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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] T[/dropcap]his week I have something a little different for you!

Yep. Instead of me doing all the talking, err writing, I’m handing over to one of my students from my online cooking classes.

So here’s what James had to say about the Shakshuka recipe (see below for full recipe) from one of my classes.

Hi Jules,

So this was one of those stone soup recipes where I thought – hmm, spinach, capsicum and pasta sauce. This is going to taste bland and not be filling. I’m not sure if it is the simplicity but stone soup recipes often make me feel like this, and then prove to be otherwise.

This was no exception.

So, I went off to find the ingredients, I was lucky to get long bell peppers, which are sweet in taste. I also chose a puttanesca sauce for instant heat and threw in some chorizo I had left over (not veggie, but yummy).

The end result was amazing!

My other half who is a pasta addict, was amazed at the way the spinach replaced the role of pasta, providing the much needed “bite”. The flavour was great and it was really filling. This (after broccoli and chorizo (with egg rather than mayo) is my new favourite.

For anyone that hasn’t tried this, please do. It is great and so simple.



Shakshuka is a Tunisian dish of baked eggs. I love it because it’s super versatile and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you don’t have access to harissa (a super hot and delicious Tunisian chilli paste) see the variations for alternatives.

enough for: 2
takes: 15 minutes

2 red bell peppers (capsicum), chopped
1 jar tomato pasta sauce (1.5 cups)
1 tablespoon Harissa (optional)
4 eggs
handful labneh or other soft cheese (optional)
1 bag baby spinach

1. Heat a little olive oil on a medium heat in a large fry pan. Add peppers and cook stirring every now and then until they are soft. Between 5-10 minutes.

2. Add tomato sauce and harissa (if using). Bring to a simmer. Taste and season with salt and more harissa if you prefer it hotter.

3. Break the eggs into the sauce. Cover with a lid and gently simmer for 3-4 minutes or until the egg whites are set and the yolks still runny.

4. Serve eggs and sauce on a bed of baby spinach with cheese scattered over (if using) and lashings of black pepper.


no harissa? – any hot sauce, chilli paste, or finely chopped fresh red chilli can be used, just be careful not to add too much. See more harissa substitute ideas.

carnivore – add chorizo or spicy sausage with the peppers.

not hot – reduce or skip the harissa. Still a really lovely dish.

vegan / egg-free – replace the eggs with a drained can of beans. And replace the cheese with a handful of roasted almonds or pine nuts.

dairy-free – replace the cheese with a handful of roasted almonds or pine nuts.

short on time – skip the peppers or use pre-roasted peppers.

more substantial / carb lovers– serve with hot buttered sourdough toast, warm flat bread or tortillas.

more veg – soften an onion with the peppers. Other possible additions include mushrooms, sliced zucchini or eggplant.

different cheese – ricotta, goats cheese, goats curd, shaved parmesan.

home made labneh – labneh is a ‘cheese’ made by straining yoghurt to remove some of the moisture. To make your own take natural plain yoghurt and place in a sieve lined with cheesecloth, tea towel, a cloth or other cloth that you’re happy to touch your food. Place the sieve over a bowl to catch the liquid ‘whey’ refrigerate until the yoghurt is as thick as you like. I usually leave it 6-8 hours. The whey can be used for smoothies, fed to your pets (except if you have pet fish!) or I just drink it straight. The labneh will keep in an airtight container in the fridge for weeks.

Big love,
Jules x

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ps. I really do want to know if you’ve tried any of my recipes yet?

If YES, what has been your favourite so far?
If NO, what do you think has been holding you back?

Share your answer in the comments below.

And as an added incentive (see I really do want to know!), I’m giving away a FREE copy of my print book, ‘5-Ingredients 10-Minutes‘ to one lucky person who leaves a comment. Happy to ship it anywhere in the world.

Entries close: 24th June 2016.

UPDATE: The winner is Julia! Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment :)

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  • No, I haven’t tried any of them. They don’t sound as appealing to me as the large collection of recipes I’m already using. I think they’re probably great recipes for some people, but your style really doesn’t match mine.

    • I followed you and made your recipes when your first little Irish guy was born. Got lost for awhile and just rejoined. Looking forward to your simply delicious ideas.

  • I’ve only tried the butter chicken recipe so far but my husband and I loved it and it is in our rotation of recipes now!

  • I tried the garlic rosemary kale and chopped the kale instead of making ribbons. I added a little vegetable stock to the pan also. When done, I put it over some spiralized zucchini noodles, tossed it with extra virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese and ate it all myself. I love kale and you’re 100 percent right by adding the garlic and rosemary to it. Will most DEFINITLY make it again and again!

