How to spend 24 hours eating & drinking in Copenhagen

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Even though I had a truly amazing experience when I ate at el bulli – the former best restaurant in the world a few years ago, I wasn’t super motivated to journey to Copenhagen to try Noma – the latest holder of the crown.

That was until I heard the Noma chef – Rene Redzepi speak in Melbourne earlier in the year. The man was so damn inspirational. And down to earth. So I hatched a plan to get myself to Copnhagen for my Birthday this year.

Breakfast. Coffee Collective
It’s a little out of the way, but well worth the trek for a seriously good way to start your day. If you need food, they do have a few pastries on hand but I recommend sticking to coffee and saving as much stomach space as possible for lunch. You’re going to need it.

Lunch. Noma
I can’t recommend a visit to Noma enough. Yes it’s expensive. Yes it’s the best restaurant in the world. But it will surprise, delight, inspire and satiate you. Noma is the real deal. The food is super creative and sometimes conceptual but it’s also real and at the end of the day it just tastes delicious. I love that they don’t have waiting staff – the chefs bring out each plate and they’re only too happy to answer questions or have a bit of a laugh. If you’re after an elitist fine dining experience, Noma probably isn’t going to be for you. The decor is minimalist cool in a way that only the Scandanavians can pull off. I’ll be writing more detail on my visit soon.

Dinner / Drinks. Ved Stranden 10
After your epic lunch, you could be tempted to crawl into bed to digest. Resist the urge and make your way to this bookish wine bar. The engaging staff will happily spend minutes or even hours recommending delicious vino to try. And if hunger does sneak up on you their cheese and salami plate will bring a comforting end to a day of fine dining.

If you have more time…

One of the best fish restaurants I’ve ever eaten in. My Dad was a little worried we were going to get mugged but it was well worth the risk to make it to this oh-so-funky temple of all things fish and seafood. If you don’t have a booking, go early and snag a seat at the bar.

On my list for next time…

If you can’t afford a trip to Noma (or just can’t get organised to book 3 months in advance) make sure you snag a spot at Relae. The chef is a former Noma man. It sounds well worth a visit.

Near Relae and the Coffee Collective, we were hoping to get to this more casual restaurant for dinner after lunch at Noma. That plan proved a little ambitious. Now I’m regretting I didn’t pack my second stomach.

Amanns Etablissment
Another low key restaurant specializing in new Nordic food.

Danish food served as small tasting plates.

updated October 2012

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