a simple sausage supper, in 3 easy steps [5 ingredients]

sausage supper-3 sausage supper

While I love speedy cooking as much as the next girl, and am in the process of writing a new book focusing on [5 ingredients | 10 minutes] recipes. Sometimes I like to take my time in the kitchen.

I love having an excuse to turn the oven on in the Winter time. I love pottering around in my uggies while delicious smells waft from the kitchen.

I love the thought that with 10 minutes to chop some veg and then a few hours of minimal attention, I can produce a humble sausage supper that will have everyone huddled around the pan, picking at bits of deliciousness and crying for more.

So here you have it. A simple sausage supper in 3 easy steps.

sausage supper-2

[5 ingredients]
a simple sausage supper

serves 2

Inspired by the oh-so-wonderful Nigel Slater and his dreamy book Tender Volume 1 – a cook and his vegetable patch.

St Nigel does things a bit differently and takes more than my 3 easy steps. The first time I made this his way, browning everything separately on the stove before putting in with the stock to bake. A bit fiddly but with excellent results. The second time I applied a bit of minimalism and popped everything straight into the oven to brown for an hour or so before adding the stock. Super easy and every bit as tasty as my first attempt.

Feel free to play around with the types of sausages you use. My Irishman and I have been on a bit of a sausage exploration of late. We used plain pork, toulouse (pork, garlic & wine) and european (pork, bacon & european spices) on this occasion. We’ve also tried a comparison of the same type of sausage from three different butchers. Does this make us sausage nerds?

You could also mix up the vegetables. I loove roast parsnip but spuds or any other root veg would work. A few sprigs of thyme added with the stock wouldn’t go astray.

Best served in the middle of the table so everyone can pick at the delicious bits stuck to the pan. Keep it simple with a green salad or some wilted greens with garlic.

I’ve made the recipe for 2 but would easily double or triple if you have lots of mouths to feed.

2 brown onions, peeled & cut into 6 segments
4 small parsnips, trimmed & cut into batons
1 small head garlic, unpeeled but broken into individual cloves
4 thick pork sausages
1 cup chicken stock

Step 1. Preheat the oven to 200C (400F). Place the veg in a baking tray, drizzle with some olive oil, top with the sausages and pop it in the oven.

Step 2. After about 45minutes, give everything a stir and add the stock.

Step 3. Bake for another hour or so until the veg and bangers are brown and the stock has reduced to almost nothing.

sausage supper-4


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