Episode 34. BONUS Melanie’s Story

Melanie’s Story

I was sick all of 2018 from complications of having the flu twice within a 6-wk time period. A wise friend suggested I eat foods to help my body fight the inflammation: minimal refined sugar and processed foods, lots of veggies, fruits like berries, fish, and if possible, organic meats. This was a fairly easy switch for me because i love veggies and already had several of Jules’ recipes in my toolbox that fit this criteria. Plus, I was motivated to be well.

The year ended in surgery and by the time I was recovered in 2019, I had lost 50 lbs without even thinking of weight loss or dieting. I was thrilled!! And because I had been eating this way for over a year, was certain this healthier way of eating had become my new lifestyle. Happily, I waved farewell to diabetes, which runs in my family, super thankful it had been averted/side-stepped and that we’d never have the chance to meet.

That fall, a much beloved friend died. I became depressed and gained 15 lbs. I noticed them, but at the time, didn’t much care. I learned to grieve well and fight the depression. Life took on brighter hues. Covid entered the scene. My employer implemented a hiring freeze. My work responsibilities increased. It was a steep learning curve. I gained another 8 lbs, not from Covid lockdown, but from being mentally tired and choosing to go through the fast food drive through lane after another late evening at work because that was easier than trying to think of what to fix for dinner.

Having regained almost 50% of the weight I had lost, I was now pretty discouraged. I had lost 35 lbs once before on a low carb diet, but all the weight came back then, too. I didn’t think I could do it a 3rd time. I didn’t have the willpower. It seemed hopeless.

I decided to try to lose the Covid weight and signed up in January for Jules’ meal planning kickstarter class, thinking that if I could learn to consistently plan meals, it would keep me away from the fast food line most nights. Jules made it easy. And offered something even better because it’s more comprehensive. Her emails about the Feb coaching group were a lifeline offering hope…

Now almost 6 months later, thanks to Jules’ excellent teaching/coaching and my commitment to do the work to become someone who has a healthy relationship with food, everything’s changed.

My naturally healthy weight is within reach of a few pounds. But even better, I think about food differently. I enjoy preparing and eating delicious, proper meals because I now consistently plan for them. I know how to stop when I’ve had enough AND do.

I am comfortable in my body for the 1st time in my life.

I’m learning to manage my thoughts and feelings.

It’s great having the skills I need! I’m a US size 8/10. This week, I bagged up all my favorite 14s, 16s and 18s that I felt confident in and that I’d been hanging on to for when my weight increased that much again. I’m donating them later in the week so someone else can feel confident in them. I don’t need them anymore.

With Jules’ help, I’ve learned the skills I need to reach and stay at my natural weight with ease. I have a lifelong, healthy relationship with food and am living in the good of it.

My confidence comes, not from my clothes or my appearance, but knowing that the process works and I trust myself to follow it.

Melanie’s Bike Metaphor

In some ways, coaching is like learning to ride a bike as a kid with a parent right by your side…You keep wobbling and falling over/crashing the ?, but they keep encouraging and you keep trying and before you know it, you’re riding along with the wind in your hair and never even realize your Mom or Dad let go because you’ve got this…I still have quite a bit of work to do, as outlined in my last evaluation, but, I’ve got this!

Melanie’s Advice
>> What advice would you give to anyone on the fence about joining the Naturally Healthy Club?

My initial response, without thinking about it, when it comes to advice is pretty simple: “Get off the fence!!

If you’re seriously committed to doing the work, then jump off the fence and into your new future of a healthier you. Jules is a trustworthy, encouraging coach, with a simple and proven method.

If you’re not committed to doing the work, then jump off the fence to take some time to figure out what’s holding you back. Whatever you do, don’t sit on the fence so long that you grow moss! A healthier you is too important!”

* Never been coached before, neither was I.

* Can’t make all the weekly Zoom calls, neither could I.

* Lost weight before, only to gain it back? So did I, on more than one occasion.

* Lack willpower? So do I.

* Discouraged? So was I.

* Think you can’t afford it? So did I, but have you considered that when this works (and it does for those committed to doing the work), it’s value is priceless? I highly recommend Jules and her 6-month coaching program. It’s one of the best decisions and long-term investments I’ve made.

Melanie hasn’t attended a single live coaching call – she’s just listened to the private podcast AND got to work.

Key Takeaway:
Melanie’s results aren’t extra ordinary – if she can do it you can do it too.
This is TOTALLY POSSIBLE for you too. You’re welcome to join us in the Naturally Healthy Club. It’s my 6-month coaching group which gives you a personalized, simple, doable process to change your relationship with food so you enjoy eating well automatically and feel good in your clothes. We enroll twice a year. It’s really fun and I would love to welcome you in.


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