed. Would love more of them to try. Keep up the great work.

  • It would be great to receive your cookbook. I don’t really cook a lot. It’s hard to prepare meals for one person. And working 2 jobs
    makes it even harder to eat healthy. I’ve been getting your newsletter for a while now and tried a few easy ones. I made some for my daughter to take with her when she visits. We both enjoyed it. Healthy & Tasty Meals Made Easy. The title really hit
    all the right spots for me. Thank you Jules.

  • Jules –

    I have my 84 year old uncle living with me now. He had bypass surgery 2 years ago and also found that he was diabetic. Though he spent the first 70 years of his life running (he actually was a world class runner), he spent the rest sustaining himself on canned hash and gas station muffins. His wife died years ago. Anyway, he came to me a year ago and the only vegetables he said he’d eat were carrots, celery, broccoli and spinach. I try to eat fairly healthy and I knew that I wasn’t about to start preparing separate meals so I’ve snuck a few things in here and there and he’s discovered that he likes just about every vegetable he’s been served except for winter squash ( we’re still working on it). I’ve gotten him off one of his diabetes meds simply because he’s lost weight through a good diet and some exercise.
    My sister in law introduced me to your blog and I love it. I look forward to the emails and the new recipes and the beautiful photography. Thanks. When I saw this offer for a possible free cookbook, I jumped at it. I’m always looking for fast, healthy meals to prepare for the 2 of us. I ate differently when it was just me. After a day of working, fast and healthy is what I like. This cookbook would definitely find a good home here and I’d be happy to provide any feedback you’d like. Thanks so much for the offer. Hope to hear from you soon. Jane

  • My husband and I, both in our 70’s, have been losing weight with our HMO’s class for two years. Our son took his own life in July and we were devastated. Needless to say, our healthy program went out the window and now we have even more to lose. We would dearly love your healthy cookbook!

  • Pick me! Pick me! (please? :D)
    I´m trying to cook healthier meals, but I need a little guidance… ok maybe a lot! My last spur of the moment ´I´m so hungry I need something right now but I´m going to try and be healthy instead of eating two minute noodles´ meal ended with major stomach cramps for 24 hours, even though it was easy and tasty. Obviously, I need help with the healthy part! I love that you have variations for each of your recipes, as often I can´t find ingredients, or my husband doesn´t like them… for example, in the recipe above, it´s great knowing that I can substitute the cream for olive oil, since he thinks cream can only be used in sweet dishes! I´m tired of resorting to the same old meals because I don´t have time to make or think of new things – this cookbook would give me the impetus to try something new, since it´s all in the name of a review!

  • your book would be wonderful. we have a large family and im on a mission to simplify things and reduce pressure on me. cooking is next on my hit list! looking for easy and quick to prepare meals but with no compromises on nutritional value! thk u.

  • I read all of the comments before I decided to comment & my reason for commenting is basically the same as theirs, but with a little twist… I too need to get healthier & I LOVE your site & recipes. The book Stone Soup was a favorite as a child & as a teacher I ALWAYS incorporated it every year @ Thanksgiving with my students. But the MAIN reason I found your site in the first place was that in 2010 I contracted Strep Throat from 2 of my students & it turned into NF or the more common name- Flesh-Eating Bacteria. It almost cost me my life & 3 of my limbs. Since then, it has affected my kidneys & liver so much that I am on 4 shots of insulin a day & I HAVE to eat better. I have NO CHOICE if I want to live longer. It is NOT a diet for me now…its a WAY OF LIFE! My immune system now is so bad that I can’t be around more than 5 children at a time so my teaching career is gone as well as any other career. THAT is WHY I would really appreciate a free copy of your book & I would definitely be happy to offer YOU feedback on it. Than you for your consideration in this chance to win this cookbook & for taking the time to read my
    story! By the way- a plug here, If I may: If YOU or anyone you know has ANY kind of immune disorder: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc, & get around ANY child & they have Strep Throat – if YOU get Strep -GO TO THE DR & IF YOU’RE NOT 90% BETTER WITHIN 2 DAYS GO BACK TO THE DR- B/C your antibiotic is NOT working! (Or what happened to me CAN happen to YOU!)Just trying to save 1 person at a time from what I went through! :)

  • My fiancé and I desperately need to get our diets back in shape before our wedding! I am a school teacher and constantly on the go, which makes your simple, quick and healthy meals perfect for us, and we love the philosophy of minimising while still loving our food. We’ve been using so many of your recipes as go-to meals, but it would be great to try some new ones!

  • Short reason: I’m a new mum – anything with the words ‘healthy’, ‘tasty’ & ‘easy’ has got to be a winner! Lol
    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Jules. I’d love to review this book (as a big fan/user of your previous ones!). I have three children who are convinced that healthy = NOT tasty (there are audible groans when I answer the question ‘What’s for dinner?’ sometimes …), so clearly I need some new recipes!! I’d like them to eat healthy meals not because I tell them the benefits, but because they find them tasty too!

  • Hi Jules, I am trying to get pregnant and I hear I am going to be SUPER tired when it happens. And I need to eat really well for my little growing ‘fraggle’ as we are calling it when it happens too. So healthy and easy sounds devine for me right now! Love your cook books. Thank you for all your inspiring ideas.

  • I’m on a quest to lose 100 lbs to improve my health. Ten down, ninety to go. I’m looking for things that can help me enjoy doing that. Your book looks like it (and I) could be a winner.

  • Hi Jules,
    Who does not love healthy, simple, easy and tasty food. As a working mum, I do find your receipes simple and easy to follow. The dont take too much time and my family loves it. I am sure everyone loves to eat healthy and that is what I would find in your new cookbook. All the best to you and your team !

  • I’m challenged by food intolerances in my mid sixties so I LOVE your recipes with all the options you offer. They are just magic

    Your photos are radiant on the screen and call to me to try new dishes. Knowing I can tweak the ingredients, be healthy, indulge my taste buds and still have a happy gut, makes me turn to your recipes and encouragement time after time after time.

    A new Stonesoup collection? And the challenge of a competition?What’s not to like?

  • I am interested in your new cookbook. I like that your recipes are straightforward and relatively easy to prepare. Your recommended variations are helpful and your commentary is entertaining.

  • Who can resist the oxymoron of ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty’? In my world, you can have speed, taste or decadence, but only two of the three at any time. Any tasty, healthy food prepared and cooked in under an hour is a winner for one who is time-poor, health-conscious and taste-aware. Sounds like a win for body, mind and living.

  • I love to cook! I love veggies! Getting my fiance to eat what I cook, especially if it includes most veggies, is hard. He really needs to experience a variety of foods and I would like to get help with that within your cookbook.

  • Hey Jules,

    Healthy and tasty are right up my alley – I’ve embarked on an exercise and weight loss program – and with kids aged 9 and 12 plus a husband who loves a substantial meal, the words “diet food” are not welcomed at the dinner table :) The mention of quinoa sees them diving under the tablecloth!! I am loving the weekly meal plans but the new book might offer scope to change out a meal or so a week to suit the family’s tastebuds.

