freekeh baby spinach & almond salad

minimalist salads

warm chickpea salad with rosemary & garlic

the top 20 stonesoup salads

crisp beef & balsamic salad with ricotta

shaved fennel salad with snowpeas (mangetout) and mint

BBQ chook & bread salad

butter bean & tuna salad

brown rice & almond tabbouleh

the top 9 stonesoup salad dressings

tomato & bread salad

tuna chilli salad

chickpea & parmesan salad

warm lentil salad with beets & ricotta

thai beef salad

potato salad ‘tartare’

christmas salad of radicchio & basil

warm salad of roast pumpkin (squash) & chickpeas

spinach, pearl barley & ricotta salad

shaved cabbage salad with parmigiano reggiano & aged balsamic

raw beet salad

not-so-minimalist salads

warm potato salad with bresaola crispy flatbread & zucchini salad with tuna

warm fig, prosciutto & buffalo mozzerella salad

asparagus & buffalo mozerella salad with caper dressing

broad bean, ricotta and mint salad

freekah, almond & baby spinach salad

warm potato salad with bresaola

chickpea, yoghurt & baby spinach salad

shaved fennel, dill & baby spinach salad

white anchovy & parsley salad

winter tabouli

spiced roast chicken & bread salad

shaved zucchini (courgette) & mint salad

crispy duck confit with fig and walnut salad

asparagus and 2 pea salad

green bean & preserved lemon salad

brown rice salad

potato & artichoke salad with harissa dressing

broad bean & baby spinach salad with minted pea dressing

baby spinach salad with raita dressing

BBQ zucchini & baby spinach salad

couscous salad

shaved fennel & radish salad with pomegranate molasses dressing

walnut & celery salad

warm salad of lentils, cavalo nero & roast baby onions

greek salad

rocket & radicchio salad

witlof & pomegranate salad

shaved parsnip & fennel salad

cucumber salad

egg & olive salad

soft herb salad

shaved fennel salad with ricotta & peas

shaved beet & pear salad with marinated feta

shaved zucchini salad with sardines

chickpea salad with tomato & smoky paprika

wild & tame rocket salad

smoky paprika potato salad

green bean, baby spinach & hazelnut salad

green lentil salad with walnut dressing

tuna nicoise

radish & watercress salad

vaguely spanish zucchini salad

chickpea and spinach salad

endive & parsley salad

watercress salad with onion dressing

warm kipfler potato salad

baby artichoke & parmesan salad with anchovy & thyme vinaigrette

asparagus ribbon & watercress salad

green bean salad

roast baby onion & chickpea salad

warm duck confit, baked onion & pear salad

warm salad of golden baby beets, pancetta & pecans

rocket & radish salad

orange fennel & olive salad

celeriac salad

warm green lentil, chorizo & cavolo nero salad

sweet potato & preserved lemon salad

mixed bean salad

bbq radicchio & swiss brown mushroom salad with toasted walnuts & goats cheese

baked figs with walnut cream and tarragon salad

marinated fig and blue cheese salad

insalata caprese with sourdough baguette

radicchio & rocket salad

panzanella for one

salad of shaved baby fennel & radish