You don’t need to be extraordinary

At the risk of giving away all my secrets, let me tell you the truth about myself.

Even though I write recipes for a living.

I’m not especially talented.

My taste buds are below average (and I actually have the test results from wine making school to prove it).

I wasn’t born with any special super powers for being an amazing cook.

I got to be great at cooking by trial and (lots of) error.

By being willing to make mistakes, burn things and get it wrong I LEARNED how to be a confident intuitive cook.

It wasn’t something that happened over night.

But over time I went from someone who followed a recipe for everything. Even making a sandwich.

To being someone who can quickly pull together something fresh and satisfying in less time and effort than it takes to pick up takeout.

Someone who is confident I can create a meal from whatever happens to be in the house.

Someone who LOVES nourishing and taking care of myself.

And I can teach you to become this type of cook as well.

I invite you to join my hands-on Kitchen Confidence Secrets Workshop in September.

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Tickets are just $20. (Yes that’s all.)

You’ll have lifetime access to the replay and the notes.

Let me share my simple 3-step process to show you exactly how to become confident in the kitchen so you actually WANT to take care of yourself.

Reserve Your Ticket TODAY!

Anyone can learn this skill. You really don’t need to be extraordinary.

I know I can help you.

With love,
Jules x