  • I can’t say I have actually tried any of your recipes as such, but I love them for the delightful way they put together ingredients. When my kids were home, I cooked for 13 people – now cooking for two – so it’s always a challenge to make something for me. I have never actually used a recipe for anything, but just have absorbed ideas/combinations/ and find yours particularly useful and interesting. I especially like the variations you present – vegan, dairy free, etc. and how substitutions can be made. One of my favorite blogs! Thank you :~)

  • I love your recipes and have the 5 ingredients 10 minutes cookbook. Chorizo with chickpeas & tomatoes is my absolute favourite. I usually serve it on a bed of spinach for some added greens, the leaves just wilt under the heat of the ‘stew’, which we also add just a bit of the water from the chickpeas to make a slight sauce.

    Apart from being delicious itself the main reason I love this recipe is it has become the basis of throwing together a meal when I haven’t thought about dinner until I open the cupboard and fridge. I pretty much always have a tin of legumes, some protein and veg. So another favourite is lentil, feta, sundried tomatoes and peas (with a bit of cumin and fresh mint if you’ve got it) or butter bean, bacon lardons and courgette/zucchini with a bit of Harissa/chilli powder.

  • YES! Tried your Seriously Easy Moussaka – delicioso! Rather than sour cream, I used Greek yogurt with the parmesan, worked out fine.
    Also made the sweet potato brownies – very good; had fun with the office gang trying to guess the ‘mystery ingredient’.
    Thanks. Keep all the good things coming!

  • yes, I’ve tried many and I love rediscovering new options in your 5 ingredients 10 minutes book. I love the principle and the style of them and watching the recipes being made on youtube. I feel your influence in my daily cooking, after a couple of years subscribing to your newsletter and social media channels :) some of my favourites: aubergine & chickpeas, steamed caramel cake, broccolini with lemon zest, cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and whole almonds… yum!

  • I think your recipes look fantastic and I get your emails regularly. I’ve not cooked any so far and I think this is because they sit on my work computer (a laptop which is always by my side – but which represents work!). I think I’m a perfect candidate for a hard copy book. As a nutritionist and researcher in kids eating I’d love to have one!

  • Yes — and I love your recipes because they are so simple and adaptable. I’ve gotten spoiled now because when I look at other cookbooks I feel frustrated by the lack of variations!

    My current favorite is the Egg Noodles Pad Thai. It’s been a huge low-carb life saver. Thank you!

  • I’ve tried lots of your recipes. My favorite go to recipe is Bolognese. I often but not always add onion.

  • I have tried many of your wonderful recipes over the years, but have recently rediscovered them again after looking for a little more simplicity in my cooking. Last night I cooked “spiced eggplant with yoghurt & quinoa”, it is simple & delicious. I love it on it’s own but if I cook it for my hubby he prefers it as a side to some meat or chicken. I get to have left overs of it for my lunch today, Yummo!

  • No, I haven’t tried your recipies. I guess because I have the meals I know and to try something different takes extra time and energy. I know it sounds easy to search through and look at an email, but I just don’t think of it. I usually take a recipe book from the shelf. I usually do tried and true… 3 young children, time and stress. I guess it’s like anything, decide and then make the first step then another. The recipies sound good, I’ll make a point of trying one. Paper copy would be good. :-)

  • I have used lots of the recipes and enjoy how easy the recipes are and how well they come out.

    I think my all time favourite recipe is lebanese beef with hummus and cucumber.

    I have decided to stop eating wheat, so also have a ready supply of nice things to cook already.

  • Your crossaint surprise cake was a winner when I tried it out on the weekend. Simon was initially skeptical but then said it tasted like his grandma’s bread and butter pudding – but better. He’s then ate leftovers the next night. I also liked the 8-Hr baked beans a lot. I’m still working my way through the free e-book full of recipes. X

  • Of course I have used your recipes Jules! They are my ‘go to’ source and I just love the variations at the end of the recipe – I sometimes skim the recipe and get to the variations because that’s where the real fun is! My sister in law, sister and I are catching up for lunch today and I have popped the ingredients for Ratatouille on my phone – along with the tuna for a bit of variation! Yummo.

  • Balsamic ribs is a go-to in my house (slow cooker of course). My son and I also love the chorizo and chickpeas I fix when it is just the two of us. I’ll try the shakshuka soon…looks and sounds delicious and I’m a sucker for egg dishes! Cheers!

