3 Best Simple Chilli Bean Sauce Substitutes

chilli bean sauce substitutes

Looking for an alternative to Sichuan Chilli Bean Sauce or Chilli Bean Paste? Look no further! Here are my 3 favourite Chilli Bean Sauce Substitutes.

What is Chilli Bean Sauce?

Also called Chilli Bean Paste, it’s a chunky Chinese commercial sauce with a very hot spicy, salty, savoury flavour.

Traditionally it’s made from chillies, broad (fava) beans, salt and wheat flour.

The ingredients on my bottle include: chilli, non-gmo soybeans, barley, water, sugar, salt, sesame oil, lactic acid and rice vinegar.

3 Best Chilli Bean Sauce Substitutes

1. Miso Paste + Tabasco Hot Sauce

Miso is a Japanese fermented soybean paste that adds complex savoury flavours. But it doesn’t have any of the chilli heat in chilli bean sauce.

Adding a splash of Tabasco or other hot sauce adds both the heat and the vinegar acidity that comes from chilli bean sauce.

For 1 teaspoon chilli bean sauce substitute 1 teaspoon miso paste mixed with 5 drops of Tabasco (or other hot sauce).

2. Sriracha

This Thai hot sauce also has chilli as the number one ingredients. So will add a similar kick and hint of sweetness to your dish.

3. Sriracha + Miso Paste

As per out Tabasco idea, combining sriracha and miso paste brings together the chilli and the beans in chilli bean sauce. Start with a 50:50 mix of miso and sriracha to substitute but be prepared to use less, depending on your heat tolerance.

Is Chilli Bean Sauce vegetarian?


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