Episode 35. How to Stop Over Drinking

This episode explores:

  • Why stop over drinking now
  • My story with alcohol – from winemaker to take it or leave it
  • How to Stop Over Drinking
  • Key Takeaway

Key Takeaway:
It IS possible to change your relationship with alcohol. The secret is to develop the skill of deciding in advance and then sticking to your plan – from a place of this is FOR me. This is how I get to enjoy alcohol without the negative consequences.

I’m running a workshop called Guilt-Free December on 20/21 November 2021. This easy-to-follow process will help you navigate the silly season so you find the balance between enjoying yourself and all the social activities without guilt shame or regret so you start the new year feeling good.

It’s just $25 and you’ll have lifetime access to the replay.


Workshop: Guilt-Free December
Episode 3: Booze Hound
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  • I moved from the west coast to northeastern Ontario Canada, and the first meal with relatives I had a beer with dinner at Swiss Chalet, and after that, I just did not want any more booze… I just said “Meh!” and that was it. That was July 2016, and other than using some wine in a cooked sauce, I have had nothing alcoholic unless it may have been in cough syrup.

    I haven’t missed it, though a few times having an ice-cold beer in the hot summer pushed that missing it part…

    Now, getting me to quit my Coca Coia is WAY much harder… My name is Denis and I am an addict!!! Sigh… I am a bear with a thorn in the paw when it comes to quitting the coke… The growling and snarling is REAL!!!

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