  • I haven’t tried them because I am afraid my family will not eat them. I should just try it and see what happens. :)


  • Well … I’m a newbie having joined only yesterday. As I had two aubergines in the fridge awaiting some kind of development in the way of a meal, I discovered your eggplant recipe – baked aubergines with tomato saucy thing
    (I’d need to look at the recpe again!). It was delicious. I topped the dish with some Persian fetta. Oh and I put fried polenta cubes around the plate.
    Case of Stonesoup to the rescue yesterday, I have to say.

  • Your are some of our favorites! Sausage Cassoulet, Kale Carbonara, Green Pancakes, and Tomatoey Lentils with Feta… just to name a few!

  • Hi Jules,
    Using spinach is brilliant idea, but I would actually need to replace the tomato sauce! Most of your recipes just need tweaking to suit me, especially as you give the vegetarian options. Some great ideas – but I only cook for me, so I am very lazy, and no I haven’t tried any yet.

  • Yes Jules, I’ve tried a few of your recipes… But my absolute favourite that I’ve learned from you is califlower mash…. Yum! Add roasted garlic…. Heaven….. Thanks for what you do!

  • No, not tried any recipes yet, but keep collecting them from weekly emails in a folder “recipes to try”. I really want to get around to actually doing so since they look so yummy and easy!

  • I love your recipes, your style of cooking is what got me back into cooking. I don’t like complicated time-consuming recipes & yours are simple & straight to the point.
    I was working my way through the recipes listed under ‘veggies’ but now I see what’s at the market, come home & find a recipe to suit that (we live in a remote area of Thailand with wonderful fresh fruit & veg but it is all very seasonal which is also great)
    The first recipe that got me off the ground was ‘chicken & greens’ so simple but so tasty & with fresh coconut milk here it is just a great go-to meal.
    Thank you for your wonderful emails & website.

  • I have this cookbook and enjoy it. I like the layering of salad with protein and veggies, especially the hummus. I have several favs. Like the simplicity, too. Shakshuka will be made using either goat cheese or cashew nut cheese. Looking forward to it. Thanx for a great blog.

  • I loved your recent Moussaka recipe – easy to make and much less oily than my Greek rellie’s traditional recipe. Thanks!

  • Your blog and recipes have formed such a central part of my learning to cook – I was sent a free ebook of your recipes by a friend in 2011 and think I survived the following winter on butter chickpeas and smoky tomato and lentil soup alone!

    My favourites include zucchini burgers, Lesh’s dhal, lemony kale, and recently, lime and tahini kale salad, which I’m eating for lunch right now.

    The ideas I’ve absorbed from your recipes and blog have helped me decide how and when to simplify other recipes as well, and feel more comfortable just throwing things together. My go-to breakfast is baked beans on the stove (from a recipe that evolved from yours) served on a bed of greens. So great to kick off the day with lots of veg – definitely got that one from you!

  • I’m quite new to the blog and I haven’t tried one of your recipes yet! :( all of them make me hungry when I read them but when I make it home I just don’t have time to go back to the blog and look for the recipes. I will love to have a book from you!

  • Hi Jules, I have tried lots of your recipes with great success. I do not have any of your e-books because I am not very computer literate so when your blog comes in I will photo copy it and quite often cook it that night for dinner (if I have all or most of the ingredients) or the next day if I have to buy something. I only cook for 2 and the 5-Spice Chicken Salad is an all time favourite. We sometimes have it with steamed vegies and of course lime aioli. Great recipes and love the variations.

  • I tried this when I saw it posted a long while ago and loved it -will have to try with the addition of spinach. My most favourite recipe though is your Easter cake using the kale version. I ask people to guess the secret ingredient and very few are able to! Thanks.

  • I made your carrot soup right away because I love puréed vegetable soups and had all the ingredients on hand. It’s delicious! I’m eating grain and dairy free right now, so your cookbook would be very helpful!

  • This is a great opportunity to (finally) let you know that majority of recipes I make are yours. I wasn’t cooking much before but now I am. And I really like your simple recipes – I can’t even make myself read recipes that have more then 10 ingredients. I just finished your Moussaka (will become a regular) and I will be making 3rd Cookie Dough Ice cream in a row. 2 of your Broccoli soups are my go-to’s. I’ve learned to like squash (using your recipes). I’ve learned to cook meat (I was scared to do it before). And your simple cakes and brownies and cookies of course… I’ve tried (repeatedly) several but now I try to limit sugar.
    I also own your book and several of your e-books. But I have to say that I haven’t used them much :(. I mostly make the recipes from your blog. You know – once a week I receive one that looks delicious and I usually have all the ingredients or just have to buy some and then I make it. Yum! Not much stress and dinner problem solved. And Cauliflower mash is planned next since I bought it.
    So thank you very very much!