  • I would love to win a copy of your cookbook! I recently graduated college, and I am in a “rut”. I make the same meals over and over again, because they are quick and easy. I would love the chance to try some new quick and healthy recipes!! I need some variety in my meals, and I your cookbook will put me on that path.

    Sidenote, this is such a fantastic giveaway :)

  • I’m a busy working mum of a teen girl who is starting to get image /health conscious (which I’m keeping a close eye on) and due to the amount of after school activities during the week, I need meals that I can prepare quickly after work that will be ready to serve as soon as they get home from athletics/taekwondo/cricket/swimming beacuase they’re always ‘starving’ as soon as they walk through the door!

  • Hi Julie, I’m a full time working mum, with 2 growing boys, 19 and 16 that eat me out of the house and like to keep fit at the same time. I love to cook, but often struggle with quick and easy but healthy meals when I’m coming in late from work. I would love a copy of your new cookbook, it sounds like just what I need. Cheers Angela

  • Holding down two jobs is never easy. I work within the disability sector 5 days a week and I am the Director of happy healthy bodies at home. Both can be equally challenging but I wouldn’t swap either of them for the world. You inspire my cooking and tempt me to try new and exciting things at home. My colleagues and I (at my paid job) are now starting a healthy lunch club to try and make sure that we all stop and enjoy a wholesome tasty lunch together but I need a helping hand to keep the momentum going so I would love to preview your new book with the gang.

  • With a toddler, working almost full time, teaching pilates two nights a week (mainly to fit in some exercise for myself); pulling together meals that are healthy and tasty is nearly always a challenge. I used to pride myself on my healthy lifestyle – please help me reclaim that personal pride!

  • Thanks Jules for proving to me that you don’t have to be a pro-chef or have lots if spare time to eat exciting and tasty meals. I now love cooking and no longer dread the weekly shop or resort to processed meals that come from packets. I’ve tried so many new ingredients and combinations since discovering your site and love getting compliments from hubbie(he gets me to make the vindaloo recipe every weekend) Can’t wait to see your new book and discover new things to try!

  • Hi Jules
    I am really keen to review your book as I am always on the look out for new recipes. As I work almost full time and have two primary aged kids I find it a constant challenge to cook quick, healthy meals that everyone will eat and stay away from processed foods. I enjoy receiving your blog and have found the recipes I have cooked from it to me easy and balanced, and I’m keen to try more.

  • Helping family’s change their life by removing processed food, seems like a challenge, but the real challenge is the fact that so many women don’t know how to cook with whole ingredients, simply…
    You bridge this gap Jules. I am devising a program to help women heal their families. I have spent 2 years living on centreline payments (the lowest possible income) and my program will be released within the next 12 months. So not having the money to eat healthy has been proven wrong, because I have taken our family from unhappy, unhealthy and unconnected to a family who lives with abundance in all areas of our lives, while living on the lowest possible income and renting a house.
    Thanks Jules for being part of it…..
    And a copy of your new cookbook…..you give so much to our lives and others for free, it would give me absolute pleasure to review your book before release as a thank you for your generosity of spirit. The world thanks you. X x

  • G’day Jules

    I’d like a free copy of your Healthy & Tasty.

    I live alone, have plenty of eggs, a good vegie garden and good supplies of fruits, in season. I enjoy learning of new/different ways of preparing lovely, fresh ingredients.

    Happy days


  • I’ve been struggling with PCOS for 2 years and trying to improve my health. I really enjoy eating healthy but I desperately need TASTY healthy recipes my husband will also love!

  • Hi Jules – I’ve only just discovered your latest book. Loving it. I’m not the spring chicken I once was, but am still working full time with long hours. Healthy sounds good. Made Easy sounds great. I would put that new book to good use.

  • As a lady that’s recently single, it’s a shifting of gears to cook for one, plus get away from the “heavy” meals of meat/potatoes with a salad and bread. (don’t get my wrong – those are delish meals, but not always the best for the waistline) Plus, with age, comes certain sensitivities and I appreciate the options you list so that all the bases are covered with your recipes. I welcome having new ideas to be able to stay out of the repetitive rut we easily fall into. And new twists on some dishes would be fun to try!

  • So many worthy comments here… how do I stand out? I’ll just say, “PICK ME, JULES!!”. ;D

  • Easy is my middle name(oops that sounds wrong!) I love how you have the different options at the end of each recipe-I can feed the meat eating hub,the vegan daughter and the vegetarian me all with one meal and a couple of different ingredients and still have time for 2 jobs and a life(well once I work out how to survive without sleep) Keep it up

  • 2014 has been a trying year, bush fires, floods, the passing of my darling Grandpa (and that was just in 10 days), falling pregnant, miscarriage, the list goes on. I need to start fresh and find my feet again and get back to a simple way of life. ‘Healthy & Tasty Meals Made Easy’ sounds like just the place to start.

    ps it’s lovely to find a great Australian Food Blog…always love seeing your updates pop up on my email!

  • Hi Juls,

    Why do I want to be part of your pool of reviewers? Simple. I think your food is delicious! And who wouldn’t want to enjoy yummy easy food that is good for them?! I’ve put most of mine and my hubby’s family onto your ebooks and this Christmas everyone is bringing a plate of something over to our place for Xmas lunch – PLEASE GIVE ME THE UPPER HAND SO I CAN TAKE OUT BEST XMAS DISH FOR THIS YEAR (little family comp we run each year for a giggle- everyone votes annonymously and puts in what they would be happy to pay for the meal if it were served in a restaurant and most votes wins all the money chipped in!) Hubby and I desperatly need the funds to put towards our almost complete nursery (will be complete Jan 16 2015!!! :) If you get my drift? ;) )

  • Hi Jules – I don’t much like cooking, but have done so for the last 50+ years. I tend to reach for the same tried and true meals, so if I have a source for easy and still healthy recipes, that would be a good thing. I don’t go for stuff that needs tons of different ingredients, so the accent on “easy” is very appealing.

  • I work overnight shift at a hotel and like finding recipes that are easy to prepare before I go, and are filling but not too heavy. And as there are usually only 4-6 ingredients, there is less chance of there being garlic, coz you know that we vampires are allergic…just kidding…

  • I’ve been a vegetarian for 6 years and I have previously purchased an ebook from you and it quickly became my favorite go-to cookbook. Now the pages are getting a little worn which means I’ll be reprinting soon, but it would be wonderful to replace those pages with new recipes from you:)!!

  • Hi Jules,
    I’m relatively new to your site and cookbooks but our copy of your 25 Favourite Recipes has been getting a major workout in my kitchen of late. My family absolutely love the yummy meals and my husband (who’s a newly minted stay at home dad and doing all the cooking right now for the first time) just loves how easy the recipes are. I’m a nutritionist and blogger and my focus is on helping people boost their fertility and get pregnant. I’d be happy to give you some feedback on ‘Healthy and Tasty Meals Made Easy’ from the fertility/nutritionist perspective and/or get Matt to give you his take on it from the ‘dad’s new to cooking’ perspective. Keep up the great work, your site is definitely one of the best I’ve been introduced to all year!

    P.S. I’d also love to review your book on my site and share it with my audience. Let me know if you’re interested.

