How to Eat Well and Save Time in the Kitchen


Mary is one of my customers who has been using my meal plans for about a year-and-a-half.

Here’s a lovely chat I had with Mary about her experience with Soupstones Meal Plans

Mary KMARY: Before I started the meal plans I was spending a lot of money on food that didn’t get eaten.


So I thought spending more money on meal plans might not be the best idea.

But it ended up saving me a ton of money.

It was worth every penny.

JULES: What’s the biggest benefit of using the Meal Plans?

MARY: The meals are so much easier.

I used to sit down on Sunday afternoon and make up this ridiculously long list.

I’d go through all my recipes and try to make a meal plan myself.

A lot of the meals I was making were very involved and took a lot of time and a lot of ingredients.

When I started on your meal plans it really pared it down to just having minimal ingredients.

It saved a lot of money.

It saves a lot of time.

And it tastes fantastic!

Sometimes even better than those really involved recipes that I was making.

JULES: Did you have any hesitations to switching to a more simple approach?

MARY: No. I jumped on it and said I’m doing this!

I remember getting the first one. I got the shopping list. I got the recipes and looked them over.

Then I went to the store and bought everything  for the week.

My family were involved and really excited to try it.

When I made the first meal everyone was happy.

Throughout the week I made all of the meals and everyone was absolutely thrilled.

My daughter may have been 8 at the time told me ‘Mom you have to write to Jules and tell her how much I love this recipe plan’.

She was really happy with it too. And still is.

JULES: My recipes are written for 2 and I worry about them being suitable for families. How have you handled that?

MARY: I like to double them so I have a lunch for the next day. It’s easy to do. No problem.

JULES: What did you find as a result of using the meal plans?

MARY: Saving time is one of the biggest things for me.

These simplified meal plans free up a lot of time and energy.

I don’t have to deal with elaborate planning sessions.

I don’t have to deal with as much time in the kitchen.

Now I don’t mind being in the kitchen because it’s simple. Because there are less ingredients.

I’m also very interested in healthy eating and have been for many many years. So that was a big plus for me.

JULES: So you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing the quality of the food you’re giving your family?

MARY: Not at all. No. They love it

JULES: Which specific feature of the meal plans do you like the most?

MARY: I love that you include all the variations.

I don’t cook quite as much meat so sometimes I use the variations to make it more vegetarian.

Also if I’ve been to the farmers market and I have one thing on hand then I can replace it for something in the recipe.

I LOVE all the variations. They’re fantastic.

And so is the problem solving guide.

I make something and ‘it isn’t quite right’ , I look down there and realize I can tweak it to make it just right.

JULES: Any other benefits of the meal plans?

MARY: I also really like the videos. I don’t watch all of them but I like to see someone else doing it. So I watch the video and I learn from you just seeing how it’s done.

JULES: Would you recommend the meal plans?

MARY: Wholeheartedly. 100%.

I would recommend them for anyone who wants to save time, save money and even anyone wanting to have more fun in the kitchen.

Because I feel like it used to be such a drag and now it’s not.

I love your enthusiasm and your personality.

So when I watch the video I feel connected to you. It inspires me to go in the kitchen and do it.

JULES: Anything else?

MARY: One thing I love is the VIP bonuses.

I think the latest one was that breakfast eCookbook. And I would have bought it in a heartbeat anyway because I buy pretty much all of your cookbooks. But I love having the breakfasts.

I like being able to ‘favourite’ my favourite recipes.

If I want to substitute something during the week then I can go to my favourites and grab something I really want.


Tired of spending too much time in the kitchen?

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If you want to simplify your planning and cooking, then check out Soupstones Meal Plans.

It’s a weekly meal planning service where someone else comes up with simple ideas for what to have for dinner.

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