pig-out power: 4 reasons why you should have one ‘cheat’ day a week

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My not-so-little brother Dom called me last week all excited. You see he has lost about 6kg (12lbs) since starting eating the Slow Carb way about a month ago and his friends are beginning to notice. Yay!

But the funniest thing has been my Dad, who I’ve also been keeping up to speed with my latest dietary discoveries. I’m not sure how my Dad has been going weight-wise, but Dom and I thought it was priceless that every time Dad calls they have the same conversation. Something like this…

DOM: “Hey Dad, how’s it going?”

DAD: “Oh I’m great. Today I’m having one of Jules’ pig-out days. Are you having a pig-out day?”

Every. Time.

Which has me thinking. One of the most brilliant parts of Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body diet, is the insistence that everyone take one day a week off to eat whatever they like.

Whatever your philosophy toward healthy eating, if you’re going to be doing it for the rest of your life, doesn’t it make sense to allow yourself some pre-scheduled fun? Time to cook and eat all the treats you love.

4 reasons why you should eat whatever you want one day a week

1. it makes it easier to ‘be good’ the rest of the week
I find it far easier to say no to things I shouldn’t be eating during the week if I tell myself I can have it on Saturday. So much nicer than thinking no, never.

2. it gets rid of cravings
One thing I’ve really noticed is that I don’t really have any cravings since I’ve been incorporating the cheat day concept. I feel completely satisfied with what I’m eating. Even my Irishman hasn’t had any mad potato cravings during the week. Now that’s saying something.

3. it makes you appreciate how good you normally feel
We’ve been making Saturday our anything-goes-day and without fail I’m very glad it’s back to normal when I wake up on Sunday morning. By the same token, I’m also quite excited when Saturday rolls around again.

4. it’s a great excuse to bake cakes
Say no more!

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