My 7 Favourite Fast Friday Dinners

The Salamino Cauliflower 'Pizza'

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] T[/dropcap]his year I have Fergalino in pre-school and Finbarello family daycare 2 days per week.

So while I have the luxury of 30-60 minutes to get dinner ready most nights, Thursday and Friday dinners need to be super quick.

I was thinking about the types of dinners I cook on Fridays.

When everyone is tired after a long week.

When I usually get home late from picking up the boys.

Here’s a quick list of my go-tos…

My 7 Favourite Fast Friday Dinners

1. Friday Night Fish

indian spiced salmon
In the last few months I’ve discovered that if I buy fish from the farmers market and freeze it straight away, we can then easily have delicious fish any night of the week. I have a soft spot for fish on Fridays after all those years of catholic boarding school. Either quickly pan fry like this or BBQ fish fillets and serve with salad for me and leftover roast spuds or sweet potato for my carb-lovers.

2. Fried Rice

egg fried rice
If I’m planning fried rice for my carb lovers on a Friday I make sure I cook extra rice during the week. Too easy. Then I get to treat myself to one of my favourite easy meals of canned sardines and mayo served with leftover cooked veg (boiled broccoli is a fave), sauerkraut and some salad leaves or fresh herbs.

3. A Quick Curry

golden egg curry
It’s hard to go past a good curry. To keep my boys happy I either brown the protein in the pan or simmer it in coconut milk and keep theirs separately (to have with rice, soy sauce and roast cashews). Then add the curry paste or powder to spice things up for my Irishman and me.

4. A Speedy Ragu

Like this quick pork ragu using sausages. Served with pasta for the carb lovers and baby spinach or other pre-cooked veg from the fridge for me.

5. A Hummus Meal

spiced beef with hummus-2
Basically serve some cooked ground (minced) meat with a little spice or some spiced lentils on a bed of hummus. Add pita bread for your carb lovers. And if you want to make it lower carb, make a batch of my broccoli hummus earlier in the week.

6. Tacos!

Quick Beef Tacos
Everyone loves tacos. These quick beef tacos are a current fave. And now I’ve discovered these low carb zucchini tortillas, which I keep in the freezer for me, I love tacos too. Or if I’m not that organized I use lettuce or cabbage leaves. Corn tortillas for everyone else. Life is good.

7. Friday Night Pizza

The Salamino Cauliflower 'Pizza'
This requires a bit of planning in advance either making cauliflower pizza bases or regular pizza bases (or both to keep everyone happy). But your pre-planning will be so worth it when you’re enjoying your home made Friday night pizza.

More Super Quick Recipes

Have fun in the kitchen (especially on Fridays!)

With love,
Jules x

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  • Hi Jules,
    Thought you might like to know that hummus made with traditional ingredients is already low carb. Garbanzos count as a slow carb (all other beans are fast carbs).

    • Thanks Susan… for me I find garbanzo beans still have an impact on my blood sugar – but am testing with a continuous monitor this week so will be sure to have some hummus to see if you’re right!

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