  • Hi Jules,
    If you want someone who will not just look through your book at the photos then I’m your girl! I love to cook and love trying new dishes. I’m working through loads of the recipes from SVCS now – in the last week alone I’ve done your killer baked beans, red thai sweet potato soup, breakfast lentils, veggie korma and magic sausage supper!! People keep asking me about my recipes and I direct them to stonesoup!
    Reviewing aside though, good luck with the book, I’m sure it’ll be a huge success and I look forward to it,

  • Currently in the midst of Kitchen renovations and your new book would be just the inspiration I need to get back into the swing of cooking after several weeks of freezer meals/takeaway and cereal for dinner!

  • I’m a health promoter as a career and a mother of a 1 year old at home and a lover of food in all areas. Food always brings people together and good food, helps build community. There are few things as satisfying to eat people say mmmmmm after taking a bite of something you’ve made. It’s like feeding their bodies and souls. Especially when the mmmm comes with a big smile from my son. This cookbook sounds like a perfect way to hear more of those enthusiastic mmmm’s from family and friends and share the healthy ingredients that make the meal so good. It’s a win, win, win!

  • Hi Jules,

    I am a recent follower to your blog, introduced by my daughter. I have since introduced many of my friends to your blog and your wonderful recipes. I would love to review your new Ebook and spread the word within my group.

  • Hi Jules, my husband works away for several weeks at a time & I often can’t be bothered to cook for myself. I’ve started watching your videos & love your simple style. Can’t wait for your new cookbook, cheers Rel

  • Hi Jules,

    I have been following your website for a while and also have a few of your cookbooks. I have been using your recipes for a couple of years now, which I absolutely love. The recipes are great, versatile and extremely easy to use- which is my philosophy to cooking! Like you say, I think cooking does not have to be difficult and your recipes are great because one does not have to be an experienced cook to produce a tasty healthy meal using your recipes! I suffer from a medical condition and the side effects from treatment has wrecked havoc on my health but I am determined to take control over that – even though the treatment will be long-term, my hypothesis is that a healthy eating lifestyle will help me combat the awful side effects so I am always on the hunt for healthy recipes and tips (and tasty too so I will keep at it!) hence would absolutely love a chance to preview your cookbook!
    P.S. Congrats on the new cookbook, I am sure it would be a success and thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes and tips all these years! This blog is awesome!

  • G’day Jules!
    I am 12 pounds lighter (!!) as I approach the end of an austere 2 month-long “cleanse diet.” Determined to not return to my bad eating habits, I would enthusiastically welcome your recipe ideas in ‘Healthy & Tasty Meals Made Easy’.

  • Yes please!!! I would love to review your new cookbook. I am turning 40 in 2 weeks and have completely revamped my lifestyle by exercising daily and eating well so that I start my 40’s on a high note! Running out of exciting meal options, so the chance to try some new ones would be great.

  • Recently lost 40 pounds and want to keep that weight off- your last cookbook had so many delicious recipes that were easy and healthy that I’m “hungry” for more!

  • I’m a mum to a 19month old toddler so always looking for new healthy and quick recipes. We love your previous cook books and actually had the butter chickpeas and lamb saag last night. I love the substitution ideas – makes it easy to create yummy food from what’s at home. Glad to hear you have a new cook book on the way :)

  • Hi Jules,

    I love your recipes; always with ideas that are really very good and practical. I always want to have someone to cook tasty, balanced meals for me, but until that magic wish comes true, I am sure your new book will do wonders for me in the very little time I usually am in the kitchen!

  • Okay so everybody needs to eat, but when your great recipe books not only provide my family and I delicious yet healthy eating, how can I resist another addition to my Jules collection!? By trade, I am a graphic designer and quite honestly your photography and choice of fonts have always appealed to me. Simple elegance really turns me on. So not only are your recipes simple and elegant but they are displayed in such a way that is wonderfully inspiring. I don’t know if I have earned a free preview with this submission, but just thought I would let you know how much I have enjoyed every aspect of your recipes, from presentation to digestion, all of it is super appreciated! Looking forward to the new collection, whether as a free preview or purchased post-view! Best wishes and much success upon its release!

  • I’m time poor just like everyone, but I value rich flavours, & playfulness with ingredients. Inspiration is key – & books, blogs & beatific advice bursting with taste & nutrients are my source for saucy cooking. I’d love to play with your book in my kitchen!

  • I am struggling to find all the recipes that keep popping up from different sources. A one stop recipe book would help me greatly on my path to healthier eating for myself and my family. Thankyou.

  • I love your site that is full of simple, tasty, healthy and budget conscious food. I LOVE to cook and bake and you inspire simplicity with a touch of class. Your super moist carrot cake is one of my favourites at the moment!!! I have two children and a husband and lots of friends that I love to share food with. I would be super excited to share your new recipes with those I love. Jude ????

  • Hi Jules,

    First of all, a big thank you for all your help so far.
    I am GF, vegetarian and started work full time in an office job a yr ago. I LOVE cooking but have found lately I don’t have the energy, or time, to sit down and plan meals anymore, I also can’t just duck out and always easily be able to find something at lunchtime. I love your recipes because not only can I easily convert them to suit me, but I am no longer cooking 2 meals, one for me and one for my carb & meat loving partner. We have a much more smoothly running household at meal times these days because I can use 1 recipe to feed 2 very different appetites, I just halve the amount of meat needed, chuck some tofu/or haloumi in the cart or add the staples I now keep in my pantry (chick peas, lentils). I waste so much less food because I only buy what I know I will need and not what I might use.
    I would love to be able to easily meal plan again and I think your new book would help me achive this goal.

  • I’ve been amazed at what delicious things can be made with so few ingredients! Thank you for the wonderful tastes. And thank you for all the variations that come with each recipe. As a gf, you can’t imagine what it means to not be left out on the delectables.

  • I would find this of huge benefit as it would mean cooking one meal for the whole family rather than my current situation where I cook up to 3 dishes for the family due to, vegetarian, Dairy free, gluten free, sugar free needs of different people.

  • Thanks for the great giveaway! I could really use the inspiration. i went through a really exciting ‘learning to cook phase’ which fizzled out after a few months. Now that I have a new boyfriend, I love whipping up meals together and I discover not only how wonderful the taste is, but also how easy, practical and cost effective home cooking can be!

  • Just returned to work & after a long day, topped with a long commute through bumper-to-bumper traffic, the last thing I want to do is cook. But I don’t feel well (nor does my wallet) but bringing in takeout all the time. This book could quite be the answer to easy, healthy meals in our home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • As a disorganised person, I struggle with planning and preparing healthy meals for my family, but I’m a recent biomedical science graduate with an interest in the link between food and health. I really understand the importance of good wholesome food for general physical health, brain function, and mental well-being, but being a recent grad, I’m broke from years of study and would really appreciate a chance to preview your book. I believe I could provide unbiased feedback on its user-friendliness.

  • I cook for one. This means that motivation to prepare meals can at times be severely lacking! I find the best inspiration comes from cookbooks that provide simple recipes that taste delicious… and surprise me at how quick and easy it is to create great nutrition!

