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  • I love your insights and your quick recipes and substitution lists are a tremendous resource and encouragement.

    • I love the substitutes listed as that makes it easier for me to please my husband

  • yes i‘m a non cook and so i love your recipes because i can remember them and so cooking is so much easier for me
    thank you for stonesoup – it‘s often my lifesaver

  • I make a menu for about a week. Sometimes we have enough for the meal the next night. Must include chicken. Meat. Fish. Eggs. Heaps more veggies but only standard ones, not kale for instance. No tofu but tinned beans are ok. We now have frozen beans and other frozen vegies,. Thanks to you Jules for this clue.

  • None of the above. On weekends I hardly cook! Hubby loves to “braai” (barbecue). We have meat in the freezer and we improvise the sides. If we have friends over to braai, we plan together and I do go to shop for my part of the menu. It’s called “bring & braai”! (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • not so easy to cook for myself i tend to look in the fridge and freezer and discide on a salad or a veg soup

  • I’m not a total Non-Cook. Used to be the only cook for my family but my husband has taken on most of the cooking chores. I like your site for inspiration for those days when I need to whip something together, either for me & him or for my ladies groups.

  • None of the above. My menus and shopping are completed a month in advance. I’m usually looking forward to the meals I’ve planned and pre-prepped

  • I stopped reading after the first couple of paragraphs as I didn’t agree with those results. I enjoy cooking and creating and sometimes I’m good at it, other times I’m great and other times I’m not sure what happened but I love being in the kitchen. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to get take out if I’m tired and have been working late, we all have those moments and I won’t apologize for them.
    I love your recipes and many of your ideas but I do change or add to them at times. I’m sure it happens all the time.

  • Some of the above…. I work alternate Sats and when I’m working my partner loves cooking very complex and authentic Indian curries – toasting and grinding spices from scratch, multiple ingredients, hours of therapeutic kitchen activity yielding delicious results.
    When I’m not working it could be a bit of option 2 and/or 3. It’ll just depend on mood and what’s available. We’re pretty flexible, lucky to have lots of great shopping choices nearby and blessed with the the capacity to afford pretty much what we like. Sadly, many are struggling and can only dream of a decent meal…

  • I love cooking its away of keeping the mind busier and Im Gluten Free so I look at recipe and substitute my ingredients to suit

  • Actually I have a hoard of printed recipes that I have printed from websites.
    Now I need to start using them regularly….starting tonight.

  • Love everything you’re doing. Made a desert a long ago of yours but made a mistake when doubling the the desert but it came out great.

  • None of those choices.
    There are a few things in the fridge that need to be used, so will use / combine into something yummy (and easy).

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