  • I’ve tried some of your receipts which have spinach or lentil in them – these two are my favorite :)
    Amd I also knew a lot about healthy food from you. Thank you!

  • Your recipes and collections of recipes are super helpful for inspiration and ideas. I usually refer to them when I can’t think of what to do with a particular vegetable or want something different and quick. I like the simplicity and variations. I like the lentil meatballs, sauerkraut, and the mushroom recipes. Thank you!

  • I’ve tried a ton of your recipes and love so many of them. I especially like the brussel sprouts with prosciutto recipe. I used to hate brussel sprouts but no longer!

  • I’ve tried many of your recipes, because they really are simple and delicious. The ones I like best and are a part of my personal recipe notebook are raspberry & dark chocolate muffins, eggplant parmigiana and baby carrot soup. The recipe for raspberry & dark chocolate muffins is the best muffin recipe I’ve ever tried and your eggplant parmigiana is the dish I’m looking forward to the most now that the summer is finally here!

  • I have tried many of your recipes Jules – last year I went through a phase where I made a different one every night because I was in a real cooking rut and your ideas really helped me out of that, so thank you!
    My favourites would have to be the chickpea and rosemary baked frittata, the tofu steaks with chimichurri and the pasta with butter beans and red wine. I’m vegetarian in case you couldn’t tell (!) and always appreciate the veggie/vegan alternatives you give at the end of each recipe.
    Keep up the great work Jules! x

  • No, I haven’t tried any of your recipes BUT …… I copy/paste and bookmark and PIN them in the constant hope that one day I will get to them. I love the sound of most of them and they usually include ingredients that I already have in my kitchen.
    Jeez … what’s my problem? … just go ahead and make them already!

  • I love your recipes, your cooking style is simple and delicious, as well as helping me to add much needed veg to my family’s diet. I especially appreciate the ‘changes’ area at the end of your posts, it is wonderful! I found you when I was looking for a recipe for sour dough bread and have been an admirer ever since.

  • Your prunes and lamb shanks in slow cooker is the most amazing thing I’ve ever tried. I love how with all your recipes you give ideas on how to make the recipe fit you. Your variations have changed they way I look at all recipes.

  • I love fixing recipes to share with neighbors. My favorite is Noah’s Ark Ratatouille. I live in Tennessee, but not from there, so my cooking is much different than known “southern hospitality.” One neighbor told her mother that I moved here from Arizona and though she has no idea my cooking style that it is tasty and always wonderful.
    I know it’s healthy and easy thanks to your books i have added to my collection, such as:
    Healthy and tasty meals made easy
    The 2 minute meal plan
    30 dinners in 30 days
    And The tired and hungry cook’s companion

    There is much variety, cooking ideas and ways to fit the Stonesoup recipes into one’s dietary plans. Just awesome.
    Thanks, Jules.

  • I was reluctant at first but I’m a total convert. My family has your roasted cauliflower and almond tabbouleh every fortnight, we tried the roasted cauliflower with curry spices this week too and loved it (but added flaked almonds, mmmmm). The Rosemary, garlic kale is another weeknight favourite with a tin of tuna and cannelini.

    What I’ve also taken away is your approach to simplifying recipes. I am a huge fan of ottolenghi but his recipes are way too complex for a working mum in a perpetual rush – your approach makes them doable!

  • Yes! all the time! Keep on keeping on! I cook only for myself, so I like the recipes that don’t require a can/jar of anything and then make 4 serves.

  • I’ve made the burnt carrot salad; tastes as good as it looks. Also the magic sausage supper, the chickpea rosemary frittata, and the beef over hummus. All were quick and simple to fix, and all were delicious. I’m so happy I discovered Stonesoup!

  • I haven’t tried them yet but I want to do the beans with the tomatoes. I have lots of canned tomatoes that I need to use before this years crop comes in. It’s just me but I have probably 12 different tomato plants. So I’m sure I will have lots of canning ahead of me. I’m trying to eat out of my freezer so I have some room. Thanks for your time you take.

  • I make the smoked paprika scrambled tofu A LOT, also Brussels sprouts with bacon and lentils. I made the stirfry with mince and bok choy and Japanese spice the other week which was even more delicious than I imagined.

  • I LOVE your style of cooking! Clean and simple lets the flavors shine through. Find I’m eating more veg & grains and less meat… Much healthier! THANKS??