  • Easy is my middle name! Wait!!!! it’s not what you think – honest!!!
    Working full-time and running around like a chook without a head with after school activities as well as working around a shift worker takes it’s toll on my time and creativity levels and the last thing I’m usually thinking about is “what’s for dinner?”. Easy and healthy is just what my heart desires xxx

  • I have recently had a baby and my passion for cooking has disappeared…new recipes are what I need to to reinvigorate my passion. Cook from scratch every day. Have previously proof read books for publication – ace at spotting other peoples errors not my own. I am also a veggie.

  • As a young professional who’s just moved out of home, $2 tacos just aren’t going to cut it in the long run! I’m always on the lookout for something simple but healthy, with the added challenge of eating for one… Love the rest of your work, can’t wait to try this!

  • Your ‘Zucchini Mac & Cheese’
    Was tested and we were pleased!

    We would love to try some more
    As we are a hungry family of four!

    Three are boys with a huge appetite
    And I’m The One who likes to do it right!

    I work and clean and love to cook
    And like it to be ‘Healthy & Tasty’ and look,

    If it’s easy and quick as well
    What a bonus! and I’m sure it will sell,

    Good on you Jules!

  • Hi There. First of all thank you so much for all the wonderful and free recipes that you so generously give us. Being a pension I just know I would receive great benefit from the privilege of owning a free copy of your new Health & Tasty Cookbook.

    Many thanks!

  • I find your recipes help me a lot, when I run out of inspirational ideas for meals, they are great, and so easy to follow

  • I am often stuck for ideas for dinner, I love the health factor, and the options you always have at the bottom of each recipe.
    With the hot and humid wet season looming, anything new and positive, will lift the spirit :)

  • Hi Jules
    I would love to win a copy of your new book as I try to eat as cleanly and healthily as I can. I am always open to new recipes to try which I can then get my husband to eat without being a “harpy” about trying to encourage him to eat healthy.By just cooking tasty and healthy food he just eats it!
    I also have all of your other books and congratulations on the launch of your “new baby”.

  • As a semi-“professional” I am always on the go. By the time I get home most days, I’m too pooped, bothered & bewildered to plan, much less cook dinner. On weekends my exhaustion levels are so high that when I do finally cook, it’s a VERY GRAND occasion, no matter how simple. It would be great if I could receive a free copy of your new cookbook to assist in my planning & cooking so that my cooking is not considered a VERY GRAND occasion, don’t you think? ;)

  • Healthy and Tasty….
    How can that be?

    Quick and Easy….
    That’s good for me!

    I would love to cook….
    But can’t find the time!

    Please help me out….
    Let the E-book be mine! :)

  • We are hearing that for the first time in centuries, our kids are expected to live shorter lives than their parents due to lifestyle and environmental factors, such as poor diet. I aim to teach my fussy kids to love and cook healthy food – real, unprocessed food with lots of vegies. This is not always easy with a family with different tastes. Once, I never knew what to cook for dinner, and mealtimes were often tense when the kids didn’t want to eat what seemed to have taken me hours to plan, purchase and cook. Thankfully, your books and virtual cookery school have changed that. I love your simple, flexible and very delicious approach to cooking, which means that I can vary things to suit the whole family. And I love the way that you look beyond the mainstream nutritional advice that has failed to prevent our society’s growing health problems, helping us to rediscover healthy fats, rethink our reliance on grains, and embrace fermented foods for gut health. You present these concepts in a very accessible, practical way, encouraging us to experiment and develop new habits that suit our bodies. And you do all of this while acknowledging that everyone is different and providing ideas on how to modify recipes. A big thank you, Jules. Looking forward to seeing your new book!

  • I live in arguably the most liberal state in the States, Vermont. It wasn’t always that way. Too many people from out of state eating sustainably, what ever that means. “Goat cheese and mangoes on Kale with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.” I don’t think so.
    Give me a simple, Vermont meal. Onions sauteed in butter. Sear road-kill venison in the same pan. Deglaze with a splash of fresh cider. A grind of salt. A grind of pepper. It doesn’t get much better than that … and it drives the Libs crazy!

  • I regularly suffer from “can’tthinkwhattocookitis.” You’ll often find me performing like an opera diva crying out to the empty kitchen with my hands in the air, “What am I going to cook?” Seriously, it is frustrating for me because I am so hopelessly disorganised and my three kids, plus hubby, all seem to want or need variations of any one meal. I love simplicity, variety and above all healthy meals.

  • I am sick of coming home at the end of a long day to my husband complaining he is hungry. And when I ask what he wants for dinner I get the standard, ‘I don’t know, you decide.’ How about we let you decide for us Jules :)

  • Cooking for mum! After my most cherished memories of cooking with mum in the kitchen, and now single and in her 60s, she has lost the motivation and inspiration to cook for herself. Still working full time and a very devoted rower, my mum would benefit greatly from tasty and wholesome recipes that she can incorporate into her lifestyle.

  • I’m in a rut with my reliable favorites which lately feel overly reliant on frying or roasting with oil. Also my boyfriend’s 10 year old son is a very picky eater, and we are looking for inspiration to find new things he might like beyond nachoes, pasta in creamy sauce, baguettes, guacamole and Hawaiian pizza…

  • I <3 food that's quick and easy,
    but if it's "fast" it's also queasy!

    I'd love some recipes that make me healthy
    without the need of being wealthy.

    I have a growing family to feed
    but for tasty ideas I find myself in need.

    A copy of your cookbook would reduce these trials
    and fill my table with happy smiles!!


  • I’ve been living in China for almost three years now and I must say food here isn’t the most healthy! Oil and more oil is usually what dishes are consisted of so I’ve put on quite the amount of weight since I’ve been living here. That’s why I crave healthy food, and at least with your recipes I know I’ll find the time (and ingredients) to actually make them!

  • Gosh…
    I have a full-time job, a partner with three little girls, a little boy of my own… and, did I mention some food issues? I love your recipes for the notes at the end – how to modify for all the special people in our lives.
    A book of those recipes, which more-or-less fit in my more-or-less slow carb diet, on top of everything else, would be amazing :)

  • Healthy and Tasty sounds like such a good book
    I’m sure full of things I’d love to cook

    A few years ago, I had some major health issues
    So I’m on the lookout for meals that are healthy and still delicious

    I’d love to win a copy of the ebook
    My husband will be so happy with the new meals I cook!

  • Love the inspiration your recipes bring: I am vegetarian (and increasingly vegan); my partner has a laundry list of food allergies (mostly to things vegetarians/vegans eat….); and we have two children to feed healthily, so we need flexible recipes! Your suggestions for tweaking menus for different needs are genius. I’m trying to plan meals more to avoid last minute suggestions of let’s-make-the-kids-spaghetti-carbonara… So I’d love to win a copy of your new book! Congratulations and keep it up! All the very best.

  • Although I am 76 I still think it is very important to provide healthy meals for my husband and if they are, in addition, tasty what an added bonus!

    Your blog has been a great inspiration to me as you so often inspire me to get out of any rut I may have fallen into! Thank you for all your recipes and wonderful ideas.

