How to Enjoy Washing Up

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Cleaning a messy kitchen has for the longest time been my least favourite part of the cooking process.

For years I’ve loved the planning, the shopping, the cooking and of course, the eating.

But the clean up?

Not so much.

Until earlier in the year.

I decided to have an experiment to see what would happen if I re-framed the cleaning up process.

What if I tried to make it fun?

Enjoyable even?

And I found it is possible to have some fun while you’re doing dishes…

How to Enjoy Washing Up

1. Reframe how you think about it.
I started by telling myself that when I walked into the kitchen to clean up after putting small boys to bed that my ‘me time’ started now. Not when I sat down on the couch.

2. Find some audio entertainment.
I love audio books and podcasts. So now I save my fun listening for my cleaning up time.

3. Enjoy the ritual of a nice cup of tea.
My first task when it comes to cleaning up is to boil the kettle and make myself a little pot of herbal tea. I have quite a collection and I love trying new ones. In Summer I might switch this to a big glass of cold sparkling water or kombucha.

What about you?

How do you feel about cleaning up? Do tell in the comments below…

More tips on cleaning up

Have fun in the kitchen (even when you’re cleaning up!)

With love,
Jules x

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  • I’m a 64 year old male that has two older brothers. As kids one washed dishes, one dried the dishes and one set and cleaned the table. We rotated every week. As I get close to retirement the sink has become my comfort zone and it is actually relaxing that I don’t have to think and be on a computer. I always listen to music but never thought about audio books. Thanks for the tip as well as the recipes!

  • I’ve been trying to re-frame doing the dishes. I get really stressed whenever the dishes aren’t done, so I try to think of doing the dishes as a form of self-care. It works sometimes.

    • Your comment sounds like it could have been written by me. :) I feel the same way, when the kitchen is a mess I get so stressed and overwhelmed that I can hardly bring myself to enter the kitchen. I’ve gotten better at getting on it sooner, and even telling myself that all I have to do is organize that dishes – It gets me moving sooner, and makes me feel so much better even before I start washing up.

  • Before I even begin cooking, I fill my sink with hot soapy water. Then I prepare the mis en place and as I cook, I toss any used dishes, forks, spoons, bowls, etc into the hot water. If/when I get to the step of simmering something for a while or baking in the oven, I rinse and put the dishes from the hot soapy bath and into the dish drainer.
    If you have a dishwashing maching, load it up as you go. Then when dinner is ready, you only have to wash the final pot or baking pan along with the dinner plates and utensils.

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