Are you wasting leftovers?

Wasting leftovers

One of the best things that’s happened here lately is the arrival of my new fridge.

I LOVE it so much

But it’s been a long time coming.

Like over 4 months.

I won’t go into the whole crazy coronavirus-fridge-saga.

But over this whole time, I’ve been mostly relying on our spare fridge in the shed but sometimes I was too lazy to go outside so just kept things in the broken fridge.

It was kinda working. But totally variable in temperature. Some days 12 degrees Celcius (53F). Some days lower.

The thing I really noticed was how quickly cooked food would go moldy.

Leftovers I would expect to last for at least a week (or longer) were going bad in just a day or so.

Super annoying.

But an excellent reminder of the importance of fridge temperate for prolonging the life of your food.

And minimizing waste!

So if you find that things don’t last as long as you’d like, it might be worth testing your fridge temp.

I just measure the temperature of a bottle of water that’s been in the main part of the fridge (not the door).

If it’s 4C (40F) or above, try adjusting the controls to get it as low as possible without freezing.

What about you?

Do things go bad sooner than you’d like?

Are you tried of wasting too many leftovers?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below :)

With love,
Jules x

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  • Haha, this is so (NOT) funny and happened to us too. The cashew milk I make was going off and I thought it was a bad batch of nuts, but they tasted fine. A week later discovered the fridge wasn’t cooling anymore, though the freezer was fine. Decision to fix a 15 year old fridge, no and hubby couldn’t stand using eskies to keep our food fresh, so after a bit of investigating we ended up buying a bigger fridge (which is devine) and are now remodelling the kitchen to fit it in. :) So our kitchen is in shreds, our pantry items scattered far and wide and we go have an adventure to find missing items…though when it’s all said and done my bench will be HUGE in comparison to my <1m2. Happy days to come.

  • Yes! When we renovated our kitchen and finally had room for a better refrigerator that reliably keeps a good low temperature, we were amazed at how long dairy and leftovers were lasting.

  • NO food is ever wasted here if I can help it! I usually tidy the fridge out at least once a week and make my diet-controlled diabetic husband a massive frittata with whatever is in there, good for scraps of cook veg, the end of a bit of cheese, the last bit of cooked meat that’s open etc. I do, though, also, make one from scratch a lot, but this obviously takes longer. I look at it this way, may take me an hour but he’s got four meals out of it so handy for more days than not. Love your recipes, thanks, Janet

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