  • How would I benefit from the new cookbook ? Let me count the ways …. 1 having just had knee surgery and being told that I needed to get my own meals after just two weeks at home ( and still on crutches ) I need quick to make tasty food for one .
    2 I need to experience some new and enthusiastic food now I am back cooking abit more for myself but after nearly amonth off my feet in hospital and not cooking for me I need to lift my game againand get back onthe Jules food track .
    3 i lost some weight in hospital and since and need to keep on track with healthy tasty quick to prepare food again
    4 losing some more weight will keep me on track to loose some more weight and keep on keeping on (actually keeping off would be better choice of words here ) and staying on track withthe exercise that I have sort of become used to doing !
    That’s about it — Sue

  • From chancing on your blog whilst looking for a simple lemon meringue pie recipe more than 6 years ago to various meal planning articles… one of your best tips that I’m living still by is to buy what’s in season (and usually on special) and then decide on what to cook.

  • Hmmmmm, I have a lap band which makes my meals small and restrictive, eg: no solid meats. But I want flavour and I am delighted to have a reasonable portion size and flavour with your meals. Also I enjoy trying your recipes with few ingredients and a time crunch. I also pass the recipes on to my two sons to add to their cooking repertoire.

  • Hi Jules,
    having been diagnosed with an auto immune condition I now look at the world of food in a brand new way and have learnt that actually simple, quality ingredients offer superior health outcomes and my fridge and pantry have never looked the same. In this quest I have referred to many stonesoup and yellow bench recipes and I want to thank you for a style of cooking that will change the future of food for me and my children. Stonesoup is a broth of goodness, vitality and wellbeing and will always be in my kitchen. Thank you!

  • Sometimes my complexion is pasty
    ‘Cos I eat processed food – I’m too hasty
    When I get in a funk
    I tend to eat junk
    So I need Jules’ Healthy and Tasty!

  • I’m a mum who is also trying to encourage my children to eat healthily. I’m always looking for creative ways to include more veggies in our diet and I think your book could inspire me to cook better and improve our health.

  • My beloved hubbie runs our family’s restaurant and I am a teacher, so the flexible alternatives you offer help us to weave wholesome food into our hectic schedules. When I learned last spring that it was a lactose intolerance that was making me unwell so frequently, it was Stonesoup that offered me tasty, healthy alternatives and introduced me to brewing kombucha. I have already learned so much.
    We are preparing to begin the next chapter of our lives, hoping we might be blessed with a child. Of course I don’t want to interfere with the natural process too much, and I have found myself being more conscious of food as a source of good health rather than a pleasure or a quick fuel. Stonesoup has been an important part of that realization. We would love to help “test drive” your new ebook!

  • Well, being pregnant and having hashimotos I have decided its time to give my diet an overhaul. I have decided that lunch every day will be one of your recipes as I love the whole ‘5 ingredient’ philosophy and the simplicity of your meals. Today for lunch I really enjoyed your spiced beef with homemade hummus and for dinner tonight we had to see what the fuss was with the Romesco sauce (my husband loved it, as did I). I can see that once #2 comes along simple and healthy food that tastes good is going to be essential so I would LOVE to preview your new book. Please.. :) (PS Thanks to you I am working my way through The 4-Hour Body – I love the slow carb idea!)

  • What I love is the variations!!! When having a party or just a friend over it’s nice not to have to think of variations on a dish for dietary needs. Such a life saver! Keep up the wonderful work and excited for the cookbook!!

  • I’m on Weight Watchers and your recipes are helping me to finally reach my goal! I’m American married to a meat-eating Aussie…even if I don’t win, this ones on my wish list :)

  • It all started with my 45yr old check up. High cholesterol! Mortified. The information my darling GP gave me sprouting the low fat dairy, no eggs story didn’t ring true so I went searching for the answer and I found you. I joined up immediately. Since then I have taken on Sugar Free September (completely liberating) and started going to the farmers market to buy the lovely fresh green leafies and chat to the delightful vendors. The family (4 children, the husband and the granny) have embraced the new way of cooking with I would say a 96% enthusiasm rate. So good on you and thanks very much.

  • Love to be the winner of your new book. Cooking for one is a challenge. Freeze it not the answer. Cooking for me is having fun. However problems that come with ageing mean simple and healthy is the way to go.

  • I am a caregiver for elder parents, one who has a feeing tube but can eat some blended foods and soft things. I struggle to find healthy, nutritious foods for all of us plus things my dad can eat. Life can sometimes get overwhelming thinking of what to cook. Mom and I can eat meat. Dad has to have to very ground up. We love homemade things and soups and pasta. I would love to get your class for us.

  • I am a caregiver for elder parents, one who has a feeing tube but can eat some blended foods and soft things. I struggle to find healthy, nutritious foods for all of us plus things my dad can eat. Life can sometimes get overwhelming thinking of what to cook. Mom and I can eat meat. Dad has to have to very ground up meat like moist meatloaf. We love homemade things and soups and pasta. I would love to get your class for us.

  • The e-book will help me get the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It will help me feel my best and have plenty of energy. It can help me handle my stress better also my cardiovascular problem

    Healthy eating is one of the best things you can do to prevent and control many health problems, such as, Type 2 diabetes,High blood pressure & Heart disease.

    Cheers for the chance to win the new E-cook book

  • Hi Jules, I’d love a free copy of your new cookbook if I were lucky enough to be chosen and think I’d really benefit as I love your ethos of healthy “from scratch” cooking with whole ingredients, but am nervous going it alone and would love your guidance. I also have a 4 year old who is deciding that she is not going to eat all I do, and a ravenous 2 year old boy with whom I can’t keep up!

  • Your e-cookbooks and recipes have entirely changed the way I enjoy food and prepare meals over the past few years. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you.

  • As my days are becoming more filled with caregiving for my darling husband, I find my cooking prep time crunched. (And I love to cook and garden!) I am also challenged to keep him interested in eating and as healthy as he can be, despite his MS. Your new cookbook could be the springboard to better eating and health.

  • Like Kate, above, I am also a caregiver and gardener and, I am always on the lookout for healthy new recipes. Before retiring to care for my husband, I worked as a copywriter and editor, so perhaps, this will be mutually beneficial. I look forward to reading your newest cookbook.

  • Hi – I have been following your blog for a little bit now. I really like the idea that you can take just a few ingredients and create a complete meal. I cannot though follow a healthy option plan completely. I always find myself slipping back. I am not a big vegetable lover and to be honest, a real comfort food type. I love beef stew, green bean casserole, mac-n-cheese, pan fried steaks, cheese burgers, fries and doughnuts. Although I do try to cook healthy and try to choose healthier options, the biggest problem I have is taste and satisfaction. I can’t find an alternative to the satisfaction and comfort fatty foods bring. I am not a big fast food person. I like old fashion hearty meals that fill you up and taste amazing. I feel though that I could improve the relationship I have with food and therefore better my overall life. I would love to review your new eBook, Healthy and Tasty Meals Made Easy. It would be a challenge for me to step outside of my “comfort” zone and I would appreciate the opportunity to find a healthy alternative for taste satisfaction. Thank you for the consideration and for working hard to help educate and guide us to a better way of eating!

