weights & measures

As an Australian, I’m a big fan of the metric system. No messing around with pounds and ounces here. But for those of you who like it old school there are plenty of great conversion sites like the one that Bron Marshall put me onto HERE.

Solid Measurements:*
caster sugar              55g            1/4C
brown sugar              50g            1/4C
icing sugar                50g            1/3C
honey                      350g           1C
golden syrup               340g           1C

Flours / Grain
flour                         50g            1/3C
cornflour                   50g            1/3C
polenta                     170g          1C
long grain rice           200g           1C
cocoa powder            100g          1C
arborio rice                200g          1C
pearl barley                200g           1C
dried white beans       200g           1C
dried chickpeas          200g           1C
canned chickpeas       250g           2/3C
yellow split peas        200g           1C
breadcrumbs             70g            1C
pinenuts                   160g           1C
almonds sliced/flaked 90g             1C
almonds, ground      100g            1C
pecan halves            120g            1C
walnut halves           200g            1C
hazelnuts                150g            1C
shelled pistachios     140g            1C
desiccated coconut    65g             ¾ cup
sour cream              120g           1/2C
grated parmesan       80g            1C
ricotta                    250g            1C
Fruit & Veg
raisins                    85g            1/2C
kalamata olives       160g           1C
podded peas          120g           1C
1 beetroot              175g
1 medium eggplant  350g
1 small cauliflower    800g
bunch rhubarb, trimmed    300g
8 plums                 500g
10 passionfruit    1C or 250mL juice
1 bulb baby fennel   200g
1 small potato        120g
1 small chicken breast    200g
1 fish fillet                    200g
1 lamb shank, frenched 220g
1 smoked trout 200g

*Note: The tricky thing with measuring solids in cups is that the exact weight per cup varies as the denisty of the material varies. This means that no matter how careful you are 1 cup flour will not always be exactly 150g but it does give you a rough idea.
Also note that here we’re talking level cups not generously overflowing domed numbers.

Liquid Measurements:
1t = teaspoon = 5mL
1T = Tablespoon = 15mL**
1/4C    60mL
1/3C    80mL
1/2C    125mL
3/4C    185mL
1C    250mL

*Note. The Australian standard tablespoon is 20mL whereas the US, UK and NZ standard is 15mL. The only reason I use the US standard is that I’m yet to find a spoon measuring set that has a 20mL tablespoon.

Miscellaneous Notes:
juice 1 lemon = approx 50mL
1 egg = 60g
1 egg separated = 40mL egg white
My oven is not fan forced. If you are using a flashy fan forced oven, reduce cooking temperatures by 20C.