Super Tender Broccoli
Rainbow Veg
Hasselback Potatoes
Roast Broccoli & Chorizo
parmesan edamame
super yum japanese broccoli
easy spiced eggplant
roast cauliflower with chunky chorizo
kale ‘cabonara’
kale with pistachios
simple sauerkraut
fermented vegetables
whole roast cauliflower with almond tabbouleh
crisp kale with quinoa & ricotta
‘addictive’ cauli with chickpeas
kale ‘linguine’
cheesey broccoli
addictive lemony kale
rice & greens
cashew & cauliflower mash
potato rosti
black pepper & chickpea curry
hugh’s sweet potato gratin
green pea curry
roast broccoli with creamy feta
cauliflower ‘couscous’
chickpea kettle soup
an ‘italian’ stir fry
the triple ‘s’ salad
addictive green curry of broccoli soup
irish potato salad
preserved lemon potato salad
green chickpea salad
burnt fennel & zucchini salad
chilli oil halloumi
pecan crusted sweet potato with sour cream
broccolini with pine nuts & butter beans
burnt carrot salad
eggplant steaks with parmesan peas
tofu steaks with chimichurri & baby spinach
a few of my favourite things salad
super simple bok choy with miso dressing
celeriac ‘noodles’
simple green salad
balsamic onions
roast beets
winter slaw recipe
addictive roast brussels sprouts recipe
braised greens with butter
white bean & eggplant soup
mushroom sarnie
eggplant (aubergine) parmigiana
warm salad of roast cauliflower & quinoa
cold oil potato chips
braised mushrooms or mushroom ragu
roast cherry tomatoes
simplest baked aubergine (eggplant) with tomato & pesto
super simple broccoli
wilted greens with parmesan
sauteed brussels sprouts
easy potato bake
warm potato salad with bresaola
zucchini confit with mint & almonds
vegetable & white bean stew
washing up free salad
roast portabello mushrooms
roast mushroom & bread salad
roast cauliflower with saffron & pinenuts
cauliflower ‘pasta’ with peas & ricotta
eggplant (aubergine) & tomato pies
eggplant (aubergine) parmigiana
mushroom sarnie

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Shane October 1, 2012 at 8:53 am

Great site and awesome recipes


jules November 5, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Thanks Shane!


anthea February 24, 2013 at 5:02 am

Hi Jules, I have meant to email you for a while now. Love Stonesoup. It is on my favorites list. I go to it often. Love especially chickpea curry with hard boiled eggs and chickpea and onion bake. I have a little broccoli and cauliflower in my fridge right now, so I will consult your veggie sectiion. I think cauliflower coucous sounds nice. I dont have any goat cheese but I will substitute with avocado. I love the few ingredients and you have lovely photos too. I live in NM USA by the way but am a transplanted Brit from London by way of Asia where I grew up and Aussy too!!! thanks a lot,Many thanks, Anthea


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