The Best Simple Shichimi Togarashi Substitutes

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Excited to enjoy some Japanese food but don’t have any Shichimi Togarashi? I’ve got you covered. Here are my favourite simple Shichimi Togarashi substitutes.

What is Shichimi Togarashi?

Shichimi Togarashi or Japanese 7 Spice is a spicy Japanese seasoning that is generally sprinkled on food at the table.

The name translates as ‘seven flavours of chilli’.

It’s made from salt, chilli, white poppy seeds, golden sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, orange (or mandarin) peel, brown mustard and sichuan pepper.

The major flavours are saltiness and heat from the chilli. There are also nuttiness from the seeds. And aromatics from the orange and Sichuan pepper.

It’s also sometimes called Nanami Togarashi.

The Best Simple Shichimi Togarashi Substitutes

1. Salt + Chilli Powder or Flakes

My first choice is to just sprinkle on some sea salt (preferably sea salt flakes) and some dried chilli flakes (or powder).

If you only have fresh chilli peppers, they will be better than nothing.

2. Salt + Sesame Seeds + Chilli Powder or Flakes

If you want a closer match, adding some toasted sesame seeds along with the salt and chilli will add the nutty flavours and some of the visuals you get from Scichimi Togarashi.

3. Salt + Sesame Seeds + Chilli Powder or Flakes + Orange Zest

To really get close, add a pinch of grated zest from an orange to the salt. Only a pinch though, as too much and the orange will over power everything.

4. Ichimi Togarashi

If you happen to have or Ichimi Togarashi (plain chilli powder), it can be used. It won’t have the complexity of Shichimi but will be better than nothing. Check the ingredients to see if you’ll need to add salt as well.

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