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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] A[/dropcap]t the Low Carb Denver conference I felt like I found my tribe.


All these other people who love eating low carb as much as I do.

Who don’t see it as a crazy fad.

Who understand the science.

And all the benefits.

Especially for diabetics like me, who don’t have great blood sugar control.

It made me realize that it’s time for a change in my business.

Of course I still want to help people simplify eating well.

To use less ingredients.

And make their lives easier.


I also want to help people to eat healthier.

To enjoy the freedom and deliciousness of Low Carb.

And so I’ve expanded and updated my FREE eCookbook!

It now has 29 simple 6-ingredient recipes.

They’re all low carb.

They all use wholefood ingredients.

And it should go without saying that they’re all delicious!

Here’s a sneak peek inside…

‘Stonesoup FREE’ contains some of my best simple, low carb, wholefood recipes. Including…

sample recipes low res2
sample recipes low res
sample recipes low res5
sample recipes low res4
sample recipes low res6
sample recipes low res7

Enter your email below to download your FREE eCookbook…

And as always have fun in the kitchen!

Especially when you step away from the carbs :)

With love,
Jules x

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