  • I have two jobs. I’m running around, trying to learn a second language for one of my jobs, and my commute is long so cooking time is very limited. I’ve been interested in going vegan and eating healthier for years and every time I come home and I have a taste for something, and I want it to be healthy and vegan I have to go to my shelf, pull out a cook book and lament over not having a specialty item. It’s inconvenient.

    I do notice though, that anytime I cook off the top of my head, it’s something I remember from your previous cookbooks. There is a delicious fritata of yours that I like to make. I know it’s not vegan, but I love that I can use what I have, it’s super quick and it bakes in the time it takes for me to shower, and is cool by the time I’m done getting dressed. I read that in one of your books a few years ago and I still remember it (it was that recipe that introduced me to smoked paprika and I loooooooove it! I use it on a lot of things!).

    I like that you give principles of a dish rather than a hard fast recipe. It’s then easy to tweak so it’s vegan for myself or I can add or take away for when I cook for others who are not vegan.

    I would gladly pull a “Julie and Julia” and cook through your new cookbook. Your dishes are always simple, fresh and–dare I say it–memorizable. I think if I got the principles of your dishes down, I could have enough to go on for a while. I’m fairly young, but healthy practices should be started early.

    Though I know I’d never regret buying another one of your cookbooks to keep things fresh.

    (This is totally not healthy but your totally not vegan brownies are to die for! I was asked at a party to make them last minute while dinner was being served, something went wrong with the planned dessert. The hostess ran out and bought me cocoa powder and I made them in a kitchen I was unfamilliar with with no problems. I didn’t memorize anything but the proportions. I think if I can apply this to healthy cooking, I could have better eathing habits)

  • Hi Jules, I am a Personal Chef and always have to cook elaborate meals for long hours for other people and as much as I LOVE cooking, sometimes it is the last thing I feel like doing for myself when I get home. I’m wanting to educate the rest of my household to prepare healthy meals and stay away from pre made stuff from the shop and use the veggies and herbs I have in the garden. However they are nervous to cook for me because I won’t eat any pre made food or ingredients. I decided to get them to have a go at cooking your weekly recipes and this has given them so much confidence to cook for me. I think it would be great if they had a recipe book that they could refer to on a daily basis and then I will not only be getting them to cook healthy fresh meals for themselves as well as me, it will also be teaching them to cook healthy and appreciate cooking using fresh ingredients.

  • I am a college student, so I have very little time or money. Most of the time my diet consists of boxed Mac n’ cheese, pizza and beer. I am always looking for a quick, easy and cheap way improve my diet. I like your recipees because they are simple, easy to make and I don’t have to do a ton of grocery shopping because of the 5 ingredient limit. I am really looking for a way to improve my health and I think my diet could be the quickest and easiest way.

  • Jules – I love your site and your approach to cooking, you’ve already been a huge help to me both in skills and attitude. I could use your book because after growing up in New Orleans I have this association that tasty food is indulgent, heavy and highly caloric. When I make more healthy food it just doesn’t taste as good and I feel deprived. I’d love to be able to make food that tastes great and is healthy too.

  • I am trying to learn new and devious ways to trick my boyfriend into eating healthier. This book would be a perfect stepping stone on my path to overlording his food intake and transforming him, Gandalf-style, into a vegetable eater against his will. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

  • I am doing a presentation in front of my peers in November on how to eat healthier at work. I think your book would provide me some great examples to share and make me look good in front of my boss. I love that you give different variations to your recipes, so that will help with the different diet restrictions of my audience. Since you are looking for feedback I love to share my opinion with anyone who will listen. And finally, who doesn’t like something for free. Thanks for making this offer.

  • I’m a full-time working mom of three, and actually considered not writing this comment because it takes time! That being said, I’d love to have a copy of your latest book to help me prepare healthy meals for my family quickly, and get back some of that elusive commodity, that’s always just out of my grasp… TIME! Thanks for considering.

  • As a single mum who also has a ft day job, I’m always looking for quick healthy options. I love your recipes have alternatives for those of us who have too much going on to think of substitutes. Keep up the great work!

  • Today I was eating at a friends house and raving about the lunch, it was one of your recipes! I had shared your book and website with her over a year ago when she had her first baby and today I enjoyed the benefits. I’m a young mom of one, soon to be two! My job, and my hobby in life, is healthy food. I love your food philosophy and resonate so much with the principles! I also consider myself a “lazy”cook but am known as a foodie by my friends and family. My work is all about educating customers on health and I teach healthy living classes to people with varying health issues and part of that is to get them eating real food and getting their blood sugars balanced. A challenge of each person is time to make healthy food, Its amazing how hard people find it to eat real, healthy food. I’d love new ideas to get people cooking! I have helped edit a booked call “discover the power of food” (health info and recipes and Canadian best seller!). I prioritize quality, healthy food for myself and am passionate about sharing that with others! I personally like a diet focused on veggies, fats, quality meats, legumes and some grains, I find your current recipes so amazing that they focus on these things! I think I’d be a great person to try out your new and dreamy sounding book. I truly believe in the power of food and would love to make this a reality for many more! Thank you for all the recipes you’ve already put out and the people you have already influenced!

  • I heard a saying that I have turned into a positive life changing motto. It goes like this “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels”. With this in my mind I am finding the strength and perseverance to not only make healthy eating a natural part of my life but also enjoyable. So as I munch on my home made preserved lemon infused chicken salad (using your receipe of course), I jurt had to enter your competition but also to say thank you for your simple yet yummy creations.

  • I recently signed up for your newsletters and I am so inspired!!!
    3 weeks out of 6 my husband is away and when I get home from my full time job I really don’t feel like starting to cook, even though I Love to cook. I really wish sometimes I could just print the pictures from your site out and eat them!!
    But within minutes in the kitchen and it’s still daylight outside I have the most tastiest food in front of me!!
    The simplicity of small quantities and quality ingredients is a treasure to behold in today’s world and you have done an amazing thing with your beautiful recipes and yummy, lush photo’s for us.
    I am writing this in my afternoon work break because I won’t have time later….our lives are far too busy these days!!

  • Your website is so inspiring and I admire your enthusiasm and verve – especially as you must be very busy with a little one!
    Healthy and Tasty……………… how often is the perception that the two just don’t go together. Through your simple recipes on your website, and no doubt in your new E-book, you have shown that those two words can indeed go together!

  • I signed up to your meal planning early this year and found it a tremendous help in terms of ideas for pulling together relatively quick, healthy, tasty and pocket-friendly meals in a flash. I’d love to help preview your new ebook if you would like feedback from a vegetarian perspective. Regardless keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your knowledge that help others live better

  • i just moved and had to buy new furniture. i’ve been cooking at home a lot to save money and i’m always looking for new ideas because it’s so easy to fall into a rut and get bored. i want to continue eating healthy and nutritious food that’s delicious and i’ve made myself. mahalo and aloha!

  • I recently lost my lovely mum to cancer and during the three months between her diagnosis and her death my partner and I spent as many hours as we could with her. Because she lived 80 miles away from us there was a lot of time spent hurtling up and down motorways, and the combination of this time on the road and the time sitting in her room at the hospice meant that our food intake was erratic and often nutritionally-null (not much good food comes out of vending machines!). Her loss has meant that we are now concentrating on what is important in life – family, friends, health and good food. Your combination of using a few real-food ingredients and giving alternatives to each recipe provides us with all that we need – healthy and tasty food, without hours of preparation and with alternatives in case we’re feeling spontaneous. Fantastic. We already use a lot of recipes from your website but we would welcome the chance to try some more.