  • I LOVE this recipe! I made a very mild version which I served for a brunch when my 2 youngest grandsons (5- and 1-1/2-years old) were here. They are always encouraged to try everything, and this was no exception. The 5-year-old is always a champ about eating, but even the little guy dove right in. I used a mild form of all ingredients, so it was not at all spicy, but the lovely flavors of the spinach and red peppers plus the marinara sauce and some mozzarella on top was a winning combination. The question I got was, “Grammie, is this what you and Gramps eat when you feel like having pzza for breakfast?” Thanks, Jules!

  • I dedicatedly read your emails every week, but am afraid I haven’t made a lot of your recipes. I read them and think, “that looks yum … maybe in 10 years when I’m not cooking for small children anymore.” Although I cook lots of vegies and healthy food for my family, I think that your meals wouldn’t be popular with the smaller eaters in my house, and I don’t want to cook different meals for different members of the family. I used to own a couple of your ebooks, but after my tablet died I wasn’t able to retrieve them again. I did use some of the sweet recipes contained in one of the ebooks quite a lot.

  • I use LOADS of your recipes and variations on recipes. I love:
    the simplicity of 5 ingredients;
    the freedom to change the outcome so easily,
    the courage to cook from ingredients already in the fridge and store cupboard.
    I love the fermented vegetables and am looking forward to cooking Shakshuka.

    I’m looking forward to trying Shakshuka.

  • I’ve tried quite a few of your recipes now and have forwarded your website on to a few people. I’m loving The Organised Cook course at the moment and the recipes that stand out so far are the sweet potato and chickpea tahini and the rice and greens (from THCC). Also last weekend I made your five hour roast lamb and was amazed at how it turned out. I’m always so impressed by how the meals turn out given their simplicity. Thanks to you I am spending less time in the kitchen but eating better (and that’s saying a lot because I have always eaten quite well!)

  • I love your recipes! I was a bit skeptical at first…then tried your butter chicken – my favorite so far (and one the kids absolutely devour). Your baked meatballs are another staple in my house. Keep the simple but delicious recipes coming!

  • I have tried your carrot soup and addictive broccoli soup from your 5 ingredients cook book . I am addicted to both and they are definitely delicious as well as easy to make.

  • I enjoy reading about your creativity but so often there are ingredients which I have not even heard about. I am trying to get my life in order after a relocation and think to do the meal planning first.
    I appreciate your alternatives as we live far from shops.

  • Thanks for sharing your creative and healthy recipes with adjustable options with us; I love how few ingredients you use to make interesting looking meals. I have not tried any of the recipes yet but since we are currently without a kitchen for 2 months and are camping in the basement while the upstairs gets renovated and the new kitchen gets installed I think that this would be the perfect time for simplicity! Thanks for the chance to receive your free book.

  • Yes! I have tried so many of your recipes. It would be impossible for me to name a favorite, but the one I’ve made the most is your Smoky Tomato and Lentil Soup. I love it because I can keep all the ingredients on-hand and know I always have a quick and delicious meal ready to go!

    I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I somehow got myself into adulthood knowing how to cook nothing. (Even boiling water felt like a bit of a stretch!) As an adult I started learning to cook from various cookbooks, but the ability to assemble a meal from ingredients on-hand eluded me, so I ended up with a lot of things in my pantry that I only used for one recipe. Thanks to you we’re eating healthier, we’re eating out less, and our grocery bill has gone down.

  • Hi Jules,
    I’ve tried a copy of your recipes. Recently I thought I would give your simplified Spiced Cauliflower salad with Labneh a go. Cauli is one of those vegetables I struggle to find satisfying ways to serve. Anyway this salad went down a treat with my two daughters (aged 23 and 16). I didn’t use the labneh (though thank you for explaining how I can make it), and as Mike’s original recipe had hazelnuts in it, I thought I would toast cashews (had them on hand) and chuck them in. We were all very impressed, and the girls want me to make it again. Thank you for your insights, and the variations and simplifications you make to recipes. It has helped me be more adventurous.

  • I would really like a recipe for GF bread- without corn/maize, which I am also allergic to. Need a bread to slice for sandwiches- and don’t want anything sweet. I would be happy to pay for it.

  • Hi, there! I have tried several recipes so far. Most of all I liked the ones with broccoli, never cooked it so tasty before. Also Butter Beans With Tomato & Chorizo was very good, – 15 minutes and you have spicey mexican dinner for two persons. Now I try to cook a new one recipe every week when I have time.

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