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Photo from Tasting Paris

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] S[/dropcap]o far my favourite new cookbook this year is easily Tasting Paris by my lovely friend Clotilde.

And I’m not just saying that because I got a mention in the acknowledgements!

I love Clotilde’s book for so many reasons…

1. The 8 recipes I’ve made have been super delicious. And relatively simple.

2. It’s given me an appreciation of the multicultural dimension of Parisian cuisine.

3. Reading it has let me indulge in a little arm chair travel to one of my favourite cities.

So today I have a two special treats for you!

A little interview I did with Clotilde AND a recipe from Tasting Paris!

Photo by Fabien-Courmont

3 Quick Questions with Clotilde

1. What’s the story behind ‘Tasting Paris‘? Why did you decide to write it now?

I feel my entire life and work experience have led me to writing this book! I was born and raised in Paris, and lived for a couple of years in California in my early twenties, which gave me a richer appreciation of my home city, because I was able to rediscover it entirely when I got back.

Paris is such a multifaceted city, and it is written about so much, it took me years to be able to capture and share “my” Paris, with all of its history and charm, but in a contemporary and authentic way, without the usual clichés.

And actually, my publisher came to me with the idea, as they had just published Tasting Rome and wanted to add a Paris edition. I don’t think I would have felt confident enough to suggest the idea then, but I definitely grew into it as I did the work.

2. What’s one of your favourite simple weeknight dinners when it’s been a long day?

My go-to weeknight dinner is a tray of roasted vegetables — whatever’s seasonal — with a tahini sauce and plenty of fresh herbs. Very little prep work, and I could eat the whole tray myself, but I’m happy to share with my husband and sons.

3. What are the 5 ingredients no self-respecting Parisian would ever be without?

A hunk of Comté cheese and artisanal bread from the corner bakery ; fresh vegetables from the produce stand ; a few tins of sardines ; a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge.

If Stonesoup readers want to find out more about you where are the best places to go?

Chocolate & Zucchini, the blog
If they want to listen to me in French, my podcast is Change ma vie

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Have fun in the kitchen (even if it’s not in Paris!)

With love,
Jules x

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