  • hi I’m a single person who doesn’t really both to cook for myself on a regular basis. when I do make meals I generally make a salad or a stew which stretches over a few days. your recipes look so nice and are quick and easy on the whole to make. they make we want to make different kinds of food regularly. every now and again I share one I particularly like with my children.
    thank you

  • Hi Jules,
    As a flat out retired grandmother of two with three full babysitting days each week I have never been more conscious of healthy eating in a hurry! It would be a privilege to have a chance to give some feedback on your exciting new venture. I am not super dextrous round computer matters so I might be able to give you a sense of how the older members of your target audience would find it.
    In any case, Jules, I do hope that it is a runaway success.

  • Hi Jules,
    We are pensioners and have just discovered “and the love is free”.We recognize the importance of nutrition at our age and we find your recipes are so simple and nutritious we cannot wait to see your new book and try your new exciting recipes.
    All our Love from Peter& Marlene

  • Good morning! I am in my 6th decade of life and ready to start living the life I want, emphasis on me. I am practicing for my new life by eating healthier, downsizing, exercising more, and loving myself. I’ve lost 40 pounds so far and am making plans for an “estate auction” later this year. I really like going to the gym before work and feel better than I have in years. I would love a copy of your new cookbook to help me practice cooking healthy. Plus, being an ebook, it will fit nicely into my tiny home I am planning to buy early next year.

    Peace and love,

  • What a relief.. the run up to Halloween was so much smoother-I’ve managed to make with the kids a huge paper mâché eyeball and scarey tea cake (Scottish equivalent of Tim tams maybe?) costumes while getting dinner ready.
    Definately couldn’t have managed that last year when I was using a celebrity Chefs 15 minute recipe book!
    Thanks for making Halloween fun again Jules.

  • I could really use this cookbook! My husband seems to come from a family of ill people, and is in and out of the hospital with various aliments almost every other month. We are a busy family and I could use the quick and HEALTHY meal ideas to help him to find a happy place where he can be sick less often!

  • I have made a lot of healthy changes to the meals I cook over the past few months, and I’m really excited about my new cooking habits (in no small part inspired by you!). But as a full-time working mom with a 2.5 yr old, it’s always a stretch to get dinner on the table, and the time crunch is about to get worse. The winter (I live in Seattle) schedule at our office is to close a half hour LATER Monday-Thursday, so we can leave two hours earlier. That’s great on Fridays, but eats away at valuable evening time during the week, and that missing half hour/45 minutes makes a HUGE difference to being able to get a healthy dinner ready…Unless I learn to do it faster. :) So, I would love to review your new book!

  • Hello Jules! I discovered you through A Simple Life, and am ever so grateful. I too (like many others who’ve posted comments) am a working mom of a toddler and wife of a working husband who is trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. My ONE SINGLE HOBBY is cooking, which is new and exciting and overwhelming. I actually think being a part of your preview crew would build in an INCENTIVE to test and try and give feedback. Yes, yes, please count me in! xx :) Karin

  • Jules,
    You are a godsend….I live out in the country and don’t have access to alot of ‘special’ ingredients for recipes. But your recipes are just want I need. They are nutritious, simple and easy to prepare. I also have to work off-farm which means lots of travel to the nearest larger town for employment so your quick and easy recipes are just the thing…I am also going through menopause and although I eat healthily, I seemed to be putting on weight but again your recipes has come in and saved the day. I have been inspired to start a vegie garden so I can have the fresh ingredients that I cannot buy. I also do alot of training and education via the internet so once again your ebooks are the best answer for me to get books and keep them handy.
    Thanks again Jules for saving the day in more ways than one.

  • I have your cookbook: five ingredients ten minutes. I love the way each recipe can be suited for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian eaters (my husband eats meat.) We have an unusual lifestyle and I’ve been searching for something like this for years. Actually I found out about it from another traveling family like us. We have been to about 40 countries in the last six years. Since we move every couple of months, the ingredients are always changing in each country, and it’s been hard to find dishes easy enough to cook no matter where we are (often our kitchen isn’t the best set up either.) I would love this cookbook because eating healthily while traveling has turned out to be sometimes a real challenge. Thanks for your consideration. And btw, let me know if you have an affiliate program.

  • i’am new to your site i think it is awesome. Iv been battling cancer for some time now. I don’t have the strength too go out and work like i use to so i took up cooking for my wife and family. it’s great wish i did it sooner, every buddy loves the new dishes i make thanks to you. i share all your receipts with the nurses that care for me. they think I’m the best cook around, with that in mind i get the best care in the hospital. once again you have help me so much. thank you

  • All of us need simple, life is too complicated already.

    It has always been a challenge to cook a meal for myself and my husband since I want to throw just about any and every vegetable into a dish, but then he walks into the kitchen and stares into the pot and I just know he is wondering how he is going to eat around those things. He is a very healthy guy who just isn’t into vegetables, but if I find a recipe where that isn’t overwhelming, he will try it. That has been my mission!

    I love your variations too since my brain doesn’t work well in the world of culinary creativity, so thanks for that too!

  • I would love to receive your new cookbook! I’ve been in SUCH a cooking and food rut. My 5-year-old daughter and I are vegetarian. Being recently diagnosed with autism, she is extremely picky about what foods she will eat. I’ve been totally burnt out on searching for new recipes, trying them out, and then having her refuse to even try it willingly. It seems that I have more success when the food is simple, which is why I’m thinking I could benefit from your cookbook! Your recipes always seem to be fast, fresh, and simple, so maybe they would be a hit at our house.

  • I receive your emails and love how your recipes have various options listed at the bottom. I’ve been trying to eat more vegetarian meals to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure and could use more recipes. My favorite recipe for quinoa is your Broccoli Quinoa which my son renamed Greenwah. Have a super day!

  • As my children grow, I am being more conscience of what they eat and what goes into food. I love the simplicity of your recipes and great tips. I have few of your ebooks and use them often. The kids and hubbie love them. Here’s to healthy clean eating with enthusiasm! Thank you Julie ????

  • I currently have my daughter her husband and 2 children living with me while they are between houses. I would love a copy of your new book to help with the hectic meal times I need to prepare after I have picked up children from school which is a twenty minute drive there and back whilst my daughter is working full time

  • Hi Jules
    I’m in my eighties and have my son and his 16 yo daughter living with me. My son loves to cook but does not like to follow recipes, so sometimes the results of his “creations” are less than perfect. Having recipes with minimum ingredients would suit his style perfectly. I would love to preview your latest book and at the same time introduce both of my family members to simple no-fuss recipes.

  • I’ve been following your blog forever a year now and have appreciated the help with cooking with fewer ingredients and time. I was quite sick 5 years ago, and have made efforts to live a more healthy lifestyle. I’d love to preview your book!

