10 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Leftovers

One Pot Chicken & Broccoli with Peanut & Lime Sauce

One of my favourite, favourite things about Christmas feasting is the leftover possibilities.

But I know turkey and ham on repeat can get old pretty quickly.

So I thought today it would be fun to brainstorm some fresh ideas so you (and I) get to enjoy all the deliciousness without the boredom…

10 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Leftovers…

1. Abundance Bowls!

These big bowls of goodness are my go-to for everyday eating. Especially lunches. Not only generous and delicious, they’re also perfect for using up little bits and pieces.

2. Potato Rosti with Ham & Eggs

Planning to start a new Boxing Day brunch tradition this year by teaming eggs and ham with these crispy potato cakes.

I’ll serve my eggs and ham with some shaved radishes from the garden and lashings of home made mayo.

3. Broccoli Bowls

One of my favourite things to eat. Especially if I’m in a hurry and need a big dose of green veg. Use your ham in these Bacon & Broccoli Bowls or use your turkey in this One Pot Chicken with Lime & Peanut Sauce.

4. Turkey & Stuffing Sandwiches

One of my Christmas traditions from when I was small is to have turkey sandwiches with lots of butter, stuffing and cranberry sauce with a few salad leaves for colour.

This year, I’m keeping things Low Carb and skipping the cranberry sauce in favour of a pine nut mayo so will use that on my sandwiches instead. And will have my Gluten-Free Cauliflower & Linseed (Flax) Bread at the ready!

5. Boxing Day Club Sandwich

I just had idea to try a post-Christmas take on the classic club sandwich using ham instead of bacon and turkey instead of chicken. Lots of mayo, tomato and lettuce. And my Low Carb Broccoli Bread for me.

6. Ham & Cheese Frittata

Use ham instead of (or as well as!) the mushrooms in this simple baked frittata. Parmesan is a good starting place for the cheese but any cheese that need using up will be fab here.

7. Turkey & Stuffing Frittata

Make the most of the beautiful flavours of your stuffing by baking it with the turkey into a classic frittata. Although if you don’t have any stuffing left, just soften a couple of chopped onions in butter and add some chopped sage.

8. The ‘Next Day’ Shakshuka

Use either turkey, ham or stuffing and some leftover cooked veg in this delicious, spicy North African egg based dish.

9. Turkey Tacos!

I have this thing about the flavour of reheated poultry so I’ll be using my cold leftover turkey to make tacos. Warm some tortillas (or use cabbage leaves if you’re low carb like me).

Then use them to wrap the turkey, some shredded cabbage or lettuce and finish it with your choice of sauce. I’m going to go with chipotle mayo but regular mayo, hot sauce, sour cream or smashed avocado are all fair game.

10. Turkey Curry

To be honest, I wouldn’t go for a leftover turkey curry because I find reheated poultry to not be the nicest. But if you don’t have my issues, this Buy Nothing New Curry is an excellent template to unleash your curry creativity.

More Christmas Leftover Ideas…

Ham goes with:

Eggs, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cheese, Leeks, Onion, Avocado, Peas, Parsley, Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms.

Turkey goes with:

Sage, Cabbage, Thyme, Chestnuts, Cranberry, Orange.

More Leftover Love

I hope you have a really lovely and relaxing Christmas.

And have fun with your leftovers!

With love,
Jules x

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