  • Hi there,
    I am a horribly diabetic vegetarian, married to a cannibal and my daughter is allergic to everything that exists. You can imagine how “exciting” it is to go into my kitchen each day at supper time. Your site has been my saviour many times, because I can “tweak” to make a dish for all of us, instead of hours making three separate meals each time.

  • I have found your recipes an absolute godsend for our annual 4 month long trek in our caravan. The simplicity of 5 ingredients, the efficient use of time, the healthy and tasty combinations, and the ease of substitution to suit various dietary requirements are what has me cooking more and more out of your collections. Your shopping lists also make it easy to menu plan once we hit town and can do a decent shop.

  • I am a working HR professional. My parents are old. Occasionally I cook as well. I would love to make them eat good and healthy meal. This way I can look after them well.so that they can lead a hale and healthy life.
    Amit kumar

  • Help is needed for me. Suddenly this past year I went from fixing meals for two to fixing them for four when my daughter and her 17 year old son moved in with us. My grandson has a lot of food issues that have forced me to think about and cook food differently. I need all the help that I can get! The recipes in your blog have been helping me but I could use even more ideas. Please consider selecting me for one of the copies of your cookbook. Thanks.

  • I love your recipes, simple and tasty. So a copy of the new e-book would add one more healthy, fast, and tasty way to give me options when making dinner!

  • if any of your recipes are like the one you are sharing with us for free we are all in for a culinary treat! As a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 44 years I find so many recipes one dimensional and boring. I love the passion and spark of your cooking. My husband, the meat eater, loves food of any kind. Your book would be a precious addition to our kitchen.

  • I was in a food rut and was either eating take away, frozen dinners or cooking the same couple of dishes for dinner. I needed something to get me motivated to eat healthy food, but it had to be simple and quick. I’ve cooked a few of you’re recipes in the post and loved them so I jumped right in and signed up to your menu plan and follow it 4 nights a week and feel so much better – Thank you for reminding me I love to cook. I even get people at work asking about my lunch (left-overs from dinner). I’d love a copy of your new book so I can keep adding to my cooking repertoire

  • Dear Jules, I’d like to preview your book,
    Because it might help me learn to cook,
    A tasty and mightily healthy dish,
    Which is my entire family’s wish. ????
    With ingredients aplenty in my pantry,
    I’m really hoping you’ll choose my entry.

  • Hi Jules,
    My mother put me in front of a stove at age two. I’m sixty-two now. My early years of culinery training benefitted from the back door to the kitchen being in more or less a direct line from the stove. Some of my “dishes” may have a bit of tongue-in-cheek influence.
    The Creator blessed my with an ability to combine things in the kitchen into really good eats. Like 80/20 hamburg, hot Italian sausage and bread stuffing. It’s not meatloaf, nor is it stuffing. After baking it in a loaf pan, slices make the basis of a good dinner when a couple of vegetable sides are included.
    I’ll bet your cookbook has some simple, but tasty recipes to explore.

  • Mom of three darlings; a 9-year old and 6-year old twins. Wife to a husband who works long hours in a demanding profession. I’m running on fumes…

  • I’m 23 and still getting the hang of being a real adult – cooking dinners after work and such! I’m also an elite athlete and would get benefits from both the healthy side of things, especially after training late when it is so tempting to reach for the take away menu. I love the simplicity of your recipes and would love to be a previewer!

  • Your broccoli soup coooked with parmesan rind did it for me – love the simplicity of your food Jules. I would be honored to test drive more of your creations.

  • Hi Jules,
    Been following your blog for some time now. Recently retired, I’ve taken over the cooking duties for my wife & I. Rather than follow a stuffy dry boring cookbook (Ornish diet for reversing heart disease), I’ve been following a number of your recipes and modifying them to fit my wife’s dietary concerns. Your recipes provide a refreshing springboard for modifications to fit her needs and my own. Thanks and always look forward to your blog.

  • I’m about to embark on some big changes (in 2 weeks I do a ‘seachange’ and I start a new job) to simplify and hopefully destress my lifestyle. However before I can move to the area I have a 2 hour commute each day. So I need all the time I can get and I want simple in everything. I’ve been trying to overhaul what I eat too so your new book will help me as I seem to have no imagination when it comes to food and would like to get tasty meals whilst being healthy with the goal of not having food rule my life. Thank you for what you do.

  • I just came to your site from a Pinterest link. I NEED to stop giving in to the pizzas and easy quick drive thrus on busy days. I’m not a fan of cooking and anything that’s too complicated or takes a long time will never even be attempted. I need quick easy yummy and heathy recipes to change my eating habits and to learn more about cooking and being in the kitchen :) I’d love to try the cookbook as a beginner and hopefully it’s something that helps me cook more!

  • I’d actually really like to give this book to my son’s girlfriend. He can cook a little, she not at all, so there’s a lot of teasing going on and I’d like to help her out!

    I’m waiting every day to hear of an engagement, but no word yet. Maybe this could be the inspiration! haha.. :)

  • My husband and I, parents of two wonderful adult daughters and three (not so adult) rescue dogs, both work full time in law enforcement. We leave the house at 6am and do not return until 6pm. Each day, I start with a promise that we will eat healthier and exercise more. Somehow, the day flies by, and I fall back to the old familiar (not particularly healthy) recipes that I grew up with. Despite my best intentions, I find myself offering up excuses such as – I just do not have time to master a new recipe. I would love a copy of your new cookbook to show me how to simplify my cooking, yet eat healthier. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  • I stumbled across your website today, and am thrilled! I work with young adults and older teens with autism, mental health issues, and more. We are teaching them life skills in our kitchen, where they learn to prepare nutritious, simple meals that they can successfully prepare with minimal support. I would love to test drive your cookbook with them, as you offer a great variety to the simple ingredients they are able to work with. I know I will be using this resource at home for my own family as well!

  • I left everything, took a huge risk and traveled to Thailand completely alone to find myself. For the past 7 months I have been studying intensive meditation with the forest monks, living in a small wooden house–also known as a kuti–surrounded by geckos, poisonous snakes, and scorpions. Did I mention that one went up my pants? Hahahaha. I know it may sound frightening from the outside, but in my experience of living and mediating alone I have discovered that true fulfillment and happiness can really come from within your heart/mind and that I don’t need to depend on materialism for happiness. Long story short, I am back in the world now(5 days in) and since I ate only once a day for 7 months I need to find a simple but healthy way to get back into cooking and eating 3 times a day. I am still in Thailand and will be here while I am figuring out my next step. I love your blog and cooking tips (since I suck at cooking complicated meals) because you make it so easy yet still healthy (super important to me). I would be truly grateful to receive a free copy of “Healthy & Tasty”–I am a big fan! ! It would be a huge lifesaver for where I am at right now while I am working on the next phase of my life. Thank you. What you do is truly awesome and so are you! !

  • I love your recipes! I would love a copy of healthy and tasty. I’m working on being healthier and learning flavor combinations. I love cooking seasonally, but I’ve been in a rut for awhile now. I’m sure the recipes will be wonderful!

  • Hello, I loved to explore your blog, your advices are good to eat fast and healthy, last time I used Culver’s restaurants, but now I am not working and need some more healthy recipes!

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